The Huawei Mate 40 Pro camera is great with a few gotchas

Ever since the Huawei P20 Pro came out with its 40 megapixel main camera, Huawei has been killing it with some of the best cameras on phones since the Nokia Lumia 1020 from 2013! How's that Mate 40 Pro camera doing these days?

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Kuo: iPhone camera hardware could get better until 2023

iPhone cameras are indeed some of the best in the market, but we are always expecting them to evolve. However, a new report from Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple will take its time to include better camera hardware in its phones.

Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple will have three companies as the main lens suppliers for Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup. Said companies are Largan, Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO), and Sunny Optical. He also managed to look at the three companies’ technologies and production lines, which led him to believe that we won’t see any significant upgrades in the iPhone 13’s camera hardware or the 2022 model.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Apple won’t find a way to improve the picture and video quality in its upcoming iPhone devices. In other words, Cupertino may focus on software development to improve and enhance the already great results provided by its camera lenses.

“GSEO faces price competition from Largan. Unless the structural challenges of the lens industry are significantly improved or GSEO can significantly reduce its dependence on Apple’s orders, GSEO’s EPS (earnings per share) may not grow in 2021-2022.”

Kuo also believes that Largan will be in charge of fifteen to twenty-five percent of the high-end lens orders in the first half of 2021, which would take some orders away from GSEO. Sunny Optical has been Apple’s recent addition to its supply line, and if things go according to plans, the company may start shipping lenses smoothly in 2021, and it should ramp up production by at least fifty percent in 2022.

Whatever the case, we could finally see Apple look to improve its camera hardware in 2023. Other iPhone improvements shouldn’t take that long to arrive. It seems that Apple is finally ready to give us LTPO displays with 120Hz refresh rates, at least in the Pro models.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra could feature a new 108MP camera and 120Hz at 2K

We are getting more rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy S21 series as we get closer to its possible launch in January. Now, the latest rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will include some camera and display upgrades.

According to a couple of tweets posted by well-known leaker Ice Universe, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will include ISOCELL HM3 camera sensor with 108MP resolution and 0.8μm pixels. This new sensor would offer 12 percent better light sensitivity, which would allow the phone to capture more details than its predecessor. It will also make the S21 Ultra faster when capturing images in low-light conditions.

Further, the camera setup of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will now include laser autofocus instead of the 3D Time of Flight sensor found in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. These changes will also give the camera better and more reliable auto-focus when taking pictures in low-light conditions and when you want to capture objects up close.

However, things don’t stop there, as he also mentioned that the new S21 Ultra will now support 120Hz refresh rates at 2K resolution. In other words, we will still have to wait for Samsung to give us 4K displays in its devices, and it seems that it won’t happen any time soon. The main reason is “because other than VR content, there’s little practical reason to pay extra for 4K resolution support over QHD displays.”

Now, we will have to see how the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will do against Apple’s latest iPhone 12. Let’s remember that Samsung may launch the Galaxy S21 series earlier than other years to block iPhone sales as much as possible. Samsung has also recently shipped more smartphones than Apple in the US market during this last quarter, giving the Korean tech giant 33.7 percent of Q3 shares, 6.7 percent more than last year’s Q3. According to a report from Strategy Analytics, this left Apple in second place with a 30.2 percent market share.

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New OnePlus 8T leaks show us the phone’s camera and wallpapers

This may not come as a surprise to any of you, but we have new leaks of the OnePlus 8T. The device is scheduled to be launched in an event scheduled for Wednesday, October 14, which is just one day after Apple’s iPhone 12 event. We could say that we have had a decent amount of leaks concerning the 8T, but a couple more can’t hurt.

First, let’s start with the guys over at XDA Forums, where Some_Random_Username went into the OnePlus Wallpapers app version 2.0.1, where he spotted what is believed to be the new collection of wallpapers intended for the upcoming OnePlus 8T. These wallpapers have metadata references to “kebab,” which is supposed to be the leaked codename for the 8T. Given the timing, we could believe that they aren’t just random OnePlus wallpapers. If you’re interested, you can get these images in full resolution from a folder shared by the guys at XDA Developers.

