Three’s incredible 100GB SIM only deal keeps getting better – now just £18 per month

Just when you think that Three mobile has set the SIM only bar to unreachable heights, it comes along and pushes it up even further. It's our favourite ever sim only deal - and it just got even better.

Just a few weeks since the numerical network relaunched its best ever Black Friday SIMO sensation, it's gone and reduced the price...again. So now you get that incredible mound of 100GB data to use for all your streaming, surfing and downloading needs every month - together with unlimited calls and texts - for only £18 per month! That's another two quid less a month, and almost half of the £31 price Three's been flogging it at for most of 2018.

Possibly trying to take advantage of the new iPhone XS launch (released proper today), all Three SIM plans include travel upgrades with EasyJet, 4G hotspot, free international roaming and 'Go Binge' which allows you to stream the likes of Netflix and Apple Music without using up your data allowance - although the last of those seems pretty redundant when you already have 100GB to swim in.

Three has also discounted its mega-popular 30GB SIM only tariff - you can now get that one for £16 per month instead of £17. A small but glorious discount.

The best ever of Three's SIM only deals in full:

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iPhone XS pre-order deals see ‘increase in sales in comparison to the iPhone X’

If there was massive fervour around the iPhone X when it launched last year, it's been surpassed in 2018 according to online phone retailer It says that sales of iPhone XS deals have been faster during the week long pre-order period than its predecessor.

A spokesperson from the Carphone Warehouse-owned told us that: "Apple certainly delivered another show stopping handset for its 11th anniversary.

"I believe the innovation in this handset has undoubtedly led to an increase in sales in comparison to the iPhone X, with stunning smart photography and bokeh technology to create those stunning in-depth images."

The iPhone XS goes on sale proper this Friday, September 21 and pre-order deals are available to purchase now to ensure that you're among the first to receive the XS. We've highlighted three of our favourite deals below, or use our price comparison at the bottom of this page to compare the best iPhone XS deals in the UK.

See also:

Top 3 best iPhone XS deals you can still pre-order

And check out our exclusive £40 Currys voucher offer on the new iPhone XS

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Deal alert: £40 Currys voucher with all iPhone XS pre-orders from Carphone Warehouse

STOP! Before you hit 'proceed to checkout' for your new iPhone XS pre-order deal, we highly recommend you quickly read this first. Because we've teamed up with Carphone Warehouse to offer an exclusive voucher to TechRadar readers when you order your new iPhone.

Pre-order any iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max contract deal from Carphone Warehouse by October 7, and you'll be treated to a £40 voucher for Currys/PC World. Handy to put towards a new set of headphones, a wireless charger or, frankly, anything they sell!

Click here to take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE Currys/PC World offer

We've got all the details on how to claim the offer below, but it's pretty simple. Just click the link above, fill in your email address and then select your tariff.

Carphone has XS deals from the likes of EE, O2 and Vodafone with plenty of variation when it comes to data and monthly bills. But if you're asking us, we'd probably go for the 100GB data O2 plan costing £149.99 upfront and £65 a month.

How to claim your Currys/PC World gift card:

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Three just dropped the price of loads of its all-you-can-eat data mobile phone deals

Even aside from its Go Roam and Go Binge benefits, tie-ins with Easyjet and generous Wuntu rewards app, Three has long stood out from the mobile phone network crowd with its unlimited data deals. EE, O2 and Vodafone still don't offer that all-you-can-eat goodness that Three does.

And the great news is that Three has just cut the price of a bunch of its all-you-can-eat data tariffs. We've seen reductions on the iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 and other mainstream flagship mobile phone deals.

These are the tariffs you need if you can't stop streaming videos and downloading podcasts away from Wi-Fi. And you'll never have to worry about breaching your limit at the end of the month just when you need some emergency directions on Google Maps, send that urgent work email or satisfy that relentless earworm on Spotify.

You can scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of Three's best all-you-can-eat deals across a multitude of phones, or check out five of the best above that.

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Our exclusive Galaxy Note 9 deal with £40 Gift Card ends soon

The Russia 2018 World Cup. Breaking Bad. The glorious reign of King Alfred the Great. All good things - as the cliché goes - must come to an end. And joining that esteemed list is the fantastic Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deal that we teamed up with Carphone Warehouse to bring TechRadar readers, which ends this Saturday September 1.

So what's the skinny? It's actually very straightforward...grab your new Note 9 contract from Carphone, and it will send you a £40 Gift Card to spend at any of, Currys PC World or Marks & Spencer. The choice of tariff and voucher is yours yours YOURS.

