Pocketnow Daily: Confirmed? Samsung is COMPLETELY Changing Their Strategy! (video)

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, Apple’s latest iPad Pro and more on sale today

And let’s begin the week with deals as we usually do, but this time let’s just say Samsung is the most interesting offering. The company’s Black Friday sale is in full effect, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is currently available for just $1000 but, hold your horses, you have to trade in an eligible device. Actually many of these deals require a trade-in to sweeten the pot. For example, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is available for a crazy $550, the regular Note 20 for $250 and the S20 FE for $140. Seriously, if you’re looking for a new phone, go check these deals out! Moving on to your usual set of Apple deals, the 12.9in iPad Pro is $100 off, leaving the Wi-Fi only and 128GB of storage model for $900. Finally, the OnePlus 8 Pro is available for $100 off, leaving it at $799 for 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. We have more deals on the Pixel 5, OnePlus 7T, more iPads and even more in the links in the description.

Snapchat ‘Spotlight’ is yet another TikTok rival

And let’s be honest, Snapchat may be my least favorite service ever, but it’s probably the most copied service we’ve ever seen as. Look at Instagram stories, Whatsapp, Facebook, and even Twitter now with Fleets. Well, it looks like now they’re doing it to someone else. The company just launched a new feature called “Spotlight” which is basically made to compete with TikTok and Instagram’s “Reels” but, Snapchat’s got a trick up their sleeve. So, Spotlight let’s users showcase their 60 second videos which are focused on memes and jokes rather than your day to day life like stories where meant to. For the viewer, it will pretty much work like TikTok where the algorithm shows you content related to what you’ve seen in the past. The thing about it is that Snapchat will be paying creators to post on the platform, they will award $1M between the most popular creators on the app per day through the end of this year so, if you have a viral video you might get a piece of the $1M. Spotlight is currently launching to 11 countries so, if that’s your thing go check it out. Let’s hope this algorythm finally fixes their lack of good discovery.

New M1 MacBook Air has been found with 128GB for just $799

Let’s move on to Apple Silicon Macs as yes, Apple did end up making at least one of them more affordable, but there’s a catch. The latest M1 MacBook Air was spotted in Apple’s US Education Institute Hardware and Software list and it’s actually cheaper. This was found on Reddit and this is the regular 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU MacBook Air, with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM for $799. The thing about it is that, this is strictly for education purposes so, if you work or study at a school that purchases these then you might get your hands on one but, it looks like that might be the only way. This is not a variant that consumers can buy in a store. And on another note, Craig Federighi, aka Mr Wiggle Mode himself, went on an interview and talked about M1 Macs running windows. Please stop trying to run Parallels on them. He claims that Windows could run on these Macs but it’s really up to Microsoft. Thing is since this version of Windows on ARM is emulated, who knows if that will happen. Can any of you imagine Windows running on these ARM chips like a champ?

iPad Pro to get OLED displays after adopting mini-LED in early 2021: Report

And since we’re talking Apple, let’s discuss their future plans for iPads, especially when it comes to the display technology they’re using. We’ve been covering rumors of miniLED iPads for years, but now according to a new report from The Elec, Cupertino is finally planning to adopt OLED displays for the iPad Pro line up. It seems there will be a wait, though, as we know that Apple is working on the transition to miniLED displays for Q1 of next year. The report claims that OLED displays on these will actualy happen shortly after, meaning also within 2021. These displays would be provided by Samsung but, it also says that the adoption of OLED could be delayed, depending on the scale of adoption of miniLED. Again, these miniLED displays are slated for Q1 while OLEDs should come later. This means that Apple might really just upgrade their current LCDs to miniLED and then eventually move on to OLED at least when it comes to iPads because, we know that miniLEDs should be a huge thing for Macs. Whatever the case may be, this might be what will differentiate the next generation of iPads and Macs in 2021, and let’s hope that enables new designs.

OnePlus 9 might sport two 48MP camera sensors

OnePlus 9 Pro leak gives us our first look at its design prior to a March 2021 debut

Now how about if we shift focus to Android and particularly the OnePlus 9 as, we’re expecting this phone to launch a little earlier than usual so the rumors are starting to intensify. Beginning with the regular variant, last week we got some CAD renders for it showing a new white color variant and a triple camera array. Now, we have a new leak from 91Mobiles that claims that the two main cameras from these renders are two 48MP sensors. This means we’ll get a 48MP primary that delivers 12MP images, as well as a 48MP ultra wide. The third and smaller lens would be a macro or monochrome sensor in typical OnePlus fashion. Now, moving on to the Pro variant, we have some new CAD renders from OnLeaks showing off the design changes. From these we can see some smaller bezels, a “Pacific Blue” colorway if you know what I mean, and the new camera array which is pretty similar to the one on the 8T. The 9 Pro is expected to bring a 6.7in display, probably running at up to 144Hz and it will be powered by the Snapdragon 875, or whatever the latest Qualcomm chip will be called. We’ll keep you posted as it’s expected to come some time in March, and I seriously wonder what is it with companies wanting to launch phones earlier next year.