Now, maybe the most important information comes directly from OnePlus, as the company has recently teased the camera of the upcoming OnePlus 8T. We know that the OnePlus 8 didn’t have a great low light camera performance compared to the OnePlus 8 Pro. Now, OnePlus has also confirmed that we will only get one version of the 8T, with no Pro variant available.

The image gives us an idea of what we may get from the camera in the upcoming OnePlus 8T, which seems to improve the low light performance from its predecessors. The image may seem a bit over-sharpened, but it gives good details and colors overall. We are also expecting the new 8T to feature a 120Hz refresh rate display that will lack curves, a faster 65W charging system, an Ultra-Wide-angle selfie camera, and the best of all, an aggressive price tag that could make the device cheaper than the OnePlus 8.

Source 9to5Google

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Time of Flight sensors may make their way back to Samsung phones very soon

We used to believe that Time of Flight sensors in the Samsung Galaxy devices’ cameras would give us awesome cameras and amazing 3D sensing capabilities. Unfortunately, this was not the case. They were only included in this year’s Galaxy S20 series and were later ditched in the Galaxy Note 20 series. A report suggested that next year’s Samsung Galaxy S21 would also ditch the Time of Flight sensor, as phones don’t really have that many uses form them. The current sensors aren’t as powerful as the ones being used by the competition. However, new information would suggest that we may get to see them in a not so distant future.

It seems that Samsung has been working on a new Time of Flight sensor for its phones, one that may finally be more powerful than the 3D sensing sensors found in Apple devices. Samsung has recently filed a document in the European Union Intellectual Property Office, which contains the description of a new ISOCELL Vizion camera, which could fit the description of a 3D ToF sensor.

Rumors suggested that the main reason why the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series didn’t feature ToF sensors was that Sony had its hands full with Apple’s ToF orders, so it is easy to believe that Samsung may have decided to create its own sensors. Rumors suggest that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 would not feature a Time of Flight sensor, but this new information may make us believe otherwise. Still, there is no way to confirm or deny the possibility of getting these sensors in the next Galaxy S series.

Some say that these new Samsung ToF sensors will feature with the Galaxy Note 21 of Galaxy Note 30, but only time will tell. Whatever the case, we just hope that Samsung may deliver great Time of Flight camera sensors for amazing pictures and videos. We may also want to skip out on autofocus issues, like the ones found in this year’s Galaxy S20 lineup.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to have significant camera changes

A couple of rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy S21 have started to arrive as we are still months away from its launch. The company has recently announced a new 108MP, 64MP, 48MP, and 32MP mobile camera sensors, and it seems that we could easily find a couple of these in Samsung’s next Galaxy S flagship.

According to industry sources from Samsung’s home country, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series will arrive with a quadruple-camera setup, which will pack two telephoto lenses. These sensors would help in delivering a better variety of quality images at higher focal lengths. In other words, there would be fewer reasons to zoom by cropping a 108MP photo and trying to use AI to restore some of the details, just as we saw on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The new camera in the Galaxy S21 Ultra would use a standard 3x lens and a periscope-style module that would deliver mode than 5X magnification. Then we may find a 108MO wide-angle camera and another 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera to complete the quad-camera setup. A 40MP selfie camera is also expected in the Ultra version of the S21. Yes, only the Galaxy S21 Ultra, as the Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21+, aren’t expected to feature major mobile photography improvements. However, we can expect them to include better OIS, maybe sharper lenses.

