Grab the Google Home Max through JB and save AU$199!

If you’re after a smart speaker that will satisfy your audio needs and is able to give you a serious sound blast, then you'll want to take a look at the monster-sized Google Home Max. 

The Home Max is the largest and most powerful out of Google’s family of smart speakers, weighing 5.3kg – at that level of heft, it could potentially double as a music-playing dumbbell! It also houses two 4.5-inch subwoofers for bass lovers and of course, has the popular Google Assistant built-in.

What sets this speaker apart from the rest is that it’ll adjust its music playback automatically depending on room-size and placement. This is super handy and an incredible advancement in home tech which makes it one of the smartest speakers around.

The microphone has also been improved and is more than capable of picking up your requests from the other side of the room – even with music blaring out at significant volume.

In summary, the Google Home Max is among the smartest speakers around, delivering amazingly large sound from a relatively small device with a clever design that lifts it above the competition. Currently available in charcoal through JB Hi-Fi for only AU$198 – that’s an incredible saving of AU$199!

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Get fit in isolation with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and save AU$150

Fitness is being promoted everywhere from social media to news articles, and for good reason – exercise promotes healthy habits and is extremely beneficial for your mental health. If you’re wanting to jump on the bandwagon (or have already), you can track all those calories you’ve burnt with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and save a cool AU$150 all in one go!

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the latest addition to Samsung's Tizen watch range - it’s slimmer, lighter, and arguably more comfortable than its predecessor and includes a rotating digital bezel.

This quality smartwatch features a stunning 1.2-inch 360 x 360 display and is smaller compared to a lot of other smart-wearables out there, making it less clunky and more stylish. 

In addition to this, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 sports top-end fitness features with 39 workout modes, a heart rate and ECG sensor, and a health app with stress and sleep monitoring.

With the discount applied, this is an incredible deal on a top-of-the-line smartwatch that’s sure to keep you on track so you can smash your fitness goals. You can grab the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in either Black or Rose gold directly from Microsoft until April 19.

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Too good to be true: Save AU$500 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10!

Get your wallet out and your card ready, because the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been discounted by an astonishing AU$500! This is an amazing deal for one of the best smartphones Samsung has produced that will leave you in awe after every use.

The Note 10 has a stunning 6.3-inch screen and bezel-free design – this combined with an AMOLED display produces immaculate detail in pictures and videos giving you a thrilling and immersive experience.

It also comes with a nifty stylus which is one of its best features as you can take notes on the screen without having to navigate through a variety of menus. This makes it particularly useful in meetings when you need to quickly scribble something down.

The Galaxy Note 10 also takes great photos thanks to a combination of a 16MP ultra-wide lens, a 12MP regular lens and a 12MP telephoto lens. If you’re a lover of amateur photography, this phone will definitely satisfy your creative side.

To summarise, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a top-notch smartphone with all the bells and whistles that is sure to satisfy your phone thirst. Currently on sale in Aura Black, you can grab this beauty for only AU$999 through Samsung’s official Amazon store.

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Espresso yourself and save AU$90 on the Nespresso Vertuo Plus with milk frother

Looking to buy a pod machine because your favourite cafe has closed? Introducing the Nespresso Vertuo Plus – a convenient, easy-to-use pod machine that creates a range of great-tasting coffees that are sure to give you that much-needed buzz in the morning. 

The Nespresso’s Vertuo is one smart machine – its recyclable pods come with a barcode which the machine reads to tailor the specific blending technique required to make your favourite cuppa, with the pod spinning up to 7000 times a minute to create some impressively rich crema. 

The Vertuo Plus also comes with a movable water tank – in our review, we found it to be the most compact and least intrusive of all the machines we’ve tested to date, making this unit perfect for those short on bench space.

One of the only downsides we’ve found with this pod machine is that it only works with Nespresso pods – these aren’t exactly cheap, meaning it may cost you a pretty penny to feed your daily caffeine addiction. 

On the whole, the Nespresso Vertuo Plus is convenient, neat, reliable, easy to use and it creates magnificent coffees with minimal effort that also comes with a nifty Aeroccino3 milk frother. What are you waiting for? You can grab yours directly through Nespresso’s eBay store.

