ASUS ZenWatch 3 pre-orders struck up at $230

The only new Android Wear smartwatch from a major tech manufacturer this season is about to go on sale in just under two weeks.B&H Photo has opened up the pre-order queue for the ASUS ZenWatch 3 today and the pricing is just as expected: $229.99. It’s a decent price for a

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Nexus 6P charge state bug frustrates many

It can happen at any moment. A car crash nearly side swipes you, but it goes on down the road. You pull your Nexus 6P out and snap a few pictures and get ready to share with whoever will see them… and then your phone dies. At 50 percent.Why is this happening? What is happening? How is it happening? The Android subreddit doesn’t exactly know, but there’s a thread on it that has people talking about it happening — anything from calls to randomly browsing through ...

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13″ Apple MacBook Pro Review (Late 2016)

The first major refresh of the MacBook Pro line in several years is controversial because Apple removed most ports and switched to a very low travel 12" MacBook style keyboard to make a thin laptop even thinner (14.9mm). It's also a half pound lighter than the version it replaces at 3 lbs. thanks largely to a smaller capacity battery ...
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Google Play Store app fraud detection gets a boost

You know those weird, cheap apps you find every so often in your Google Play Store search results? It’s surprising how some of those can be so useful or pretty or just plain fun. Looks can be deceiving — but so can ratings and reviews.Sure, just like bots to any decent Twitter user, honest apps still can attract bot marks. But some developers obviously and copiously buy into the fake reviews and ...

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Sony Xperia XZ discounted by $50 on Amazon in its first month

Sony’s big kahuna for the back half of 2016 is cutting its teeth at Amazon with a discount.The $699.99 GSM-unlocked phone, which debuted on the 2nd of this month, has now dropped $50 or 7 percent to $649.99. Pair that with free one-day shipping for Prime subscribers and now we’re starting to talk a little more sense.The discount is applied to all three colors ...

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Didn’t get your Google Pixel yet? You may be getting a freebie

Bad news: Some of you might be getting your Google Pixel phone late.

Good news: Google may reward you for your trouble!

After receiving high praise from critics - ourselves included -  it appears that Google is having a hard time keeping up with preorders of its brand-new flagship phone.

This has resulted in Google sending out emails to some customers saying that it "may take a little longer" for them to get their Pixel. 

To make good, the company also intends to credit affected customers $50 in Google Play Store credit once their phone finally arrives as a token of appreciation.

While Google's emails don't specify by how much its delayed shipment will miss the delivery window, some customers on Reddit have claimed their phone will only be a few days off the original mark.

Patient Pixels

Given that a little extra waiting could result in $50's worth of apps, movies, music, or YouTube Red, Google's handout seems like a pretty good deal. 

That said, it's still not clear exactly how long the average customer will have to wait or who qualifies for the credits, as some users claim they're still waiting on their credits after their Pixel arrived a couple of days late.

Google has stated that demand for the Pixel has exceeded expectations, resulting in the company working to resupply its wares as soon as possible.

At the time of writing, the larger 5.5-inch display Pixel XL is also selling fast - so much so that it's currently out of stock in the Google Store and putting interested customers on a waitlist.

We have reached out to Google to learn more about the effect of the reported delays, and will update this story as it develops.

Via TechCrunch

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Samsung and LG battle for the OLED iPhone crown in 2018

Apple will be making the orders next spring. One possible late bloomer believes it is inevitable that Cupertino will make the jump. Words about who it is working with to make the orders happen have been streaming like a river for the longest time now. And there are two clear contenders for who the company ...

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Google Pixel XL Real Audio Review: Not up to HTC standards…

When it was announced that HTC would be manufacturing Google’s newest phone, we smartphone audio snobs were all hoping we’d see (hear) the same great sound quality we’ve come to expect from HTC. Recently revisiting the HTC 10 in an After the Buzz review, that phone produces some of the highest audio quality we’ve ever tested here at Pocketnow. It really is a joy to listen to, so we had fingers and toes crossed that the Pixel and Pixel XL would perform similarly.Unfortunately, it would seem that Google had ...