Now, it seems that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will still retain the battery size of its predecessor, as it is expected to include a 5,000mAh battery, according to an inside source quoted by Galaxy Club. They recently posted that the model number and the battery’s capacity inside the future Galaxy S21 Ultra are the same as the one in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The model number of the battery in the Galaxy S21 Ultra is EB-BG998ABY, and it comes rated at 4,885 mAh, which would translate to a 5,00mAh battery capacity. The other Galaxy S21 variants are expected to come with larger batteries than their predecessors, which means more battery life from Samsung’s next flagships. Even more, when you consider that these new devices will pack a new 5nm Exynos and Snapdragon processors, that should be more power-efficient.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra users are already reporting camera defects (Update)

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Samsung has already commented on the issues affecting the camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The guys over at TechRadar reached out to the company, and they received this information posted below:

“Samsung is committed to ensuring consumer’s satisfaction and optimal experience on Galaxy devices. Recently, there have been a limited number of reports of fog build-up inside the cameras of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

“As with reading glasses and other glass objects, condensation can occur in water-resistant smartphones when they are exposed to a sudden temperature change.”

Original Story:

It seems that Samsung didn’t entirely fix the camera problems in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, as Samsung’s forums have been used to report several camera defects in these devices. The reports and some evidence suggest that all of the devices that present problems are part of a bad batch of phones.

Several Galaxy fans who purchased the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra reported problems with the camera of their devices. The reports claim that there are visible camera module gaps on the back of their devices. Some of them have even seen dust particles and condensation droplets appearing inside the glass panel covering the phone’s camera module.

Mistakes in the device’s assembly could cause this defect, but Samsung hasn’t made an official comment on the matter. These issues shouldn’t affect functionality, but if your device is presenting these problems, you should get in touch with customer services to see if your device can get fixed or get a new device altogether.

Source SamMobile

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This is the new Sony Alpha a7S III, built for recording 4K video

Sony has announced a new full-frame mirrorless camera meant for video creators. It includes some exciting features that will help it capture video at 4K and low-light photography. This is the new Sony Alpha a7S III.

The new Sony Alpha a7S III is a new mirrorless camera that was designed primarily for capturing video. It includes a new 12.1MP sensor and a Bionz XR processor engine that’s eight times more powerful than its predecessor. The Alpha a7S III also comes with video recording at 120fps and also 60FPS in 10-bit 4:2:2 color for more than an hour with a new heat-dissipating mechanism that will prevent the camera from stopping prematurely.

You also get a fast 759-point phase-detection autofocus with eye-tracking, five-axis in-body- image stabilization, and a 3-inch side opening rear LCD, which is first for Sony E Mount cameras. This new camera will also deliver awesome low-light pictures, as its new sensor can shoot between 40 and 409,600 ISO ranges. The Sony Alpha a7S III is expected to arrive in September for about $3,500 (without lenses).

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Adobe may give us Google Pixel quality pictures with a new ‘universal camera app’

We know that Google Pixel devices have some of the best cameras in the Android market today. However, they aren’t famous for having the best or the largest camera sensors around. These phones deliver great photos thanks to its image processing software, and it seems that Adobe has taken the first step to create a new camera app that could give us Pixel quality pictures in just about any smartphone.

Marc Levoy was the lead developer of the camera software found in Google Pixel phones, and now, four months after leaving Google, he has now joined Adobe as a Vice President and Fellow. He is supposed to work on the concept of a universal camera app for Adobe. He should also be working with Adobe’s Sensei Team, an AI-based software intended for image professionals. It also uses machine learning to improve the performance of specific photography tasks. We don’t know if this new universal camera app will be available for Android and iOS. Still, we can expect that it may be something similar to its recently launched Photoshop Camera app, which is found on both platforms.

Source Apple Insider

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Here’s the difference between the cameras in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series

We have a new leak that could show us the difference between the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 devices, and it comes from a very reliable source.