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Exercise the demons and save AU$81.05 on a Fitbit Charge 3

As we start to look at ways to keep ourselves entertained while in isolation, a lot of us are purchasing exercise equipment and using this opportunity to get into shape. For those who want to ‘exercise’ the demons, you may want to invest in the Fitbit Charge 3 which is one of the best fitness trackers you can buy to give you the added boost you’ll need to achieve your goals. 

The Charge 3 specialises in revealing insights about your body, such as your heart rate and the amount of calories you burn throughout the day. 

Programmed on the fitness watch are over 15 goal-based exercises with automatic exercise recognition, personalised guided breathing and much more – this is ideal for those missing their guided gym workouts.

With this nifty wearable, you can track your sleeping habits and see once and for all if you’re getting enough sleep. In addition to this, if you’re a female you can track your menstrual cycle, record symptoms and even estimate ovulation and fertility windows. 

The Fitbit Charge 3 will keep you connected to the outside world with a number of convenient features, such as message notification and the ability to answer phone calls and send quick replies (Android only). Additional apps, such as calendar and weather, are just a tap away. 

On top of all of this, It’s also water-resistant (up to 50m) so you can track your time in the pool or shower. 

This device is one of the best around to help you achieve your fitness goals that won’t take a chunk out of your wallet. Grab yours today through Amazon for only AU$148.90 in either Rose Gold or Blue Grey.

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Microsoft knocks AU$189 off the price of Bose’s QuietComfort 35 II headphones

With the coronavirus (or Covid-19) now running rampant, we are all starting to look for ways to ease our anxiety during this crisis. One way to calm the nerves is by listening to your favourite tunes – and this is where Microsoft has stepped up its game by discounting the Bose QuietComfort 35 II noise cancelling headphones by 37% to help block out the noise and help you remain calm.

The QuietComfort 35 II is among the best noise-canceling headphones you can find. This stylish and comfortable set of headphones also incorporates Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to hear your messages without having to dig through your pocket or bag.

Battery life is amazing too with an impressive 20-hours of playback with noise cancellation turned on and listening on medium sound level. 

Currently on sale through Microsoft's eBay store for only AU$311.20, you’ll save an enormous AU$189 at checkout when using the code PMST20.

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Block out all the noise with Sony’s WH-1000XM3 headphones and save AU$190.95

Are you over constantly hearing about the coronavirus? Or is the news coverage over the coronavirus death toll making you anxious? Well, Sony’s WH-1000XM3 noise-cancelling headphones are here to help you remain calm and relaxed for only AU$359.

In our review we rated these amazing cans 4.5 out of 5 stars and even ranked them number 1 in our best headphones for 2020 – it goes without saying that we’re in love with the Sony WH-1000XM3, and for good reason!

These over-ear headphones are exceptional at noise cancellation and easily outshine the competition thanks to Sony’s ingenious creation of an adaptability algorithm that adjusts the sound barrier in correlation with the noise levels of your surroundings. This combined with near-perfect audio playback makes for a lethal noise cancellation cocktail – one of which Sony’s rivals have yet to master.

In addition to this, these cans also offer 30-hours of battery life and a quick charge mode that allows you to get around 5 hours of playback from only 10 minutes of charging – a-ma-zing!

Alleviate your mood and enjoy your favourite tunes today with the Sony WH-1000XM3 – currently discounted by an impressive AU$190.95 through Kogan, available in either black or silver

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Incredible savings: save AU$497 off this Hisense 65-inch UHD smart TV

Aussie retailer Appliance Central often has some cracking deals on tellies, and over on its eBay store it's currently offering Hisense's 65-inch Series 8 UHD Smart TV for AU$497 less than all the major Australian retailers – and a whopping 56% off its original RRP.

Hisense has a banging range of TVs and the Series 8 is on the higher end of the manufacturer’s product spectrum, offering support for Dolby Vision HDR, a format that optimises and adjusts brightness, colour and contrast automatically to enhance your screen viewing. You will also be treated to a wider colour gamut, delivering over a billion colours for a more natural viewing experience that will display authentic and vivid colours, even when receiving standard signals. Dolby Atmos support is also offered, providing three-dimensional audio that makes you feel like you’re inside the action.

