Samsung has already started work on one part of the Galaxy S8

Samsung has already started work on one part of the Galaxy S8

With the Galaxy Note 7 now officially unsafe for public use, Samsung could use a hit with its next handset, and we've got every reason to believe that handset will be the Galaxy S8 in a choice of two sizes.

According to sources speaking to SamMobile, work has already begun on the firmware for the new phones - that's the lower-level software that sits below Samsung's TouchWiz version of Android, controlling the most basic device operations.

Work on the Samsung Galaxy S7 firmware began around the same time last year - that suggests the launch dates will also be pretty well aligned, and fits in with the current theory that the S8 will launch at Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

All around the world

The firmware ROM is reportedly being developed for use in China, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States, with more countries to follow, but apart from that we don't know much about it.

The rumours about the Galaxy S8 as a whole have been flying thick and fast over recent weeks, though: there's speculation that both the smaller and larger handsets will have curved screens, and one of them could be rocking a 4K display.

We've also heard whispers of a 30MP camera and built-in projector, which all sounds very promising to us. We'll keep our ears to the ground and pass on everything that leaks out over the next five months.

Here's what the Galaxy S8 will be going up against:

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Samsung: Note 7 production being ‘adjusted’

Samsung: Note 7 production being 'adjusted'

Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that the new claims that replaced Note 7 units are still catching fire has forced it to alter the production schedule.

It's rumored that creation of new models has ceased, but the brand has chosen its words carefully in a statement to us:

"We are temporarily adjusting the Galaxy Note7 production schedule in order to take further steps to ensure quality and safety matters."

'Safety is the highest priority'

It looks like the world's biggest smartphone brand is going to have to do some serious damage control over the incident, where a US citizen claimed that his phone woke him up smoking and on fire, causing him acute bronchitis:

"We want to reassure our customers that we take every report seriously and we are engaged with Mr. Klering to ensure we are doing everything we can for him. Customer safety remains our highest priority as we are investigating the matter."

Klering claimed that a Samsung representative had accidentally sent him a text stating (according WKYT in the US): "Just now got this. I can try and slow him down if we think it will matter, or we just let him do what he keeps threatening to do and see if he does it."

We'll update this story as more information appears.

Samsung Galaxy S8 could land on February 26

Samsung Galaxy S8 could land on February 26

With all the drama surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you might think Samsung would bring the launch of the Galaxy S8 forward, but apparently that's not happening, with the latest rumor suggesting an announcement on February 26.

That's the day before MWC 2017 starts and is a very believable date, as Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 the day before MWC 2016.

It also comes from a somewhat reputable source. @Ricciolo1 tweeted the news and while they're not as prolific as some leakers, they accurately predicted the Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge launch date.

According to the tweeter, this date is confirmed, and it's the date we were predicting anyway, so you can probably safely put it in your calendar. However, with the Note 7 disaster still playing out, everything could be subject to change.

Lighting up your photos

We've also heard a lot of rumors about the specs and features of the S8, including the possibility of a dual-lens camera, which is now looking more likely, as two new trademark registrations, spotted by, describe a 'LightUp Camera' and 'Light+ Camera', designed to enhance the brightness and clearness of images taken in low-light environments.

Secondary sensors are often included to capture more light, so there's a good chance that these registrations are for a secondary sensor, and while the Galaxy S8 isn't mentioned, use with smartphones and tablets is, so Samsung's next flagship is a prime candidate.

All Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales stopped at AT&T, T-Mobile

All Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales stopped at AT&T, T-Mobile

You won't be able to get a new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from AT&T or T-Mobile when you exchange your old, potentially explosive Note 7, as the replacement phone could be just as hazardous.

AT&T and T-Mobile are the first major US carriers to stop swapping out the Note 7 for so-called "safe" versions of the Android phone. This follows a week of scary reports that the battery can still catch fire.

"Based on recent reports, we're no longer exchanging new Note 7s at this time, pending further investigation of these reported incidents," said an AT&T spokesperson told The Verge.