According to a new tweet posted by Ice Universe, there’s a significant difference between the cameras in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 models. We have an image of the devices’ alleged camera modules that match several leaked images of the devices. We expect the Galaxy Note 20+ to include a better camera than the regular variant, and rumors also mention several design differences. We also know that the 108MP camera in the Galaxy Note 20+ won’t have the same issues as the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Still, we have to wait sometime before the official announcement of these phones, to know exactly what we’re getting.

Source SamMobile

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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 4a XL: Why CANCEL it? (video)

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Today’s deals include the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S10

The offical news today begin with deals on a ton of products, some great, some good. On the good list, well B&H currently has the 2019 13in MacBook Pro for $300 off. This is the 4-Thunderbolt 3 ports, Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage variant, leaving it at $1499 shipped. Yeah good because if you look at the newer one, that’s the better buy. Amazon has the 512GB Samsung Galaxy S10 for $300 off as well, leaving it at $700, though if you dig deeper, you can get the same S10 for $808 with the Galaxy Buds bundled. We also have more deals on Acer Laptops, Monitors, Nintendo Switch controllers and more in the link in the description.

It’s official! OnePlus will no longer make McLaren Edition smartphones

Earlier this month we covered how OnePlus’ name wasn’t on McLaren’s list of collaborators anymore. Now, a McLaren spokesperson just went on record and officially stated that their partnership has come to an end. According to him, it came to their scheduled conclusion and that OnePlus has been supportive and that they wish to see them in the future. We got two phones out of their partnership and we don’t know how they’ll handle the Concept One if it ever comes out, since yes, that was a McLaren phone.

Sony schedules a PlayStation 5 game reveal event on June 5

And listen, if there’s a time for gaming consoles, it’s now, as we need to stay at home, and it seems Sony is willing to bank on it. The company just announced that they’ll be hosting an event on June 4th for the PlayStation 5. Sony is promising to showcase ‘the future of gaming’ at this event which typically means that we’ll be seeing some games for the upcoming console. We haven’t gotten any other details from Sony but a recent report claims that they might show a total of 38 games including a bunch of exclusives. The event will be live on YouTube and Twitch and we hope to get to see some hardware as well. Let’s also hope that hardware is not crazy expensive, as that would be unrealistic in today’s economy.

Apple needs an urgent supply of LCD panels from LG Display

It looks like the pandemic is affecting Apple in sales but not in the conventional way. Cupertino originally cut orders for their products in Q2 to anticipate the pandemic. What they didn’t anticipate is that due to the transition to e-learning, iPad stocks in China have been down since March because most parents have bought one for their kids to attend school from home. This would be good for Apple if they wouldn’t have cut orders before, and now they’re urgently asking LG for LCD panels to meet their iPad demands. The problem is, these requests usually come three months in advance to give room for LG to prepare. Apple has other providers for the iPad displays like BOE and Sharp, but LG might want to answer this because of their deal to supply displays for the iPhone 12 Max. Clearly this is a good problem to have right now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ cameras leaked?

According to this new leak, the Galaxy Note 20 will fix some of the focusing issues we had with the S20 Ultra from a hardware perspective. The leak gives us both of the camera arrays, the regular Note 20 will apparently bring a 12MP main sensor, a 64MP telephoto, and a 12MP Ultra Wide. On the other side, the Note 20+ will bring the 108MP main sensor, a 12MP telephoto, a 12MP ultra wide and laser autofocus. The laser autofocus would help the main sensor to lock into subjects and while the 12MP telephoto doesn’t sound as impressive in paper as the S20 Ultras 48MP, the 12MP telephoto might help out during pixel binning as the Ultra does create 12MP images after all. It looks like the camera won’t be that different from the S20’s, let’s just hope they refine it. Now if only they included the return of variable aperture. A sensor this large needs it.

