Pocketnow Daily: NEW Galaxy S21 Teaser & Exynos Updates: YES and NO! (video)

Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones are on sale today

Apple’s latest M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, Razer Blade 15 and more laptops are on sale today

Headphones from Sony, Samsung, Apple and more are also on sale today

You already know, the official news today begin with deals, and again there’s no better time to buy Samsung products both old and new. You can still reserve a Galaxy S21 model and get up to $700 in trade-in and up to $60 in credit for accessories once you do, so make sure you check the first link in the description if you want a Galaxy S21. Sticking to Samsung and trade-in deals, the Z Flip is still a crazy $100, yes $100. The Z Fold 2 is still $1000 and you can get the Galaxy S20 Ultra for $600. We also have deals on the Note but again, you need an eligible device for trade-in. If you don’t have a device to trade-in we also have discounts for all of these on Amazon if you’re still looking for a great deal. Moving on, you can get a Google Pixel 4 for $295 off its original price tag, leaving it at $504 shipped. The M1 MacBook Pro is still $60 off, leaving the 256GB of SSD model for $1239. The Razer Blade 15 is also $300 off, this is the Intel Core i7, RTX 2060 model, leaving it at $1500. We have a ton of more deals on other laptops, AirPods, Sony Earbuds and headphones and more, in the links in the description.


Intel announces 11th Gen Core H-series mobile processors for gaming laptops

Qualcomm’s second-gen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is bigger and 50% faster

Fossil Gen 5 LTE costs $349 and let will let you take calls directly on the smartwatch

Jabra Elite 85t gets four new color options at CES 2021

Yes, CES is still happening but before we get into more specific launches, let’s talk about some of our favorite single out announcements. Beginning with Qualcomm as the company just launched the second generation to their ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This new sensor is 77% larger than its predecessor and it works 50% faster, this improved sensor will reportedly debut with the S21, if history repeats itself. Intel just announced their 11th Gen Core H Series of mobile chips which power gaming laptops based on a 10nm process, supporting up to 5GHz clock speeds, PCIe Gen 4, Thunderbolt 4 and more features. But, 10nm huh Intel? The Jabra Elite 85Ts which are some of my favorite earbuds just got 4 new colorways, including Gold, Copper, Black and Grey in case you were waiting for some variety. Fossil just announced the Gen 5 LTE which brings a 45mm sleek design and it now allows you to take calls directly on the smartwatch which is pretty nice for $349. And guys, there’s so much more CES 2021 coverage on Pocketnow.com but, we have specific articles for each of these products and their details, in the links in the description.

AMD unleashes Zen 3-based Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors

NVIDIA unveils RTX 30 series laptop GPUs and GeForce RTX 3060 desktop graphics

Let’s keep talking about CES, we know that a lot of you guys like when we cover PC parts and well Nvidia and AMD are back at it again. Starting with AMD, they just unveiled their Ryzen 5000 Series of mobile processors, these are divided into 2 families, the H and the U Series. The H Series is targeted at gaming enthusiasts in both 6 and 8 core variants with peak clock speeds of 4.8GHz, interesting considering Intel is pushing 5GHz. When it comes to the U Series, these are aimed at ultra-books and the rest of mass market laptops, these range from 4 to 8 cores, with pretty much the same base specs as some of the H Series but only pushing up to 4.4GHz. AMD is looking at 23% higher single threaded performances and up to a 17% increase in multi-threaded performances. Moving on to Nvidia, the company just revealed the RTX 30 Series laptop GPUs and a RTX 3060 desktop GPU. These are based on their 3rd Gen Max Q technology, offering up to 2x ray tracing output, and the new tensor cores are claimed to be 2x more capable. Overall Nvidia is aiming at higher efficiency, better performance and refined acoustics here. Over 70 laptops with the RTX 30 Series will debut this month alone, so you can check out all of the specifics in the links below. For a minute there I was like – are we sure about that number or is it 7? But nope, 70 laptops.