Click here to take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE Gift Card offer

You'll notice when you click that you go through to a website called Giftcloud instead of Carphone Warehouse. That's all orderly and correct, as you just need to register some details with them before going on to complete your purchase. There are some easy-to-follow instructions below, but basically once you've entered your details and advanced through a couple of pages, you'll be whipped straight over to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals section of the Carphone website.

If you buy from Carphone you also get a free Samsung wireless charger with power adaptor worth £49.99 AND the chance to trade in your old phone for up to £200 - a couple of bonuses that Carphone is offering to all customers on the Note 9. Not bad at all considering that the phone was only released into the wild last Friday.

How to claim your Gift Card:

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The best iPhone X deals in August 2018

Could it finally be happening? The the prospect of another iPhone launch on the near horizon, are iPhone X deals finally getting more affordable. It's taken almost a year for them to budge, but we're finally starting to see a couple of two year totals come under the £1,300-mark. A very rare treat indeed.

Big data is getting more affordable, too. And we actually think it's worth checking out the 20GB+ of data deals before you finally select your chosen iPhone X deal. And you're in the right place to compare the best tariffs and contract prices on the UK market - you can head to our iPhone X SIM-free upfront page if you want to see how much the handset costs.

The iPhone X probably doesn't need much of an introduction. If you've come to this page then we imagine you already know that it's the ridiculously big, ridiculously powerful smartphone that Apple launched to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. You'll be well aware that it's the most innovative iPhone in years. And it can't have escaped your notice that iPhone X deals cost a small fortune.

No matter how much data you need, what colour you want and what budget you can afford, you'll find the perfect deal for you in our comparison chart below. If you'd sooner just cut to the chase, we've got handpicked recommended tariffs further down the page. And if you come to the conclusion that the iPhone X is still just too expensive, then be sure to head to our best mobile phone deals page for the greatest deals on alternatives from Samsung, Sony, Huawei and more.

For more check out today's best: iPhone 8 deals | iPhone 8 Plus deals | Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals| Mobile phone deals

Filter and compare all of the iPhone X deals available in the UK:

The top 5 best iPhone X deals in the UK today:

We think that the iPhone X is the most important iPhone launched since...well the first one! After years of incremental upgrades, Apple has pulled out all the stops for its 10th anniversary smartphone. Face ID lets you unlock your phone just by looking at it, the stunning 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display does away with the bezel almost entirely, there's wireless charging, and that's before we even get to Animojis!

Read TechRadar's full iPhone X review

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Samsung Galaxy S9 deals slashed including £120 saving on SIM-free from Amazon

If the time has finally come to replace that sorry old phone you've been carrying around for way too long now, then your lucky day may just have arrived. All of a sudden, Samsung Galaxy S9 deals have gone berserk - and the savings are coming your way.

For starters, Amazon's August Bank Holiday deals are already underway, and the online retail giant has knocked more than 15% off the RRP of the Samsung Galaxy S9 SIM-free handset. True, the original £739 always seemed a bit excessive when the phone S9 was released back in the spring, but £120 off means it now sits much more attractively when compared to the likes of the iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Get this special Samsung Galaxy S9 deal for £619 from Amazon now

We've rounded up even more great deals in our Bank Holiday sales roundup too.

S9 contracts are also cheap

Don't have that £600-odd to spend right now. Understandable. Well that's where Carphone Warehouse-owned phone retailer comes in. It's just drastically reduced the overall cost of a selection of its cheapest Galaxy S9 deals on contract.

The most eye-popping of those is its £23 per month winner, which gets you 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts on Vodafone. And because's 'Deals Spotters' promotion is still running as well, you get a £20 discount on the upfront cost when you enter the voucher code DEAL20 at checkout making it a very reasonable £10.

And perhaps even more interesting is its 1GB S9 tariff - also on Vodafone - costing a measly £18 per month. With the discounted upfront price down to £150, the total cost over the 24 months is actually less than buying the phone outright from Amazon!

You can see all of the best contract Samsung Galaxy S9 deals by heading to our dedicated guide - or simply browsing the comparison chart below.

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This superb Samsung Galaxy S8 deal for £23 per month is selling like hotcakes

Looking for a fantastic phone for a dirt cheap price? Of course you are. Well Samsung's 2017 flagship Galaxy S8 is definitely a marvellous mobile, and paying £23 per month and a tenner upfront is certainly great value. So it seems like you've landed in the right place...

We're told that this offer from Carphone Warehouse-owned online retailer e2save is absolutely flying off the virtual shelves. The deal is that you pay £9.99 upfront and then £23 per month for the next two years. For that, you get a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S8 handset with 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts to use on it every month.