Story of the day:

Pixel 4a XL leaks show what the phone looked like before it was canceled

And finally the most interesting news today have to do with the Google Pixel 4a XL. I know, that one that apparently won’t get to ever be. Most of the leaks have hinted that there won’t be a 4a XL variant this year but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t in development. We have some leaked images from 9to5Google of Pixel 4a cases where we see the familiar design. It has the orange Power button, the hole for the fingerprint scanner at the back and the 3.5mm headphone jack. However, the camera cutout shows too lenses here and we’re only expecting a single shooter for the 4a. We also have some CAD renders of the phone which show the dual lens camera and the punch hole at the front. Why dual cameras on this phone and not on the small variant is a good question, but even more important, why do you think Google cancelled this phone?


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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20+ cameras leaked?

Rumors suggest that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series will be more than just a Galaxy S20 with a stylus. The latest leak is focused on the camera of Samsung’s next flagship, and it seems that we could even find better shooters than the ones found in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung’s first flagship of 2020 includes a great camera in every one of its variants. However, we can’t deny that even with some autofocus issues, the 108MP camera in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is just amazing. Luckily, Samsung will soon fix this issue in the Galaxy S20 series, and it will give us an even better camera in the Note 20+. According to the latest leak, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 would repeat the camera configuration in the Galaxy S20 and S20+, which means we would get a 12MP (f/1.8) primary lens, a 64MP (f/2.0) telephoto 3x lossless zoom, and a 12MP (f/2.2) ultrawide lens.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ would arrive with the some of the cameras in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. We should get the same 108MP (f/1.8) sensor and the 12MP ultrawide camera, but instead of getting a 48MP telephoto, we could get a 12MP telephoto lens and laser autofocus.

Source Tom’s Guide

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Pocketnow Daily: iPhone 13 Camera Leak Says A LOT about iPhone 12… (video)

Today we find the Google Pixel 3a and more products on sale

Deals. Best Buy currently has the Google Pixel 3a for $230 for the 64GB variant, however, the Pixel 3a XL is just $270 for the 64GB variant as well. Amazon currently has the Beats Solo 3 with a slight $20 discount, leaving them at $179 shipped. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is up to $75 off at both Amazon and B&H, which for those of you who always ask, yes that’s the watch I wear, and depending on the color variant you can get it for as low as $224. I say go silver as it’s easier to blend with 3rd party watch faces that age better. We also have more deals on Fender speakers, smart-thermostats and more in the links in the description.

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch Active stops by FCC, revealing some juicy details

And speaking of my smartwatch of choice, we have some new leaks for the upcoming Galaxy Watch which we’re expecting to see in August. It just went through a new certification from the FCC revealing some new specs. We have two new sketches, the new Galaxy Watch will bring a 45mm stainless steel case, and it should also come in titanium and aluminum. It brings GPS and LTE connectivity and it will allegedly simply be called Galaxy Watch. However, we also have a sketch for the Galaxy Watch 2 but it doesn’t show the full name either or much details about it. So yeah, we wonder what they mean with that 2.

OPPO could have Qualcomm, MediaTek and HiSilicon engineers working on its new chip

OPPO has been working on bringing their own SoC to the market for a while now. According to a new Nikkei Asian report, OPPO is aggressively recruiting engineers from well-known companies to work on their new SoC. The report claims that they are in contact with MediaTek, UniSoc and other inside sources say that they are also in talks with Qualcomm and Huawei’s HiSilicon. An OPPO representative said that they are investing heavily in R&D to strengthen and simplify supply chain. Obviously we won’t be getting this anytime soon and it might take a couple of years, got It’s interesting to see how OPPO keeps evolving, and we know how that impacts other popular brands like OnePlus.

Instagram will soon monetize IGTV videos for online video creators to earn money

It’s no secret that people have been earning money through Instagram for the longest time but not necessarily through Instagram. You mostly had to do sponsored content from third parties and well the company is finally ready to monetize content for their creators. The company is rolling out new tools to introduce ads and allow creators to sell badges through IGTV. When it comes to the ads, they’ll be built for mobile and last 15 seconds each, 55% of the ad revenue will go to the creators. The badges will be kind of like a Twitch subscription where a fan would purchase it, get a special badge in the comments and they will get access to certain different perks. Badges will begin testing next month in certain countries and ads should start rolling out as of right now with some specific creators. We have a full list in the links in the description.