Story of the day:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 might launch sooner than expected

And finally the hottest news today have to do with Samsung, and how the company plans to re-imagine their approach to flagships in 2021. We’ve covered the possibility of the Galaxy Note lineup saying goodbye, and today we get more credible information that goes beyond not seeing it in a listing. According to a new report from Korea, we might be getting this phone earlier the Galaxy Z Fold 3 earlier in 2021. The report suggests that Samsung is already working on this phone and it could possibly launch in June 2021. The report also mentions that this foldable could have support for the S-Pen like we’ve heard before. It also reiterates on the report we covered last week, that claims that we’re getting an under the display selfie shooter, even if we were expecting that until Q3. It also adds that Sammy was able to add an in-screen WACOM digitizer but, they still faced some difficulties with the protective layer which scratches with the S Pen but it’s sounding like they were able to fix it, maybe thanks to the new UTG we’re expecting. With all of the reports on the missing Galaxy Note 21, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra supporting an S Pen, it looks like Samsung is about to re-invent it’s approach to its second batch of product launches.
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OnePlus 9 might sport two 48MP camera sensors

OnePlus 9 is reportedly launching earlier than usual, and the detailed specifications have started coming in the form of leaks. The latest one reveals its camera setup. After the leaked CAD renders the new report reiterates that the upcoming phone will come equipped with a triple rear camera setup that is accompanied by a dual-tone LED flash. While two camera lenses seem to be of the same size, the third one smaller than usual.

The latest development comes from 91mobiles, which reports that the OnePlus 9 will have two 48MP cameras on the back. The triple rear camera setup will be lead by a 48MP primary sensor that is said to deliver images of 12MP (4,000 x 3,000 pixels) output and have a 6mm focal length. In comparison, the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8T both have focal lengths of 6.59mm and 4.74mm, respectively. 

Moreover, the report goes on to say that the primary sensor will not be the Sony IMX 586. Instead, it could be the Sony IMX 689 sensor, but the source isn’t sure of it yet. The primary camera will be backed by a 48MP ultra-wide-angle sensor, which is an upgrade from the 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens found on the OnePlus 8T. Further, there is no information on the third sensor. It could be a macro lens or a monochrome sensor.

The OnePlus 9 is tipped to feature a 6.55-inch display with support for a 120Hz refresh rate as opposed to the rumored 144Hz panel. OnePlus is said to launch its next series in March 2021. We expect the phone to be powered by the Snapdragon 875 SoC, and have support for 65W fast charging technology.

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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is MISSING! (video)

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Early Black Friday deals are live, with tons of Apple deals

The official news today begin with Apple deals because, we know you guys adore them. Beginning with the previous MacBook Air which is $80 off, that leaves the Intel core i3, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD model for $920 shipped. The 16in MacBook Pro is also $250 off, that leaves the Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD for $2150 but, you might not want to go for it depending on how these M1 MacBooks do. The latest iPad Pros are also on sale, for example, the 11in WiFi only version, with 128GB of storage is $50 off, leaving that for $739. Finally, the Apple Watch Series 6 is $50 off, that leaves the 40mm GPS only variant for $350. The SE is $20 off, but you can get the GPS+Cellular variant for $309. We have more deals on Garmin Watches, AirPods Pro, Galaxy Buds and more in the links in the description.

Users reporting serious MacBook Pro problems after macOS Big Sur update

Last week we finally got the macOS Big Sur update but, which I was really looking forward to given the efficiencies, but according to several users, not everything has been sunshine and rainbows. Several users who own 2013 and mid-2014 13in MacBook Pros upgraded to Big Sur and it has reportedly bricked their machines. According to them, their computer is stuck on a black screen and there’s no way to bypass this this as, the hot key combinations for NVRAM, SMC, Safe Mode and Internet Recovery are inaccessible after they installed the update. Apparently some of these users have been asked to take the laptop in for servicing so, we’ll see what happens. Also keep in mind that these are the oldest MacBook Pros to have Big Sur available so if you’re on the list, you might want to hold off. Obviously gotta hand it to Apple for their in-store support, but the problem is that it’s crazy irregular right now given the pandemic.

