LG’s C1 Series 77-inch 4K Smart OLED TV, Apple TV, Nintendo accessories and more are on sale today

We keep on getting amazing deals from Amazon and Best Buy, where we find LG smart TVs, Nintendo Switch controllers, and more on sale

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Apple working on an Apple TV-HomePod hybrid and a smart display: Report

When it comes to smart home devices, Apple lacks a strong product portfolio, which also explains its small market share compared to the likes of Amazon. However, the company is looking to bolsters its efforts in the smart home devices segment. As per a report from Bloomberg, Apple is working on two devices – one that amalgamates the Apple TV box with a speaker, and the other is essentially a smart display that combines an iPad with a HomePod speaker.

“The company is working on a product that would combine an Apple TV set-top box with a HomePod speaker and include a camera for video conferencing through a connected TV and other smart-home functions, according to people familiar with the matter, who asked not to be identified discussing internal matters.”

The report adds the Apple TV-HomePod hybrid will also come equipped with a camera that will allow video calling via the connected TV, somewhat like the Portal TV device from Facebook. Of course, it will serve its true purpose of watching video content and playing games as well. However, it is unclear if it will support 4K resolution, and whether Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos certifications will be a part of the package too.

Apple tv 120hz leak
Apple is reportedly working on an Apple TV 4K upgrade that offers 120Hz support.

Apple is also reportedly working on a smart display as well. And as expected, this one is rumored to combine an iPad with a HomePod speaker. While the category is not new, there will be one notable feature – subject tracking. The device will be able to follow users around the room, thanks to a robotic arm connecting the screen and speaker parts of the device. Amazon already has a device on the shelf called Echo Show 10 that automatically adjusts the angle by following movements.

However, both the products are in the early stages of development, and it is possible that they might either be canceled, or the final product might look much different than what has been described above. Also, it is unclear whether Apple will modify the original HomePod speaker – the one that has been discontinued – or if it will go with fresh speaker hardware. We first heard about Apple working on a smart display last month, but it is said to be a tad far off from an official launch.

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Apple TV 2021 refresh might upgrade its gaming chops with 120Hz support

In December last year, it was reported by Bloomberg that an Apple TV refresh with a stronger focus on gaming was in the pipeline for 2021. The device will reportedly come equipped with a faster processor and there will be a new remote as well. Now, the folks over at 9to5Mac have spotted the mention of a feature in tvOS 14.5 beta code that hints towards a new Apple TV model with some gaming chops. The feature in question support for 120Hz refresh rate. 

“Multiple references to “120Hz” and “supports120Hz” have been added to tvOS’ PineBoard in the latest beta release. For those unfamiliar with the matter, PineBoard is the internal name of the system that controls the Apple TV interface, similar to the SpringBoard on iPhone and iPad. These references strongly suggest that Apple is at least internally testing a 120Hz mode for Apple TV.”

Apple is finally getting serious about gaming and truly fleshing out Apple Arcade

Of course, to take advantage of 120Hz, you’ll need a TV that supports such a high refresh rate for content consumption. The biggest advantage would be in the field of gaming. Apple has lately turned its focus towards gaming, adding more titles to its Apple Arcade subscription service to cultivate an audience. Now, games are obviously the chart-toppers when it comes to App Store revenues, and it only makes sense for Apple to come up with new features that will offer a more immersive gaming experience and keep players hooked to the platform. And that’s where the upcoming Apple TV refresh might play a key role.

And to drive 120Hz hardware, Apple will also have to make the jump to HDMI 2.1 standard. In the past, conflicting rumors have pointed towards an A12 or A14 chip inside the Apple TV refresh for 2021, with 64/128GB of storage in tow. But nothing concrete has materialized, until now. The latest discovery in tvOS beta code is a sign that preparations for a 120Hz-ready Apple TV are underway, and we can expect a launch either in April, or somewhere around September when the new iPhone and Mac hardware arrives.