You can only get this S8 deal online and we know it won't last forever. So click here or check out the full details below to grab this cheap Galaxy S8 offer while you still can.

Super cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deal:

Today's other best Galaxy S8 deals:

On one hand, we know that 4GB data isn't going to suit everybody - on the other there's an even cheaper way to get the Galaxy S8 with less data. Either way, you may wish to check out these other S8 deals first before you commit to the above:

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These market leading Honor View 10 and 9 Lite deals can’t be found anywhere else

If you've been eyeing up a couple of Honor's newest handsets, we've finally got the excuse you need to take the plunge. TechRadar has teamed up with iD Mobile to offer market leading contract prices on the excellent mid-tier Honor View 10 and Honor 9 Lite.

Honor is now well established as a brand that can offer high-end specs and features at affordable prices. The Honor View 10 and Honor 9 Lite are no exception. The View 10 boasts a broad 5.99-inch IPS LCD screen, with a stretched-out Full HD resolution of 1080 x 2160, as well as a hefty battery life and 128GB storage.

While the latter has a dual rear camera, 18:9 FHD+ display, aluminium frame and glass back build that you'd expect from a flagship phone.

 Honor is the reward of virtue

OK, so we don't really know what that sub-heading means either, but what we do know is that TechRadar has managed to secure an exclusive offer on both phones from the Carphone Warehouse-owned iD Mobile network.

That means you can grab that impressive big-screen Honor View 10 deal for a mere £20.99 per month and £19.99 upfront. That comes with 1GB of data, 500 minutes of calls and unlimited texts every month.

Where the Honor 9 Lite deal is concerned, you're looking at a free handset at the start and then a monthly rate of just £14.99. That includes 2GB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts.

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5 reasons why now is a great time to bag a big-data SIM only deal

You made a bit of a mistake two years ago didn't you? You saw that super-cheap [insert name of handset here] contract phone deal and you snapped it up, feeling very pleased with the bargain you'd bagged. The 1GB data allowance didn't matter, you told anybody who would listen, as you didn't really use your phone away from Wi-Fi anyway.

But then you signed up for that Spotify Premium account, didn't you? No matter – streaming Ariana Grande on repeat doesn't use up that much data. And then your commute got a bit longer, so you had to start rationing episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix. Eventually you stopped downloading podcasts away from the house, as that really jacked up the data usage – and you don't even think about live streaming Premier League football.

We know, we know – life can be hard. But now your contract has finally come to an end, and you can make a better decision. It's time, as they say, to go SIMO.

Luckily, now is a fantastic time to pick up a SIM only deal, especially if you want to rectify your bad data decision of 24 months ago. Big data is the in-thing, and we'll guide you to some of the best SIM only contracts on the market.

After all: "The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim." Not the words of The BIg Deal, but of Sun Tzu – and he knew a thing or two about getting the best SIM only deal... probably.

1. Three's award-winning SIM only contract is still available

The 2018 Mobile Choice Consumer Awards are almost upon us (can it really have been a year since the last one!?), and we'll wait eagerly to see who wins Deal of the Year. Last year's inaugural winner was Three's incredible 30GB data SIMO for £18.

That tariff disappeared for a few months earlier this year, but now it's BACK. So not only do you get all that lovely data and unlimited calls and texts, but Three's Go Roam promotion also means you get to use them in 71 countries. Plus, you get weekly freebies and discounts from Three's Wuntu rewards app.

You can get this award winning SIM only deal from Three here

2. Giffgaff's Always On goodybag gives you unlimited data

Imagine never having to check your data use again. Trust us when we say that it's as liberating as a winter skinny dip in the English Channel, only with less pneumonia. Well, Giffgaff's Always On plan is currently the cheapest way to get an unlimited data SIM deal.

You won't have to break the bank to get it, as Always On costs £25 per month. The only thing you have to watch for is that Giffgaff starts restricting your speeds at peak times once you've gone over the 20GB mark in a month.

Head to Giffgaff to get all-you-can-eat data with Always On

3. SIM only on EE just got cheaper for big data

To be quite honest, we don't often recommend EE when it comes to SIM only contracts. We find that the network relies on the fact that it can provide the UK's fastest 4G coverage to bring in the punters, rather than cheap SIMO prices.

So what's changed? We're glad you asked. EE has just dropped a phenomenal 40GB SIM plan for a mere £25 per month. That's stonking value, bearing in mind those rapid 4G speeds.

Get this deal online either direct from EE or from Carphone Warehouse

4. Vodafone just improved its perks

We've enjoyed Vodafone's Red Entertainment plans for a while now. These premium tariffs have given you the choice of a free subscription to Spotify Premium, NOW Entertainment TV or the Sky Sports app.