Color options for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series may have been leaked

We’ve been getting a lot of leaks for the Galaxy Note 20 line-up as we get closer to August. Recently we got different CAD renders showing off the design and now we get some leaked color variants. According to an inside source, the regular Note 20 will come in gray, green, and copper color variants while the Note 20+ will come in black and copper flavors. It looks like Samsung is looking for more simplified colors when compared to the flashy color variants from the Note 10, the source also claims that it won’t be the same copper variant we got with the Note 9 and instead it will be more of a gold-ish hue. It’s also possible that these aren’t all the colors as Samsung always launches more after the fact.

Story of the day:

The iPhone 13 may come with a killer camera according to the latest leak

And finally the hottest news today have to do with the iPhone 12, or should I say iPhone 13. Not sure if you noticed but every time Apple makes a change in design, that becomes the major feature, and not really any bump in specs or functionality. Well, it seems that’ll be the case this year. Like sure, we’ve been hearing about different changes for the iPhone 12 like the removal of the Lightning Earbuds, the LiDAR sensor and more, but it seems like major changes will happen until the iPhone 13. We covered the going port-less theory a few days ago, and now, we have some new leaks, The same source claims that these leaks should be taken with a huge amount of salt but it looks like Apple is going for major camera improvements until next year. He claims that we’ll be getting a quad camera array that includes a 64MP main sensor. Yeah 1x optical zoom is no x, but it does seem to bring 6x digital from it. Then there’s a 40MP telephoto with up to 5x optical zoom in addition, and then a 64MP anamorphic lens for video capture, plus a 40MP ultra wide and the LiDAR sensor we’re expecting for the iPhone 12. Yeah that’s a lot of camera Subscribe: Follow us:

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The iPhone 13 may come with a killer camera according to the latest leak

We’re still in 2020, the iPhone 12 hasn’t launched, and rumors suggest that this new series may arrive until November. However, we are already starting to receive rumors about the camera on the iPhone 13.

According to the information posted by @choco_bit on Twitter, the new iPhone 13 could arrive with a fantastic camera. We can see a drawing that describes the device’s possible camera array, which would include a 64MP wide-angle lens with 1X optical and 6x digital zoom, a 40MP telephoto lens with 3x-5x optical and 15-20x digital zoom, a 64MP anamorphic lens for video capture, 40MP 25x min ultra-wide-angle lens with optical reverse zoom and Lidar 4.0. However, he also mentions that this should be taken with a huge amount of salt, which makes us believe that there could be changes. Whatever the case, remember that this is just a rumor and that we’re more than a year away from the possible launch of the iPhone 13.

Source MacRumors

Via Twitter

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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S21: Finally WORTHY of Ultra? (video)

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Today’s deals include the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple Watch Series 5 and more

Deals. Let’s start with the fact that Visible just confirmed that they have inventory for the iPhone SE, meaning you can get the phone for as little as $184. Watch our review for details on how to get the deal while supplies last. Speaking of Apple, with the 16in MacBook Pro which is currently $209 off for the Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage variant, leaving it at $2,190. The Apple Watch Series 5 is also $50 off, leaving the 40mm variant for $349. The Fitbit Versa is $50 off as well, leaving that for $150 shipped. Finally, the Jabra Elite 65t are also $50 off, leaving them at $99.99. We have more deals on Beats headphones, Bose headphones and Fitbits and more.