Apple’s M1 chip is better than the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and Radeon RX 560 in Graphics performance

Speaking of Macs, let’s talk about the M1 Macs which I’m currently waiting on. They were supposed to arrive today, but I guess UPS was just playing with me. They keep going through Benchmarks, and according to a new submission, the M1 Macs just went up against the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and AMD’s Radeon RX 560. It was compared to these two to match Apple’s claim of the M1’s GPU handling close to 25k threads and delivering 2.6 TFLOPS. Well, in most tests, the M1 beats both of these graphic cards while reaching up to 300 FPS in some instances. Some of the results are pretty close like in the first Aztec Ruins Setting where it actually lost to the Radeon. But then you get other cases where it just breezes through, like in Manhattan 3.1. Now, we know that these are older GPUs but, they are desktop GPUSs as well. That said, the reason why this is not the hottest news is because the benchmark tests are designed more for mobile than anything, so we’ll take them with a grain of salt.

OnePlus 9 Pro’s alleged Geekbench listing reveals SD 875 SoC

Possible design of the new OnePlus 9 has been leaked

Let’s move on to OnePlus as, we’ve already gotten the OnePlus 8 and the 8T, which means rumors for the 9 should start coming in. For starters, the Pro variant was reportedly just spotted on Geekbench revealing some new details. According to the listing, it will pack the upcoming Snapdragon 875, or whatever it will be called, and it performed pretty well in both single core and multi-core. Now, not much of the specs have been revealed, but some things we’re expecting include a Flat AMOLED Display with up to 144Hz refresh rate, and a battery that supports 65W charging. Speaking of the display, we also have some CAD renders of the device and, they’re… something. These apparently belong to the regular OnePlus 9 and it packs a flat display with a small punch hole at the top left and a near bezel-less experience. On the back, you get a triple camera array that kinda looks like if the iPhone 12 and the Galaxy S20 FE had a baby. According to these renders we’re getting a new white color variant that actually looks pretty cool. We’re expecting these phones to come out some time in March so, everything should just intensify from here.

Samsung Galaxy S21 specs and features have been leaked

Now let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series as we have possibly the biggest leak yet for it, and it’s both good and bad. There’s a full list of specs for the entire line up from Android Police that reveal.. Pretty much everything. Just to get it out of the way, all of these will pack the Snapdragon 875 or the Exynos 2100, as well as 5G, and One UI 3.1 based on Android 11. Alright, starting with the regular Galaxy S21, we’re looking at a 6.2in FHD+, LTPS display running at 120Hz. You’re also getting a 4000 mAh battery and a triple camera setup which consists of a 12MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra wide and a 64MP telephoto. Moving on to the S21+, you’re getting a 6.7in FHD+, LTPS display running at 120Hz, as well as a 4800 mAh battery and the same camera setup as the smaller variant. But finally, moving on to the Ultra, we have a 6.8in WQHD+, LTPO display running at up 120Hz. Here, you’re getting a 5000 mAh battery and a 5 camera array that consists of a main 108MP sensor, a 12MP ultra wide, a 10MP 3X Optical lens, and a 10MP 10X optical lens. The color variants include Phantom Violet, Pink, Grey, White, Black and Silver, and they vary depending on which variant you pick. Ice Universe also says that the Ultra packs the strongest optical system known to date when it comes to the telephoto, with both sensors being 1/2.8in and 1.22μm. We’re getting closer to that January or February launch so, we’ll see what we get but so far so good.

Story of the day:

Samsung could kill off the Galaxy Note series in 2021

And finally the hottest news today have to do with Samsung again, but this time because we have some confirmation of the beginning of the end. For years, there’s been tons of rumors that Samsung might get rid of the Note line and stick to the S Line and now with the Z Fold line, it makes a ton more sense. Well, we’ve learned from interviews with company executives that, a smartphone can be ready pretty much 9 months before the actual launch and, the problem is, the Note is currently nowhere to be found. We have a new tweet from Max Weinbach where he gives a detailed list of the Samsung flagships we’ll be getting next year. The list includes, the Galaxy S21 FE, the S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, the Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3 and the Z Fold FE. Nice. Now, where it gets interesting is when he tweeted out that 3 of these devices will have S Pen support, and there’s no Note on that list. A day earlier, Ice Universe tweeted “an unusual clue: there is currently no information on the development of the Note 21 Series”. Of course, we are still far away from the Note’s usual launch frame but, by this point we usually have the codenames at least, and having tipsters saying there’s no information at all on the development is kind of a huge deal. By the looks of it, unless Samsung figures out how to bring the Stylus to the Folds, it looks like the S line might bring the S Pen next year.