Note 7 recall news

"We still encourage customers with a recalled Note 7 to visit an AT&T location to exchange that device for another Samsung smartphone or other smartphone of their choice."

T-Mobile, always echoing AT&T but always with a better deal, issued a similar statement saying, "T-Mobile is temporarily suspending all sales of the new Note 7 and exchanges for replacement Note 7 devices.

"Anyone who returns their recalled Note 7 will automatically receive a one-time $25 credit on their T-Mobile bill within two bill cycles."

Statement from Samsung

Samsung hasn't issued a second recall for its troubled smartphone, so it's significant (and confusing) that AT&T and T-Mobile are the first to halt sales of the Galaxy Note 7. The South Korean phone maker simply said it's reviewing the matter.

"We are working diligently with authorities and third party experts and will share findings when we have completed the investigation," Samsung said in a statement to TechRadar.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall news

"Even though there are a limited number of reports, we want to reassure customers that we are taking every report seriously. If we determine a product safety issue exists, Samsung will take immediate steps approved by the CPSC to resolve the situation."

You have other options

You can (and should) still take your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into AT&T, T-Mobile or whichever store you got it from and get a new phone. You just can't get a new Note 7 if it's from AT&T or T-Mobile.

Replacement phones can include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but now you aren't limited to a Samsung handset. You can even swap out a Samsung for an iPhone 7 Plus, much to Apple's ongoing delight.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall news

Of course, the cost of your replacement phone may differ from that of the original Note 7 price. The S7 Edge is cheaper, so make sure you get some money back. iPhone 7 Plus is more expensive, so just mosey on out of there if the AT&T or T-Mobile clerk doesn't say anything.

What's a shame is that the Note 7 is a powerful, well-designed phone... outside of the exploding. That's a stigma that's going to follow Samsung around for a long time.

Just when Samsung had another hit phone on its hands for 2016, the original recall broke right before the iPhone 7 launch. The new recall is happening as the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL go on sale.

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Snapchat is changing the way its Stories work again

Snapchat is changing the way its Stories work again

Snapchat Stories - a rolling 24-hour highlights reel of your friends' comings and goings - is one of the app's most compelling features (probably why Instagram and Twitter have both had a go at copying it).

Now Snapchat is changing the way the Stories screen works: the stories themselves will no longer auto-advance and you'll be able to build up customised playlists to get a closer look at those friends you really care about.

Sponsored Discover stories are going to appear below updates from your friends, so there's less chance of you accidentally tapping on an ad when you really just want to find out what your pals are up to.

Not the same old Stories

Ads will still occasionally be inserted between clips on your playlists. To make a playlist, just tap the circular thumbnail to the left of each friend you want to see, then tap the play button that shows up at the bottom.

The updates are rolling out very soon across Android and iOS, Snapchat says, though you might not be able to see them just yet.

"Sometimes we just want to see what our close friends or family are up to - not all of our friends - and Auto Advance prevented that," said Snapchat in a blog post explaining the changes. Of course, if users don't like it, then it might get changed back.

We take a look at GoPro's new drone:

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Another replacement Note 7 has reportedly gone up in smoke

Another replacement Note 7 has reportedly gone up in smoke

Having one production run of your latest smartphone turn out to be unsafe is bad enough, but if Samsung's replacement Note 7s are faulty as well then the company has a huge problem on its hands.

Reports from the US say a replacement handset has caught on fire, even though it wasn't plugged in at the time. Michael Klering and his wife apparently woke up to a room full of smoke, and Klering was later treated for smoke inhalation.

It follows an incident earlier this week where a Note 7 caught fire and caused an aeroplane to be evacuated on the ground. Again the phone was one that had been replaced by Samsung and was deemed to be safe.

Safety first

Samsung is still investigating the first incident and hasn't responded to the second as yet - it's possible that these phones have been damaged in some way after being sent out by Samsung, causing them to malfunction.