Buy 16-inch MacBook Pro

Buy Apple Watch Series 5

Buy Fitbit Versa 2

Buy Powerbeats 3

Buy Bose SoundSport Free

Buy Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds

The new Chromecast could arrive with a new name and Android TV

A new report claims that the Chromecast might be going through some changes soon. Apparently it will now be called Nest Cast and it will run full blown Android TV. Instead of having the content cast directly from your phone or other device, users would be able to use a remote to interact with the interface, just like TVs with Android TV. It will also be able to stream games through Stadia, sources aren’t certain when we are getting this but we might see it at Google I/O. Oh and other reports say that Android TV is gonna now become Google TV as well. Stay tuned.

Apple could give us a foldable MacBook or MacBook Pro in the future

Apple has put out several foldable patents over the years for both the iPad and the iPhone and now we have a new one for the Mac. The ‘Planar Hing Assembly’ patent shows a design for a MacBook Pro-style device which would have a ‘single piece body with a seamless appearance that includes a bendable portion, capable of having a smoothly curved shape’. The biggest problem is that in this bendable portion you still have mechanical components that have to be in communication with the rest of the device, doing things like connecting the keyboard to the display. Apple would fix the problem of having this bendable piece work by stacking layers that can transition from an uncompressed to a compressed state. This bendable hinge could be even more reliable than current hinges if done right, but we’ll see if we ever get it.

Xiaomi sends launch invites for Poco F2 debut on May 12: Reports

Yesterday we discussed how we should be getting a POCO F2 Pro soon and according to Android Authority, they got an invitation from Xiaomi’s Spain PR agency to an Event on May 12th for a ‘second generation’ product. We also have a leaked invitation on Twitter for an event on May 12th at 2PM in Madrid, with the invitation looking like the teaser we showed yesterday. We’re expecting the phone to be powered by the Snapdragon 865, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, reportedly starting at €649.

Microsoft’s new Surface Headphones 2 are coming with improved battery life

Microsoft Surface Earbuds finally arriving on May 12 with a lower $199 price tag

Microsoft Surface Book 3 is official: 10th Gen Intel CPU, new NVIDIA GPUs, and up to 32GB RAM

Microsoft Surface Go 2 with slimmer bezels, more power goes official for $399

Microsoft just announced a substantial list of products today, starting with the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Book 3. Starting off with the Surface Go 2, it features options from a Pentium Gold to a Intel Core m3 with slimmer bezels in the same chassis as the older model. Specs go from 4 to 8 Gigs of RAM, 64 Gigs of eMMC or 128 Gigs of SSD storage and price starts at $399, going up to $879 for the maxed out variant. Now, the Surface Book 3 brings a similar design as well but with way better internals. It brings Intel’s latest 10th gen processors, it goes up to 32GB of RAM with what Microsoft claims to be the fastest ever SSDs. You get to choose the graphics between the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Max Q, GTX 1660Ti or Quadro RTX 3000 on the business model. It comes in two sizes, 13.5in and 15in with a promised 15% boost in performance. The 13.5in starts at a hefty $1599 while the 15in will cost you $2299. They also announced the Surface Headphones 2 which now offer a darker color option along with the ANC it’s known for, letting you manually adjust the level of Noise Cancellation you want through 13 different levels. The interesting thing is that they now cost $249 instead of $349. Oh and the Surface Earbuds that look like gages.. Yeah those are finally available and ugly as ever.

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These could be the new Samsung Galaxy S21 camera specs

We have a new report from Taiwan that hints to Samsung testing some interesting camera specs for the Galaxy S21. The report claims due to the Galaxy S20 being notorious for its focusing issues, that’s gonna be a major priority. It also says that one of the development models is rumored to bring a 150MP main sensor, a 64MP telephoto, a 16MP wide angle and a 12MP macro sensor. The report even mentiosn that the company might drop the ToF, which is quite interesting at a time when there’s so much bet for AR. Apparently two versions of this model are being tested, one with Optical Image Stabilization on the main sensor, the telephoto and the selfie camera. The other one has OIS for the main sensor, the telephoto and the wide angle. Samsung is also reportedly working on ramping up their work on higher resolution sensors to make room for the 150MP sensor.


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