HONOR announces MagicBook Pro, HONOR Band 6

Sticking to CES, let’s move on to Honor as, we know that the company went independent form Huawei a couple of months ago and they just announced their upcoming flagship products. First off we got the Honor MagicBook Pro which brings a 16.1in display with a 90% screen-to-body ratio. It’s powered by a 10th Gen Intel processor, along with 16GB of dual channel DDR4 RAM, and 512GB of PCIe NVMe SSD, when it comes to cooling it brings dual fans and dual heat pipes. It includes Bluetooth 5.0, an HDMI port, 3 USB A ports and a USB C port, as well as a headphone jack and a fingerprint sensor. It apparently charges up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Now, moving on to wearables we also got the Honor Band 6 which features a 1.47in AMOLED Display, supporting 10 workout modes and 14 days of battery life. It brings 5 ATM water resistance and it brings a heart rate monitor, oxygen monitor, sleep and stress monitor and even a female cycle tracker. It comes in three color variants including Meteorite Black, Sandstone Grey and Coral Pink. Sadly we didn’t get word on price tags yet but it should be on global markets very soon.

Is this the new design of the 2021 iPad Pro refresh?

Now let’s talk about Apple and particularly iPads as it does seem that Cupertino is planning an aggressive push here. Lately there’s been a ton of rumors on the upcoming iPads as, we’re expecting a refresh to the regular iPad and we’re supposed to get mini-LED displays on the Pros very soon. Now, we have some new CAD renders of both iPad Pro models coming from 91Mobiles and MySmartPrice. Starting with the bigger model, it looks like it’s bringing pretty much the same design language as the current model with the boxy design and the single USB-C port as well as the smart connector for the keyboard. The camera is still a dual module along with the LiDAR sensor. When it comes to the 11in version, it also looks like its predecessor which we got back in 2020 but, apparently it’s going to be a couple of millimeters thinner and shorter. The CAD renders also show that we might be getting a Touch ID sensor similar to the one on the iPad Air, and you can also notice it on the renders for the 12.9in iPad. We’re expecting these iPads some time this year, running on a variant of the A13 or A14 Bionic, along with a mini-LED display. It clearly seems that iPad sales are up given the pandemic if Apple plans to make a broader push and even bring a more aggressive price tag.

Story of the day:

Samsung Galaxy S21 retail box leak confirms the absence of a charger

Samsung unveils the 5nm-based Exynos 2100 flagship SoC that will power the Galaxy S21

And finally for the hottest news today, you guessed it. We’re literally a couple of days away from Samsung’s Unpacked but, there’s still a ton of leaks and information to Unpack here.. Let’s start with something official as Samsung just posted the full teaser for the S21 Series which is captioned “Welcome to the Everyday Epic”. It teases a lot of camera capabilities, mainly video, low light and zoom. It shows the silhouette of the device and some software tricks as well. Sticking to what’s official, the company just announced the Exynos 2100 which will power the S21 depending on your region. It is a 5G-ready chip based on a 5nm process and a tri-cluster core design allowing for a 30% increase in multi-core performance and 40% boost in graphics performance. It allows some crazy tricks like handling 6 cameras and 200MP resolution output, as well as handling 4K panels at up to 120Hz, or QHD+ at 144Hz but, we won’t bore you with specifics, we’ll have a specific link for this in the description. Back to the S21, we have some new posters showing off the design yet again, as well as teasing the 5G capabilities, the storage tiers and the camera. Now, the poster getting the most headlines is the one showing off the box and as you can see, it’s very thin. Meaning it’s pretty much official that we won’t be getting a charger or headphones this year. Go Green! And remember, you can already register for the S21 and get some perks, in the first link in the description. So yeah, with that teaser and all of the other posters, seriously what’s left?


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Samsung unveils the 5nm-based Exynos 2100 flagship SoC that will power the Galaxy S21

The suspense is finally over. Samsung has finally lifted the covers from its in-house 2021 flagship chipset – the Exynos 2100. This 5G-ready chip will first make its way to the Samsung Galaxy S21 family that will debut two days from now. The latest Exynos SoC is based on the 5nm Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV) process node and comes with an integrated 5G modem that can latch on to both Sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G airwaves.