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The strategy on Windows 10 Mobile? Keeping Windows on cellular and on ARM chips

“When you stop investing in these things, it’s super hard, super, super hard to restart.”Those are the words of Microsoft Executive Vice President of Windows and Devices Terry Myerson.It takes more time and effort to build a Jenga tower than to knock it down. And with the company having built up Windows 10 Mobile for so long with not much to show for it, it would explain why you’re seeing fairly quick turnarounds for build updates.But what does ...

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No Motorola, the iPhone wasn’t the last big phone innovation

A new TV ad for the modular Moto Z opens with a Steve Jobs-type walking out on stage holding up a black square and a voiceover stating, “Remember 2007? Smartphones - big, game-changing, oh-em-gee.”

It continues, “Now fast forward to today, nothing has really changed. The camera got a little better, the headphone jack moved, rose gold is a color – not an idea. It’s time to snap out of it, people.”

Motorola is wrong - it may feel like phones innovation has slowed down as no company has revolutionized the size or way we use our phones, but a lot has happened during nearly a decade since Apple released its first phone.

From hyper-fast connection to massively improved audio all the way to insane jumps in camera technology, we should be celebrating the fantastic levels of innovation that are packed into our pockets - trust us, there are more than a few.

4G internet

In 2007, being able to download a whole album onto your phone in a matter of seconds while travelling on a bus was a pipe dream. Now most of us stream any song we can conceive of directly into our ears without giving it a second thought.

We’ve grown so used to having high speed internet many are clamouring for the introduction of 5G technology as soon as possible to get faster download times and have an even more seamless connection.

 The HTC Evo from 2010 was the first phone to boast the high-speed internet connectivity and every major flagship phone has embraced it ever since. 

4G has enabled us to stream high-definition video, download apps wherever we want and do everything much faster than ever before- that's definite innovation.

Front-facing speakers

It may seem like an afterthought now, but front-facing speaker tech forced a huge step forward in headphone-less audio performance on our phones in 2013.

The HTC One was the first phone to include the speaker tech - it really impressed at the time as you could watch movies, listen to music in the kitchen or share YouTube clips with chums with high quality audio with no need to cup the speakers to hear what’s going on.

Showing your friends this feature felt like a proper 'wow' moment for tech - some might argue it's not hugely necessary but it really felt like a leap forward to have our phones pumping out such great sound.

QHD displays 

The original iPhone only had 165 pixels-per-inch on its screen (with a resolution of 320 x 480), but the LG G3 from 2014 came along with over three times more more at 538ppi (1440 x 2560). Phone screens have come a long way and QHD was a major turning point.

Sony one-upped QHD by releasing a 4K phone - the Xperia Z5 Premium with 806ppi (2160 x 3840)- but QHD has been widely embraced while the Ultra HD option hasn’t been seen anywhere else but on that phone.

Although initially seen as pointless, there have been benefits to having QHD displays on our phones apart from having better-looking video and pin-sharp web browsing - it’s perfect for virtual reality too. Our phone screens are now so good we can put them in a headset and disappear to other worlds.

The App Store

When the iPhone originally launched it was packing ‘apps’, but each was made by Apple and didn’t offer any functionality outside of Apple services or tasks such as the calculator or contacts. 

Some app portals existed for Nokia phones, but these were rogue wastelands that offered a few Java games or timer apps - and were a nightmare to use.

Nine years later and everything you need to do in life is possible through a few taps and a speedy download. Finding love, finding what music is playing or working out what you want for dinner is now possible in no time at all, and it’s Apple’s App Store launched in 2008 (and the subsequent popularity of the Google Play Store) that changed how we use our phones forever.