But Vodafone has recently added Amazon Prime Video as an extra choice, as well as adding 29 new destinations to its free roaming perk, including the US, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

And like EE, Vodafone also has a 40GB for £25 deal that should be very tempting indeed. While retailer has launched some fat cashback offers, getting you £108 back by redemption or £80 automatic cashback on their identically priced SIMO deals.

Head here to check out all of Vodafone's SIM only plans, including Red Entertainment

5. Virgin Mobile just went big on 100GB

Virgin Mobile really knows how to keep us on our toes. Some of the special limited-time SIM only 'Flash Sales' it produces are well worth shouting about, and its August offer is no different – it's offering 100GB of data for a mere £20 per month.

There's a limit on calls, but 5,000 minutes a month should still be sufficient for even the most ardent chatterboxes. And if you decide a few months in that you were blinded by all that data and don't really need 100GB, Virgin's flexible plans mean that you can make a change.

Get 100GB of data for £20 per month from Virgin Media

If you want to discuss, debate or deliberate any phone deals news and views with The Big Deal, then head over to our @TRDeals twitter feed – you'll also find the latest offers on phones, TVs, consoles, broadband and more tech.

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Get a £40 Gift Card with Note 9 deals from Carphone Warehouse

We've teamed up with of the UK's biggest smartphone retailers to bring you a pretty little perk when you pre-order the newest mobile phone on the block. Pre-order a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deal on contract from Carphone Warehouse now, and you'll get a £40 Gift Card as well – exclusively for TechRadar readers!.

No, you haven't fallen asleep and woken up on Black Friday – this fantastic offer is available NOW on all Carphone contracts on the new Note 9, with the latest big-screen smartphone hitting the shelves on August 24.

Click here to take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE Gift Card offer

There are no ifs or buts with this Note 9 deal; you simply have to click the link above, fill in your details and choose your favourite tariff from the Carphone Warehouse website. No restrictions, no criteria to hit – simply any Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deal on contract. And you won't miss out on the free Samsung wireless charger with power adaptor worth £49.99 that Carphone is offering, either.

If you're not that bothered about shopping at, then there's still bound to be something in it for you. That's because you can also choose between a Currys PC World or Marks & Spencer voucher instead if you prefer.

The Gift Card promotion is available throughout and beyond the Note 9 pre-order phase, running until Saturday September 1. Just make sure you use the links above to claim your Gift Card and follow our full instructions below.

How to claim your Gift Card:

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Galaxy Note 9 deals too pricey for you? Here are five cheap alternative mobile phones

There exist in this world the kind of people that are going to pre-order the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and to hell with the price tag. You know that. Samsung knows that. We know that. And for those folk, we've created a guide to the best Galaxy Note 9 deals already on the market.

But everybody else is looking at that £899 SIM-free price and £1,200-plus contract deals – and that's just for the entry-level model – and thinking there's no way they'll be splashing out on the Note 9 any time soon.

Well this article is for the latter camp. The anything-but-the-Note 9 brigade. We've picked out five mobile phones that you should consider instead of Samsung's new behemoth, and the best-value deals on them that you can pick up right now.

And for those wondering why the iPhone X doesn't feature... well that's even more expensive than the Note 9!

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: £350 cheaper than Note 9 deals

Okay, let's start with the obvious option. The Note 9 doesn't make massive leaps and bounds over the Note 8, and yet the 2017 model will cost you waaaaaay less. You still get a 12MP dual-lens main camera, Quad HD+ 6.3-inch display and plenty of power.

See all of today's best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals 

samsung galaxy s9 plus

2. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: £297 cheaper than Note 9 deals

Sticking with Samsung for a moment, the S9 Plus arrived earlier this year at great expense, but thankfully prices fell fast and far. At 6.2 inches the screen is a tad smaller than the Note 9's, but it's noticeably lighter and its cameras really impressed us, especially in low light.

See all of today's best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus deals 

iphone 8 plus

3. iPhone 8 Plus: £77 cheaper than Note 9 deals

As we said, we're leaving the iPhone X out of this little roundup, and that makes the iPhone 8 Plus your best big-screen option on Apple iOS. At 5.5 inches the screen is quite a lot smaller that the Note 9's, but you know with Apple that you're going to get a stylish phone that's a delight to use.

See all of today's best iPhone 8 Plus deals 

huawei p20 pro

4. Huawei P20 Pro: £400 cheaper than Note 9 deals

It's been the smartphone sleeper hit of the summer. It takes a lot to break the stranglehold of Samsung and Apple, but Huawei has done it in 2018 with its 6.1-inch wonder. People have fallen over themselves to get that 40MP main camera and massive battery.