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Possible design of the new OnePlus 9 has been leaked

This has been a rather atypical year for OnePlus. The company has lost one of its co-founders, it held back from giving us a Pro version of the latest OnePlus 8T, and it has launched more budget-friendly devices than we expected as part of its new Nord lineup. However, the company is already gearing up for 2021, and it seems that it could already have the design ready for its next device, the OnePlus 9.

New renders of what seems to be the new OnePlus 9 have emerged, and they come to us thanks to the guys over at 91mobiles. The site is well known for posting images from leaker @OnLeaks, but it seems that this won’t be the case, so you may want to take this leak with a grain of salt.

Well, the image shows the most relevant design aspects of the new OnePlus 9. We can see that it could arrive with a flat display with a punch-hole selfie camera. This display is said to be larger than the one in the OnePlus 8T. The back panel would be retaining its curves, where we can also see a triple-lens camera setup.

91mobiles’ anonymous source also mentioned that the new OnePlus 9 would also feature a 120Hz refresh rate display, which is the same refresh rate found in the OnePlus 8T. This new information could take some weight off a previous rumor claiming that OnePlus could be ready to include 144Hz refresh rate displays in its 2021 devices. However, we must also remember that we’re talking about the regular OP 9 and not the OP 9 Pro version, so technically, there may still be a chance.

The new OnePlus 9 is rumored to launch sometime in March to try and put some pressure on Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30 lineup, which is expected to launch in January.

Source 91mobiles

Via Android Authority

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Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 12 is NOT Handling 5G Well? (video)

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Apple’s iPad and more devices are on sale today

The official news today begin with deals, and here’s the thing, now that iPhones are out, of course we can expect the competition to continue to get aggressive. Let’s start it off with the Galaxy S20 Ultra which is $150 0ff, that leaves the US entry level variant for $1250 shipped. Still not my favorite camera on a phone, but everything else is quite solid. My favorite is actually the galaxy S20+, and this one is $204 off, leaving that for $997 shipped. Now you know I gave the entry level 10.2-inch iPad a positive review, but I did recommend that you get more storage. Right now that exact variant is $34 off, which means you get 128GB for $395 shipped. Finally, for those of you looking for gaming peripherals, we have a ton of deals on Razer products, for example, the Mamba Elite mouse is $39 off, leaving it for $60. We have more deals on Apple products, Motorola phones and more in the links in the description.

The Apple Watch SE is presenting overheating issues

Now let’s talk about issues with new devices, since that never stops being a thing whenever products launch. According to several people in Korea, and notice I said in Korea, the new Apple Watch SE is having some overheating issues. The complains have surfaced on Reddit where at least 6 users claim that their smartwatches overheat and stop working correctly. They also have a yellow spot on the upper right corner of the display. According to some users, these issues started appearing while they were wearing the watch while others noticed that it was overheating while charging. One of them actually slept with it on, and woke up with his wrist extremely hot, the Watch’s display was useless, even if the Find My app was still working and was still able to play the sound on the Watch. So far there hasn’t been a teardown but, it could be a bad batch as, all of the users with this issue are from Korea. Apparently this can be an issue with the display connectors near the Haptic Engine so, we’ll see if more cases appear.

HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro listed on Amazon Germany one day ahead of launch

Now let’s talk Huawei because at least at the time we recorded this video, the information is still not official. Thing is, even with the device not being official Amazon Germany just spilled the beans on some new details. The phone was listed on this site, revealing pretty much everything you need to know. According to the listing, the Mate 40 Pro will bring a 6.76in OLED display, with a pill shaped punch hole once again. It’ll be powered by the Kirin 9000 with the 24-core GPU which we covered yesterday, a 4400 mAh battery, and according to other leaks, 12GB of RAM while running EMUI 11. It brings a triple camera setup at the back that consists of a 50MP main sensor, a 20MP ultra wide and a 12MP telephoto with 5x optical zoom. Finally, the listing mentions that the Pro will start at €1199. And yes, you guessed it, no Google Play, but I do have to say that developers have been making some quick moves to adopt Huawei’s App Gallery, let’s see how it goes. .