High quality smartphone cameras

It’s easy to brush the updates to our phones aside, saying each camera tweak is a minimal upgrade, but the shooters on the back of our handsets have improved with higher resolutions, better low-light capabilities and tons of new features geared to amazing us with the quality of image that comes up.

A key moment of cameraphone innovation came with the HTC One M8 in 2014, which featured a 4MP ‘Ultrapixel’ camera. It may not sound like much by today’s standards, but it allowed for much better low-light shots and featured a dual sensor to give better depth to your photos - this was a true watershed moment and paved the way for the impressive dual sensors on the iPhone 7 Plus and the Huawei P9.

Selfies have also become a true cultural phenomenon since 2007 and the front-facing camera has been a massive change, forcing all phone manufacturers to rethink and put two cameras on every device out these days.

Gorilla Glass and durability

Phones of the past have been fragile and prone to breaking at the slightest bump, but the upgrades in the last few years to durability tech means your phone is much less likely to get damaged.

It’s not all about whether your phone can take a dip though - Corning’s Gorilla Glass has been a major step forward to help you phone survive knocks and drops as well. 

It has given smartphones an even higher level of toughness to ensure the odd bump doesn’t ruin the device for good. According to Corning, the latest Gorilla Glass 5 protects your phone from 80% of drops at 1.6 meters - we don't like the original iPhone's odds at that height.

Your iPhone 7 can now also be dipped into water and survive, unlike your original iPhone. That’s a big step forward and the first to do so was the Sony Xperia Z back in 2013.

Even Motorola made what was called the “unbreakable” phone with the Moto X Force last year, which had a shatterproof display. That’s smartphone innovation, and this new advert from the brand shows it's not embracing even its own history.

So to say that the smartphone world is devoid of innovation is insane - we've seen some of the biggest technological advances crammed into tiny devices in the last decade, and it's not all just because of Apple.

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Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 launching on T-Mobile November 10 at $470

It’s about time that the HP Elite x3 stopped hogging the spotlight. If you’re not looking for all of the intense features and a high price tag for a Windows 10 Mobile phone in 2016, you may be able to get it with the Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 soon. How soon? ...

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iOS 10.1.1 update already released to fix Health data viewing bug

While we’re going to be the first to admit we didn’t hear many iPhone, iPad or iPod users complain of an “issue where Health data could not be viewed” once their operating systems were brought up to build number 10.1 last week, such a problem must have existed, and it must have been serious if Apple dedicated an entire update to its fix.Well, technically, the so-called changelog of the iOS 10.1.1 makeover alludes to bugs (plural) being ironed out, but aside from the aforementioned, nothing specific is pointed out. ...

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Apple maintains comfortable tablet market domination, but Amazon and Huawei are surging

Any miracles to report between July and September 2016, perhaps turning things around for a long-struggling global tablet industry? Certainly not according to preliminary IDC data, which counted only 43 million slates and detachables shipped in total during 2016’s third quarter, down a whopping 14.7 percent year-over-year.On the bright side (yes, there is one, for a change), sales were considerably on the rise

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Amazon offers decent discounts on trio of refurb unlocked iPhone 6s models

With just a few weeks to go until Black Friday, it’s probably going to take something really special to convince a well-informed mobile bargain hunter it’s already time for some sensible holiday shopping.But when it comes to current and even previous-gen iPhones, we know full well not to expect a lot from Apple. Especially with the Galaxy Note 7 prematurely out of the iPhone 7-contending picture, and

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Lenovo Miix 720 could beat Surface Pro 5 to the Kaby Lake punch

No Surface Pro 5? No problem, as Lenovo appears to be planning the release of a revised Miix-branded Surface Pro 4 “killer” just in time for the fast-approaching holiday season. And no, we’re not talking about the 510 detachable Windows 10 tablet unveiled at IFA a few months back with sixth-gen Intel Core i-series processors, a starting $600 price, and up to 8GB RAM.The Lenovo Miix 720 looks like a ...

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