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Apple TV 4K, Hisense Smart TVs and more devices to boost your entertainment center are on sale

Let’s end the day with some great discounts on devices that will give you an unbelievable media experience. We will start with a rare discount on the Apple TV 4K that’s currently available for $150 after a 39 discount in its 32GB version, or grab the 64GB variant for $10 with $9 savings. These are Apple’s latest model, and they feature support for several services, including Netflix, Hulu, and more. You also get 4K HDR and Dolby Vision for stunning picture quality, Dolby Atmos for immersive, room-filling sound, and you can also ask Siri to search for your favorite content with the Siri Remote.

You can also go for the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, which’s a more affordable option. You would usually get this device for $50, but you can now grab yours for just $40, and it will also give your 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR, and HDR10+ support.

Now, we also have some amazing deals on Hisense Smart TVs. You can grab one starting at $350 if you go for the 55-inch Class H6510G Series LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV. You get a built-in Chromecast to cast any of your favorite content, Bluetooth Audio, DTS Virtual X, 4K Ultra HD resolution, and HDR support to watch your movies, shows, or to play your favorite games, and you also get to save $50. Now, a larger display translates to a higher price tag but also better savings. If you want the 65-inch variant of this Smart TV, you would have to pay $400, but you’d also get $100 savings, and if you want the 85-inch variant, get ready to cough up $1,000 but save $700. Now, that can be a bit too much, but remember that these Smart TVs are on sale over at Best Buy, meaning that you can get them with up to 24-month financing, meaning that you may get the 85-inch Hisense Smart TV by paying $41.67 monthly for the next two years.

Finally, you may also want to boost your audio experience by getting a new soundbar to go with your new Smart TV. Our first pick is the VIZIO Elevate P514a-H6 5.1.4 Home Theater Surround Sound Bar that is selling for $899 after a $100.99 discount. Suppose that’s a bit too much for you. In that case, there are more affordable options from Samsung and Sony, as the Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer is available for $198 and the Samsung HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio is up for grabs at just $128 with $81.99 and $72 savings, respectively.

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Pocketnow Daily: Galaxy S21 Ultra Certification: Here’s What It REVEALS! (video)

Latest AirPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S20 and more devices, on sale today

Let’s begin today with deals as those of you still looking for Holiday gifts, you might still be in time. The latest iPad Air which is $50 off, that leaves the 256GB of storage model for $699. If you want the entry-level iPad, that one is $30 off, leaving the 128GB of storage one for $395 but you can also find discounts on the 32GB model. We know you’re still loving the Samsung deals so, if you have a device to trade-in, you can still get the Galaxy Note 20 Series for as low as $450 or the S20 Series for as low as $415. And yes, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is still available for $1000 but you need the eligible device to be able to get it. Moving on, the LG G8X ThinQ is available for just $400 on both Amazon and B&H. And finally, the Google Pixel 4a is also on sale, meaning it starts at $349. We have more deals on iMacs, Samsung monitors, AirPods and more in the links below.

OnePlus 9 Lite rocking the Snapdragon 865 SoC to debut alongside the OnePlus 9 duo: Report

For a couple of years now, we’ve been hearing that OnePlus might be working on a “Lite” variant with watered down specs to go along with their flagships but, all we’ve gotten is the Nord Series, which is kind of its own separate lineup. Well, according to a new Android Central report, OnePlus will be debuting a OnePlus 9 Lite along with the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, making this the second major shift in their core strategy. The report claims that the 9 Lite will be powered by the Snapdragon 865, unlike the flagship variants which will most likely pack an 888 5G. Sadly, this is the only information we have at the moment as the design elements and the rest of the specs are still under wraps, however, the report does mention that it will pack 3-4 cameras in the back. We’ll see what we get as, this will most likely be a competitor to phones like the Galaxy S20 FE, at least when it comes to price… and let’s be real, Snapdragon 865 is no lite smartphone.

In ‘Privacy vs Business’ war with Apple, Facebook faces criticism from within

For the hilarious news today, let’s talk about Facebook and their latest privacy debacle as they’ve been attacking Apple on news papers cause it seems that not even Facebook trusts the impact of their own social network. In case you missed it, Facebook has put out a set of ads on big newspapers saying they’re Apple is the bad guy in blocking them from tracking your information and that they are the good guys trying to protect small business. Wait, it gets more ridiculous. Buzzfeed News just recovered multiple comments from Facebook employees that actually feel like we feel about the campaign. Just to mention a couple, one employee said: “it feels like we’re trying to justify doing a bad thing by hiding behind people with a sympathetic message”. Someone else said that people at the top might as well say something like “People are better off if they don’t know what we’re doing, if we don’t have to explain ourselves, people don’t get to opt out”. Of course we’re not trying to take things out of context but, it’s just crazy and funny how your own employees are calling out your hypocritical practices. We’ll see what eventually happens as, if Facebook doesn’t agree to Apple’s practices they will be taken out of the App Store.