OnePlus 9 might launch in March 2021

And guys, it’s barely been two weeks since we got the OnePlus 8T, which by the way, that review is coming pretty soon, but man, can you believe we already started hearing new things about the OnePlus 9? According to a new Android Central report, the 9 is codenamed “Lemonade” and will be launched in March next year. For context, the OnePlus 8 5G was launched in April this year so, this is pretty early and we also know that Samsung might launch earlier than usual so that could be one of the reasons. Now, let’s move on to the Nord Series for a little bit. We have a new tweet from Max J showing the Nord N10. Now, you know Max J doesn’t speak much but he tweeted a picture of the phone’s silhouette with a blue color variant and the characters for N10 scattered around. We’re expecting this phone to come out very soon with a Snapdragon 690, 6GB of RAM, a 90Hz display and a triple camera setup for under the $400 price mark. Now is it just me, or a lot of the 8T launch only makes the Nord lineup more confusing?

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra leak in a new video

Now let’s move on to Samsung and focus on the Galaxy S21, S30 or whatever it’s gonna be called. And guys, the phone is not out, unless you work for Samsung, we won’t know what the name is until the company announces it, so ease out on the comments. There’s been multiple reports, including supply chain that claim that we’ll be getting these phones significantly earlier than we usually do, around late January or early February. Now, we got some new rumors for the display and we actually like them. According to Ice Universe, the S21 and S21+ will bring “2D Screens” aka flat displays, while the S21 Ultra will stick to a curved display. He also mentioned that all four sides will be symmetrical, meaning no extra bezels on the chin. Now, those CAD renders we got yesterday were for the smaller variant of the S21 which will bring a nearly flushed camera hump, well… OnLeaks also posted a video for the S21 Ultra which brings another massive camera hump, at least it looks somewhat slimmer than the Note 20 Ultra but it’s still pretty large and this one packs 4 cameras instead of the three we saw yesterday.

Story of the day:

iPhone 12 reveals everything under the hood, along with a 5G issue

iPhone 12 Pro Max packs a smaller battery than the iPhone 11 Pro Max

But finally, the hottest news today have to do with the iPhone 12, and all the stuff Apple doesn’t tell you, but that we continue discovering. Let’s begin with battery capacity, and stick to the end to understand why. According to some new TENAA certifications, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3687 mAh battery, that is nearly 300 mAh less than the iPhone 11 Pro Max which brought some pretty good battery life. The iPhone 12 Mini apparently packs a 2227 mAh battery and the iPhone 12 packs a 2815 mAh. We still don’t have details on the regular 12 Pro but, we assume it’ll be close to the 2815 mAh we’re getting on the regular 12. Now, we did hear that we were getting smaller batteries in the rumors, which made sense given the power efficiencies of 5 nanometers on the A14 Bionic. Thing is it hasn’t gone too well. A new report from Tom’s Guide claims that 5G drains the iPhone 12’s battery 20% faster when compared to the LTE. We have the full list with technical details in the links below but, they claim that these iPhones are a step back when compared to 5G Android phones, at least in battery life. The new iPhones also went through some teardowns, showing that we’re getting a smaller Taptic Engine, the design of the MagSafe Ring and the L-Shaped Logic Board.
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OnePlus 9 might launch in March 2021

Within two weeks after the launch of OnePlus 8T, rumors regarding the OnePlus 9 have started coming in. It was recently tipped that the the upcoming phone is codenamed ‘Lemonade.’ Now, it is being reported that the phone will launch sooner than the usual launch timeline. Android Central reports that OnePlus 9 will be launched in March next year. This is four weeks earlier than the OnePlus 8 5G series launch.

Usually, OnePlus launches its flagship devices in May. However, the company revealed the OnePlus 8 5G series earlier this year. The smartphones were launched in April. Now, according to industry sources familiar with OnePlus’ launch schedule, the company might unveil its next flagship devices, the OnePlus 9 series in March 2021.

Coincidentally, OnePlus isn’t the only phone manufacturer planning to launch its flagship device early in the year. According to rumors, Samsung is also planning to launch the Galaxy S21 series earlier than usual. It is being tipped that the South Korean giant might launch its next flagship smartphones in January 2021. Some suggest that Samsung would want to take advantage of Huawei’s presence in the flagship scene. Another theory is that Samsung may want to put some more space between the launch of the regular Galaxy S21 series and the future Galaxy S21 Fan Edition.

Both OnePlus and Samsung have launched mid-range offerings that stole limelight from their flagship lineup respectively. The former introduced the OnePlus Nord, while the latter announced the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. Hence, it makes sense for both the companies to launch their flagships early in the year and give their mid-range offerings more time to breathe.

Source: Android Central

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