Additionally, the 65R8 runs on the all-new VIDAA U3.0 AI platform that amplifies connectivity, gives faster boot times and a ‘smarter’ customisable user interface. You can also pair the 65R8 with Amazon’s Alexa so you can change the channel and increase the volume without having to lift a finger.

Most Australian retailers are currently selling the 658R for AU$1,795, and Appliance Central already has the 65R8 at a very-competitive price of AU$1,480 on its eBay store. However, by using the code PLUME15 at checkout you can get an additional AU$182 off that already low price – or AU$497 less than the likes of JB, The Good Guys and Harvey Norman!

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Beat this price: Kogan slashes AU$90 off a pair of Beats Solo 3

Another week, another amazing deal on Apple’s flagship headphones with the Beats Solo 3 Wireless currently available through Kogan for a cool 20% off.

These headphones deliver optimum playback with polished acoustics that provide a clear and crisp sound. The comfort-cushion ear cups isolate outside noise so you can enjoy a more immersive music experience and listen to your favourite tracks in peace.

In addition, the Beats Solo 3 features Apple’s W1 custom wireless chipset that eases the connection when hooking it up with your iPhone or iPad. You won’t have any drama setting up your Beats to an Android, either, as you can use the new Beats app or simply connect via Bluetooth. 

You can also thank the W1 chip for the Solo 3’s amazing battery life – you can enjoy an incredible 40-hours of playback for multi-day use. As an added bonus, If you’re low on juice and only need a couple of hours to get you through your commute or gym routine, the Beats Solo 3 will give you 3 hours of playback with only a quick 5-minute charge. 

Currently discounted by an impressive AU$89.95, you can grab a pair of Beats Solo 3 in Black through Kogan’s online store. 

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A roaring deal: save AU$200 on Dyson’s V10 Animal cordless vacuum

Dyson’s cordless vac range has long been hailed king of the battery-operated vacuum jungle – it’s continuously rated the best-in-class when it comes to design, portability and performance. If you’ve always wanted one of these glorious home appliances that’s sure to make your life easier, then you’re in luck – Dyson has discounted the V10 Animal to an affordable AU$699.

One of the more likely reasons to consider the Dyson V10 (apart from its amazing price) is its convenience. With up to an impressive 60-minutes of battery life, a powerful motor and multiple attachments, not only will chores become easier, you will be more motivated to do them knowing how little effort it takes to make your home spick and span. 

The suction on this bad boy is what sets it apart from its competitors – inbuilt is Dyson’s digital motor that's capable of 125,000 rpm (that's over 2,000 revolutions per second) making it more than capable of picking up floor nasties of both the indoor and outdoor variety.

What makes this machine even sweeter is its versatility – the Dyson V10 is modular by design, so you can use it as a stick vacuum or remove the wand from the main compartment to turn it into a helpful handheld unit.

This Dyson V10 Animal is also great for people with allergies – the fully-sealed filtration system traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns – expelling cleaner air. It’s also bagless, allowing you to empty collected dirt with a single pull of its lever. 

Pick up this great deal through Dyson’s eBay store and save 22% off the original price – that’s a massive saving of AU$200.

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Outrageous deal: save a monstrous AU$969 on a Hisense 65-inch UHD smart TV

Are you in the market for a large smart TV but are on a limited budget? We’ve found the product for you – Hisense’s 65-inch 65R6 UHD smart TV is currently discounted on eBay by a colossal 52%!

The 65R6 is part of Hisense’s Series 6 UHD Smart TV range that packs a glamorous 4K resolution picture that is sure to satisfy your visual needs. It also includes Hisense’s unique Precision Colour and Super Contrast technology, delivering vivid colours, rich details and deep blacks.

Additionally, the 65R6 runs on the all-new VIDAA U3.0 AI platform for enhanced connectivity, faster boot times and a ‘smarter’ customisable interface. It is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa so you can channel surf, change the volume and control inputs without having to move a finger.