Apple could give us a gaming-focused Apple TV in 2021

Let’s move on to Apple for a couple of segments, starting with one of the products that we kind of thought we were getting this year, a new Apple TV. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple has a new Apple TV coming in 2021 with some changes. Mark Gurman claims that Apple is planning an “upgraded box” with a stronger gaming focus, with an updated remote and a new processor. Some of the changes will fix the 2015 Apple TV box issues, but Apple wants to take another big leap to keep the Apple TV competitive in the long haul. Some of the changes which were previously reported by Bloomberg include integration for the Find My app, for you to find the remote easily in case you lose it often. Other reports claim that it will be powered by the A14, allowing you to run Apple Arcade games that wouldn’t be available on the current Apple TVs. So yeah, we’re expecting it to drop some time next year, let us know if you’re excited for it in the comments.

Apple might finally start building its own car in 2024, claims bombshell Reuters report

Let’s talk about Apple again and.. Cars, yeah. For years, and I mean years, we’ve been hearing that Apple is working on a car, maybe a self-driving one but, these new rumors make it sound like this thing will actually happen. According to a new report form Reuters, Apple’s car plans are back on track and the company is actually targeting “2024 to produce a passenger vehicle that could include their own breakthrough battery technology”. Just to expand on that, this new battery design claims to be more space-efficient, offering an increase in vehicle change, and it’s also apparently “radically” cheap. Cupertino is actually experimenting with other battery technologies that companies like Tesla are exploring as well. As a fun fact, Elon Musk actually chipped in saying how their battery technology is going, and adding that he actually offered to sell Tesla to Tim Cook when they were struggling but Tim wouldn’t take the meeting. However, none of this is set in stone just yet, Reuters does mention that due to pandemic-related issues, production could be pushed until 2025 or beyond. Apple still has a long way to go until production even though they have reportedly got in touch with suppliers for different source parts. There’s also the chance that they might scrap this “passenger” vehicle again and focus on a self-driving system. So yeah, this thing has been trending a lot but, let us know if you guys are interested in an Apple Car?

Story of the day:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will offer S Pen stylus support, confirms FCC listing

And finally for the hottest news today, yes, once again, let’s talk Galaxy S21 as it’s clearly the hottest topic as of yet. This year has been weird for Galaxy S leaks as, we were hearing that the Galaxy Note could disappear to focus on foldables and that the S Pen is coming to the S Line. Well, the Galaxy S21 Ultra just went through an FCC certification which means we’re actually very close to the launch, and it reveals some interesting things. First off, we get the official model number but, the certification mentions that “The EUT can also be used with a stylus device (S Pen) and that it also operates with the S Pen in two different inductive coupling modes of S Pen motion detection. This most likely means that you can use it as a regular stylus and of course with Samsung’s motion features. The database also reveals support for Wi-Fi 6E, as well as UWB technology. The leaks for the S21 Ultra also include the Snapdragon 888 5G or the Exynos 2100, up to 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage. We’re also supposed to be getting 4 cameras at the back that include a 108MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra wide, a 10MP telephoto with 3x zoom and another 10MP telephoto with 10x optical zoom. With a rumored starting price at around $1250 that might actually be higher but, back to the S Pen.


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Apple could give us a gaming-focused Apple TV in 2021

We have been expecting an Apple TV update for quite a while now. The current gen-5 device launched back in 2017, and rumors claim that we may soon get a refresh. Some say that the new device will feature more storage space, and even a U1 chip to transform it into a new Ultra Wideband base-station, but rumors don’t end there. Now, rumors also suggest that the new Apple TV would also be a great buy for anyone who loves gaming.

According to a report from Bloomberg, we may finally get an Apple TV refresh next year. The new device is expected to feature an upgraded remote, and improved feature that would include a new processor and up to 128GB of storage space. However, Mark Gurman also claims that this new Apple TV will focus on gaming.