See all of today's best Huawei P20 Pro deals 

google pixel 2 xl

5. Google Pixel 2 XL: £350 cheaper than Note 9 deals

Google's Pixel phones shook up the market when they hit the shelves in 2016. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are soon to be replaced by the third iteration, but the Google-made six-incher 2 XL is jam-packed with quality, and is now upgradable to Android 9 Pie.

See all of today's best Google Pixel 2 XL deals 

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EE is giving away a free PS4 and game with selected Sony Xperia mobile phone deals

You may have heard of Christmas in July, well this is Black Friday in July. We're used to seeing freebies like this one when the sales silly season hits in November, but EE has got in there early with this mobile phone deal - four months early!

Until midnight on Monday July 30, EE will chuck in (hopefully not literally) a free PS4 Slim and game with contract tariffs of 10GB+ data on the Sony Xperia XZ2, Sony Xperia XA2 and Sony Xperia L1. It's a freebie worth over £200 (according to a quick look at our PS4 bundle deals round-up).

Since its release earlier in the year, the Sony Xperia XZ2 has been among the most popular smartphones on the market, thanks to its fine balance of quality and affordability. While the XA2 and L1 are more towards the bargain basement end of the spectrum, with prices in this promotion starting at £30 per month and nothing upfront.

The game you get will depend on the stock EE can get hold of, but expect it to probably be GT Sport. And as a further added bonus, the XZ2 deal also comes with 12 months of PS Plus membership. Here's more on what you can choose from:

Sony Xperia with free PS4 bundle deals

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This awesome £100 Gift Card offer with SIM only deals ends on Sunday

If you've already read about our exclusive Vodafone SIM only deal where you get a hulking Gift Card thrown in, then you only have a few days left to claim it. And if you haven't heard about it, then where on Earth have you been!?

In case you missed it, Vodafone is offering a tasty Gift Card with its big data SIMO deals. These SIM plans were already fantastic value in their own right, but the Gift Card makes them frankly unmissable. The SIM deals on offer, which also offer unlimited texts and calls, are:

- 18GB SIMO for £19 per month with £75 Gift Card

- 20GB SIMO for £24 per month with £100 Gift Card

Both are a bargain, but we think that the 20GB deal just about pips it. That's because you'll also be on Vodafone's Red Entertainment plan, which includes a subscription to your choice of NOW TV Entertainment Pass, Spotify Premium and Sky Sports Mobile TV. Add the £100 that you'll be able to spend at and you get some serious bang for your buck.

But, as we say, this promotion won't be around for ever. When the clock hits 11.59pm on Sunday night (July 22), that Gift Card will no longer be available to claim.

Just make sure you use the links above to claim your Gift Card. It's a really simple process, made even easier with our full instructions below.

How to claim your Gift Card:

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This 45GB SIM only deal for just £18 per month is astonishing value

If you grabbed your dream mobile phone handset over Amazon Prime Day and now need a new big data SIM card to slip into it, then this mega Virgin Mobile SIM only deal has come along on exactly the right day.

The 45GB data SIM that Virgin is offering in its latest flash sale is an ENORMOUS amount of data to use each month. It's going to take some serious Netflix binging and podcast downloading away from Wi-Fi to exceed that kind of allowance - and yes, that is a challenge...

Click here to get this Virgin Mobile SIM only deal for £18 per month

And paying £18 for the privilege is truly excellent value. Three's 30GB for £18 took home last year's 'Deal of the Year' gong at the Mobile Choice Consumer Awards (as judged by yours truly), so you can see why we're going overboard to tell you about this little Virgin Mobile number.

You need to act fast to grab this Virgin deal, however. The flash sale ends on Tuesday, July 31. That gives you enough time to check out our recently updated guide to the top 15 SIM-free phones you can buy.

Great value SIM only deal from Virgin Mobile:

Why should I go with Virgin Mobile?

The mobile phone market is pretty cutthroat and networks need to stand out from the crowd to get your custom. SIM only prices like this one in Virgin Mobile's flash sale certainly help, but Virgin also offers:

- Data rollover: Any unused data from one month becomes available for the next

- Data free messaging: All data that you use for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter will not be reduced from your total data allowance

- Free Wi-Fi hotspots: Probably less important when you've got 45GB to play with anyway, but Virgin has over 2 million hotspots you can jump on to

- Flexibility: Not happy with the tariff you've chosen? You can change your plan from month to month

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