You can grab the Hisense 65-inch 65R6 UHD smart TV through eBay using the code PRESTO at checkout to receive your full 52% discount – that’s an outrageous saving of AU$969! 

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Feb clearout: Dell ends the month with a bang by discounting laptops by up to 30%

The end of summer signifies back to school for many uni-goers – a time when many laptop makers offer deep discounts on their devices.

Dell in particular has stepped up and decided to end the month with a bang by offering a number of discounts across its range of laptops – you can score up to 30% off on gaming laptops and our favourite Windows Ultrabook, the XPS 13. 

To make your purchasing decision easier, we have sifted through and picked our three favourite laptop deals. Don’t dawdle though – these offers end February 29, 2020: 

  • Looking for tech deals other than laptops? We round up the best discounts on the hottest tech in our regularly updated best tech deals page.
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Smash your fitness goals, not your wallet with AU$100 off the Fitbit Versa

Need to improve your health and fitness game? Well, you’re in luck – one of the best fitness trackers you can buy has now been discounted by AU$100. 

With the Fitbit Versa, you can gain insights about your body, such as your heart rate and the amount of calories you burn throughout the day. You can also track your sleeping habits, while the ladies can keep tabs on their period, record symptoms, track ovulation and discover patterns in their cycle.

Additionally, the Fitbit Versa is water-resistant (up to 50m) and can also store and play 300-plus songs that will keep you pulsing through your workout. Also programmed within the watch are over 15 exercise modes, so if you’re a gym-rat, this is a feature you’re sure to love.

The Versa will keep you connected with on-screen message notification and the ability to answer phone calls and send quick replies (Android only for the latter feature). Additional apps, such as calendar and weather, are just a tap away. Also built-in is an NFC chip so you can store your credit cards to easily purchase your morning coffee with just a tap of your watch. 

If the Fitbit Versa sounds like the fitness watch for you, you can grab yours today from Amazon for only AU$199 – saving you a huge AU$100. The Fitbit Versa is available in Charcoal Woven, Black Aluminum, Gray Aluminum and Peach Rose Gold.

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Arvo bargain: snag AU$40 off a pair of Apple AirPods with wireless charging

Apple products are very rarely discounted and that’s why we’re excited about this deal from Kogan – you can grab a pair of the latest version of the Apple AirPods with a wireless charging case for only AU$280.

Arguably the most awesome Apple Airpods 2 feature is its wireless charging case – if you have a Qi charging pad, you can effortlessly plonk your headphones straight on there to power them up, no questions asked. Normally you would have to pay AU$320 for AirPods with the wireless charging case so this is a real bargain, especially for an Apple product. 

The Apple AirPods 2 have a built-in microphone that picks up your voice loud and clear, and are equally as good as your iPhone for using Siri. 

Thanks to the inclusion of Apple's new H1 chip, pairing the AirPods is quick and effortless – these babies are able to automatically connect to your phone without you having to delve into the Bluetooth settings menu. 

If you’re as excited about this deal as we are, you can grab a pair by visiting Kogan's online store using the link below. 

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Monday mayhem: Save AU$117.50 on a pair of Beats Studio 3 through eBay

Proving once and for all that you should never forget about Dre, eBay has an amazing Beats deal that should not be missed. You can grab a pair of Beats Studio 3 (Skyline Collection) for an incredible 26% off.

In our review, we said that these over-ear headphones provide good comfort, great wireless connectivity, and excellent battery life – they look pretty cool, too, with their distinct colours and bold shape. 

Thanks to Apple purchasing Beats in 2014, these headphones feature Apple’s W1 custom wireless chipset that eases the connection when hooking it up with your iPhone or iPad.  And, you can still easily connect your Beats to an Android device using the new Beats app or simply via Bluetooth.

The battery life on these cans is fabulous, too. You’ll get 22-hours of life out of these bad boys with active noise cancellation or up to 40-hours when you switch it off.

Currently discounted by an impressive AU$117.50, you can grab a pair of Beats Studio 3 in Shadow Grey through eBay – but don’t forget to use code PRETZEL10 at checkout to receive your full discount. 

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