At its heart, the Exynos 2100 opts for a tri-cluster core design to more effectively distribute workload. There is a single prime core based on the ARM Cortex-X1 that runs at 2.9GHz. It is assisted by three Cortex-A78 cores ticking at 2.6GHz, and four Cortex-A55 cores clocked at 2.0GHz to handle less demanding tasks. Graphics, on the other hand, are handled by the Mali-G78 MP10 GPU. 

Samsung is touting a 30% gain in multi-core performance compared to its 7nm-based predecessor – the Exynos 1080 – while single-core performance has gone up by 19%. As for GPU prowess, the company claims that Exynos 2100 brings a 40% boost in graphics performance. “The Exynos 2100 also integrates advanced multi-IP governor (AMIGO) technology, which overlooks and optimizes power usages of CPU, GPU, and other processes, allowing longer use time even with intense on-screen activities,” claims Samsung. 

Capable of handling up to six cameras and 200MP resolution output

There’s also a triple-core NPU that peaks at 26 trillion-operations-per-second (TOPS), but with twice the power efficiency compared to its predecessor. Coming to the camera capabilities, the Exynos 2100 is said to be capable of handling up to six cameras and 200MP resolution output. “With a multi-camera and frame processor (MCFP), the ISP can combine feeds from multiple cameras to improve zoom performance, enhance image quality for ultra-wide shots and more,” the company adds. 

Exynos 2100 also supports 8K video capture at 30fps, while video decoding goes up to 8K 60fps with 10-bit HEVC(H.265) and 30fps with 10-bit VP9 and AV1 codecs. Coming to the display part, the Samsung SoC can handle 4K panels at up to 120Hz refresh rate and QHD+ display at 144Hz refresh rate value, the latter of which has already been rumored to be available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Samsung silicon can be driven in tandem with LPDDR5 memory and the faster UFS 3.1 storage standard. 

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Samsung’s new Exynos 2100 processor could launch on January 12

Samsung has officially confirmed its new Exynos processor’s launch date, and it seems that it will take place just before the possible launch of the new Galaxy S21 series. A new post on Twitter reveals that “A whole new Exynos is coming.” We are expecting this to be the new Exynos 2100, which according to rumors, may be just as powerful, if not more, than its Snapdragon counterpart.

After a massive amount of Samsung leaks and rumors, we finally get official news, and these come directly from the Korean tech giant. The company has posted that it will be holding an event on January 12 to launch its new Exynos processor. Now, we believe that Samsung will launch its flagship Exynos 2100 chipset, which is expected to power the international version of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series. It also makes it easier to believe that Samsung may indeed launch its new flagship on January 14, but wait, there’s more.

We have also received details about the upcoming Exynos 2100 SoC, which comes from Roland Quandt. He claims that the new processor will feature a 64-bit octa-core CPU, which consists of one ultra-high-performance core clocked at 2.9GHz, a Mali-G78 GPU, and an integrated 5G modem. He also mentions that there’s a possibility of the Exynos 2100 being created with a 7nm process. Still, he also says that his info could be incorrect in terms of the fabrication process.

Whatever the case, we will have to wait less than a month to see if we will get the new Exynos 2100 processor and the official specs from Samsung, if the company doesn’t leak the information before. And since we’re talking about specs, you should also take a look at the recent leak that reveals all the details of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Source SamMobile

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Exynos 2100 may surpass the SD 875 in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series

We have been getting quite a bit of benchmark results in the last few days. Mainly because of the tests performed on Apple’s latest M1 devices. However, it seems that those aren’t the only devices being tested. The Samsung Galaxy S21 may have already been examined with both its Snapdragon 875 and its Exynos 2100 variants, and it seems that next year, you may want to go for the international version.

This is not the first time that we see benchmark results for the Samsung Galaxy S21. The device was found delivering some interesting results back in September while being powered by the Exynos 1000 processor, even though it is said that it will feature the Exynos 2100 chipset. Back then, we saw that the device managed to deliver 1038 in its single-core score, while a 3060 multi-core score was reached.