“For next year, Apple is planning an upgraded box with a stronger gaming focus, an updated remote, and a new processor. Those changes will fix some of the Apple TV box’s issues, but the product will need to take another big leap—akin to its 2015 changes—to remain competitive in the long term.”

We also get information suggesting that the new Apple TV remote will come with the Find My application. This means that it will be easier to find if it ever goes missing, just like you can easily track a lost iPhone or iPad. Rumors also suggest that we may get a new A14 processor powering the show. However, the most relevant would come hand in hand with Apple Arcade, as the new Apple TV would be able to run exclusive games that wouldn’t be available on the existing models.

However, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the new Apple TV, as we have been waiting for the upgraded version to arrive since the first half of 2021 when Jon Prosser said that the new 4K version with 64/128GB versions with the A12 processor was ready to ship. But unfortunately, here we are, still waiting.

Source 9to5Mac

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Apple revives MTV magic with a 24-hour music video channel called Apple Music TV

I clearly remember the days when MTV was the go-to channel for music lovers, thanks to its round-the-clock cycle of, well, music videos. While those MTV glory days are long gone, Apple is trying to capture some of that lost MTV magic by launching a new 24-hour music channel called Apple Music TV. Yes, it will play a curated selection of popular music videos all day and night. Plus, it will also serve as the debut platform for “exclusive new music videos and premiers, special curated music video blocks, and live shows and events as well as chart countdowns and guests,” as per a Variety report.

Image: Brandon Russel / XDA-Developers

The Apple Music TV channel can be accessed in the Browse tab of the Apple Music and Apple TV apps. You can also access it on apple.co/AppleMusicTV on the web. However, the new 24-hour music channel is currently accessible to users in the US only, and there is no word on its expansion in other markets.

Apple Music TV reportedly premiered earlier today with a countdown of the top 100 most-streamed songs of all time on Apple Music in the US. “On Thursday (October 22), it will celebrate the upcoming release of Bruce Springsteen’s “Letter to You” album with an “all day Bruce takeover” featuring music-video blocks of his most popular videos, an interview with Zane Lowe, anchor of Apple Music’s radio station, and a special livestream fan event,” the report adds.

Additionally, Apple Music TV will also witness the exclusive premiere of Joji’s “777” and Saint Jhn’s “Gorgeous” this Friday. Similarly, each Friday will mark the premium of new videos on the channel. And oh, Apple Music TV will be free to users in the US. The channel reportedly doesn’t support background play as playback stopped when the Apple Music app is closed.

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Apple’s Home and tvOS are also getting interesting new features

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Apple’s HomeKit is a software framework that lets users configure, communicate, and control smart home appliances with their Apple devices. This framework is now getting Ease of Use, Privacy, and more improvements. It will now allow for end-to-end encryption. Apple has recently partnered with Amazon Google and other companies, and it is now also open source.

This change will now allow you to tap or scan any device to add it. The card will suggest different ways to interact with a product after pairing it. You will also get visual status at the top of your home app to give you a quick bird’s eye view of something important, like turning off the lights that you forgot. iOS 14 also includes adaptive lighting, which lets you adapt the light depending on the time of day. New controls for cameras allow you to control Activity Zones, so you only get notified if people cross a specific area. It will also include Face Recognition with people you’ve already tagged on your photos app, and when people ring the doorbell, it will alert the HomePod or your available smart speaker.

New improvements to tvOS are also great, as gaming on Apple TV now expands to multi-user support, allowing you to continue a game right where you left off, and it now supports Xbox controllers. You also get picture in picture mode while you’re working out, so you can check out something else. AirPlay now supports 4K, and Apple TV is also making its way to Sony and Vizio TVs this summer.

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These are some of the best Black Friday deals from B&H

We have made a list with some of the best deals available from B&H Photo Video for this Black Friday, take a look and see what you fancy

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Pocketnow Daily: EVERYTHING You Need to Know about Apple’s iPhone 11 Event! (video)

On today's Pocketnow Daily, we talk about everything we saw during the latest Apple Event where we witnessed the new iPhone 11 Pro and more

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