Now, we receive the latest benchmarks of the Samsung Galaxy S21, but this time it is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875, with 8GB RAM. The device reached 1120 single-core score and a 3319 multi-core score. These results would suggest that the Snapdragon 875 may be better than the Exynos 2100 processor, but it seems that things aren’t precisely as they seem. Let’s remember that the SD 875 codenamed Lahaina isn’t official yet, but neither is the Exynos 2100 processor, which gives both processors plenty of room to grow.

We have also received some info from Ice Universe, where he tells us not to pay attention to the results leaked by Geekbench, as these are not accurate before the release of the products, and we also have to pay attention to the real specs in the Samsung Galaxy S21 models. He believes that the new Exynos 2100 will be more powerful than its Snapdragon 875 counterpart, as both chipsets have identical CPU architecture, but the prime X1 core will reach 2.91 GHz in the Exynos 2100, while the Snapdragon 875 will top out at 2.84 GHz. We will also find differences in the power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores, which will reach 1.8GHz in the SD 875, compared to the 2.2GHz reached by the Exynos processor.

Source SamMobile

Via GSM Arena

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Pocketnow Daily: The Google Pixel 5 in Green is HOT! (video)

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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, Google Pixel 4 and more devices are on sale today

The official news today begin with deals, and what do you call a phone that hasn’t launched yet and is already getting discounts? Uhh, Samsung does not like to waste time. The Galaxy S20 FE which was just announced yesterday.. It’s not even in stores yet, is already on sale at both Amazon and B&H. You can get the entry level variant in all 6 color options for $100 off, leaving it at $600 shipped. Moving on to Pixel territory, the 4 and the 4 XL are still on sale. The entry level variant of the 4 is currently $269 off, leaving it at $530 shipped. The 4 XL is $350 off, leaving that at $649 shipped. We also have more deals on Garmin Watches and more in the links in the description.

Amazon launches its game streaming service called Luna, and here’s everything we know

And just like yesterday, let’s keep talking Amazon but don’t worry, no Apple deals. It seems like Cloud-based game streaming services are the new thing,.. Even if no one has gotten it right, but hey Amazon has just announced their own service “Luna”, to compete with Microsoft in Google. To play games on this new platform all you need is a stable connection, a compatible controller or mouse and keyboard and a supported platform. Luna runs on PC, MacOS, Fire TV devices like the Fire Stick, and finally, Chrome and Safari. It’s currently on an early access period but, you can already purchase the controller for $49.99 right now and honestly, it doesn’t look too bad. The early access for Luna+ is currently $5.99 and it has games like Resident Evil 7, GRID and other titles. We’ll keep you posted as it evolves, we hope it does better than what Google and Microsoft have been doing because this type of services aren’t really taking off.

Next MWC Barcelona would now take place in June

Now let’s talk about tradeshows and that illogical plan to make them virtual.. You and I know that doesn’t work. If you remember MWC was cancelled this year and how things are going, we didn’t really think we were getting one next year either but apparently that won’t be the case. GSM Association just announced that next year’s MWC will happen between June 28th and July 1st, 2021. If you’re thinking, how are companies going go on with their launch schedule, MWC Shanghai will be happening in the usual dates of February 23-25. Obviously, the Shanghai event will be focused on the Asian Pacific markets with brands that don’t usually go to the Barcelona Event, but we do hope to see something considering how 2020 went. Finally, the company announced that MWC Los Angeles 2021 will still happened in October, as scheduled. We’ll keep you posted if big names will move their events to Shanghai or, if we’ll have to wait until June… Summer in Barcelona doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

New Samsung Galaxy S21 to arrive with an Exynos 2100 processor

Speaking of things we usually get in February, let’s talk Galaxy S Line. Lately there’s been some reports that claim that the Exynos 1000 will be faster than the Snapdragon 875 and that it will power the S21 but, we know you guys aren’t fans of Exynos so we haven’t covered them on the show. However, the S21+ just went through Geekbench and it shows some changes that aren’t good. In these benchmarks, the S21+ is rocking an Exynos 2100 chip, which is actuakky worse than the Exynos 1000 and than the Snapdragon 875. Heck, it’s only slightly even better than the current S20+. But enough with the benchmark scores talk, some of the specs revealed were 8GB of RAM, a 4800 mAh battery and it was running Android 11. Of course, we’re still early and this doesn’t mean for sure that we’re getting that processor on the S21 but if that’s the case, Samsung better price it low. Is it just me or are plastic backs and a meager Galaxy Note 20 indications that Samsung is pulling an HTC now?

The new iPad Pro could be the first Apple device with mini-LED display

Now let’s talk about Apple as we’ve been hearing about mini-LED Apple products for a long time now. For those of you who don’t know, mini-LED displays offer a better color gamut performance, higher contrast, dynamic range and local dimming for darker blacks, amongst other features. Now, we have a new report from Ming Chi Kuo that says that Apple has been working on mini-LED displays for quite a while now, and we may be soon getting six new products that feature this technology. Kuo claims that these will be iPads and Macs and, he also included that the first device to bring it will be the 12.9in iPad Pro. The report mentions that Apple will be accelerating their adoption of mini-LED panels as they’re performing better than expected in their testing. These displays would be manufactured by a new manufacturer called Sanan Opto-electronics but, Epistar will remain their main supplier for these displays. This iPad Pro should arrive with 5G connectivity and we should see it some time in Q1 of 2021.

Story of the day:

Pixel 4a 5G leak reveals it’s a slightly toned-down Pixel 5 with a cheaper build

Google Pixel 5 leak reveals the upcoming phone in all its green glory

And finally for the hottest news today, let’s do a second round on the Google Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5. Yesterday we covered a very extensive leak of the Google Pixel 5 and, we’ll actually talk more about it in a quick second. Let’s begin with the Pixel 4a 5G which got the same treatment. According to this leak, it will bring a 6.2in OLED display running at 60Hz. It will also be powered by the Snapdragon 765G, but it will bring 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and a 3800 mAh. It will bring the same camera array as the Pixel 5 with a 12.2MP main sensor with OIS, a 16MP ultra wide and it will be capable of recording 4K video at 60fps. It’ll obviously run on Android 11 and it will bring a headphone jack, yay. Google already confirmed the price tag for this phone to be $499 in the US. This is all fine and dandy, but let’s get back to the Pixel 5. We have some new high quality pictures from Evan Blass, showing off the final design for this phone in both color variants. Again, this design is based on the 4a, meaning it brings a punch hole display but with slimmer bezels, the fingerprint sensor, dual tone power button and probably the only difference is the dual camera module which looks like the one on the Pixel 4. Specs are pretty similar to the 4a 5G but with some extra RAM. On these renders we can see the green variant in high quality for the first time and it will apparently bring a more premium metallic build, instead of the polycarbonate we’re getting on the 4a 5G.


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New Samsung Galaxy S21 to arrive with an Exynos 2100 processor

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 is expected to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2021, and it seems that it has already started to get ready for its debut. The device was recently spotted over at Geekbench, where it reveals some curious details, as it has appeared with an Exynos chipset that we weren’t expecting.

Samsung has just launched the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, but its already getting ready for the arrival of its new Samsung Galaxy S21. According to the latest Geekbench test results, the ‘plus’ version of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 would arrive with an Exynos 2100 processor. We also see that the new device would also feature 8GB RAM, as the 6.77GB RAM shown in the test results may be omitting GPU reserved memory. It is believed that this device may be the European version because of the SM-G996B code.

Now, what’s curious about this information is that we were expecting the new Galaxy S21 to arrive with the Exynos 1000 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor. Yeah, you may not care that much about Exynos processors right now because of their recent reputation, but the new Exynos 1000 is expected to be just as good, if not better, than the Snapdragon option. However, we cant say the same thing about the Exynos 2100, as it seems to be a different chip altogether.

Further, these test results also show that the new Galaxy S21 will arrive with Android 11 and a 4,800mAh battery, which gives it 300mAh more juice than the battery in the Galaxy S20+. We are also expecting the new Galaxy S21 series to include significant camera changes, or at least in the Ultra variant. Rumors suggest that we would also get S-Pen support and maybe under-screen camera technology in these devices. However, they also suggest that we won’t receive ToF sensors, but that was before Samsung filed a document in the European Union Intellectual Property Office with the description of a new ISOCELL Vizion camera.

Source GSM Arena

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