On the other hand, if there's a genuine problem with the second batch of Note 7s Samsung is rolling out, then the South Korean company is going to have to go back to the drawing board again and try to convince users it's capable of fixing the problem.

What makes these hardware problems even more annoying is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is an excellent phone. We'll have to wait for the manufacturer to investigate this week's reports before giving a final verdict on whether the handset is actually safe to own.

Our verdict on the new Google Pixel:

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Interview: Steve Wozniak: Apple was right to drop iPhone 7 headphone jack

Interview: Steve Wozniak: Apple was right to drop iPhone 7 headphone jack

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has changed his opinion of Apple dropping the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, revealing he now thinks Apple was right to make the move to using the Lightning port for audio.

Wozniak told TechRadar, "Not that many people used it, I never used it. For those who do use it, you can buy a little adaptor dongle."

This contradicts how Wozniak previously felt when the change was first rumored. He told The Australian Financial Review in August this year that dropping the headphone jack was "going to tick off a lot of people."

When we spoke to Wozniak, he was using both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus but owns a number of other iPhone models - including expressing a lot of love for the much-maligned iPhone 5C.

He doesn't only own Apple devices though. He told us: "I also have a lot of Android phones ...I play with all the carriers I can. I like to compare everything, as that's how I learn."

On the Watch

Despite previously speaking negatively about the Apple Watch, and its focus on a fashion audience, Wozniak is now a bigger fan of Apple's wearable.

"I've come to like my Apple Watch more.... I actually forgot to wear it today and I want to use it just for seeing the time, if nothing else."

Steve Woz

"I use it enough in my life for things ... I enjoy using it and having it. And when I don't use it, I don't even know it's there."

Woz also revealed to TechRadar he had already ordered an Apple Watch 2, but hasn't received it yet.

Nothing for free

Wozniak also revealed to us that he still to buy Apple tech - despite co-founding the company 40 years ago - as he doesn't receive free samples.

During an onstage panel at the Festival of Marketing in London, Wozniak said, "Steve Jobs sent me iPhones on a couple of occasions without me asking.

"[But] I would not want to call Apple and ask because they probably would give me one. I like to wait in line when a new product comes out.

"If I really want it, I think that's important. Sometimes I'm the first person in line!"

Wozniak also spoke about the early years of Apple where he sees his peak as the time he developed the Apple II computer.

steve Woz

He said, "I'm not so brilliant anymore, but I had a 10 year period where - when I look back - I can't believe the magic that was pouring out of my brain."

Wozniak, who is still an advisor for Apple, said he struggles to suggest ground-breaking ideas to the company as they're usually already in development - as well as confirming he thought the Apple Car is a good idea.

He said, "I have ideas in my head that it would be good for Apple to do, and usually they've done it in the next year or two, but they've been planning it for three years instead. The thinking is independent."

"I don't know what's going on in Apple - but obviously Apple is so huge that for something to be important it's got to be something we spend a lot of money on.

"Automobiles come to mind, maybe housing and maybe energy creation - those sort of things."

It's an understatement to say that Wozniak's impact on the tech world is huge - and it would be sensible to think that his permanent goal is to keep developing new technologies.

But when asked about his ambitions, the answer was surprising: simply hitting a 700,000 high score on his Gameboy's version of Tetris.

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Duo is replacing Hangouts for video calling on Android

Duo is replacing Hangouts for video calling on Android

Google's new Duo video calling app hasn't exactly transformed the smartphone landscape, but you're going to be seeing a lot more of it in future: it's being added to the core package of apps that manufacturers must install on their Android handsets to get access to Google Play and other benefits.

What's more, it's replacing Hangouts in that package, and will therefore in effect become the new default app for video calling on Android.

Hangouts isn't going away any time soon - Google itself has said it intends to continue to develop it and target it at business customers - but in the future if you buy an Android handset you'll have to go through the extra step of downloading and installing it.

No Allo... yet

As Android Police reports, smartphone makers can still opt to include it, although that's unlikely considering that many of them have their own messaging platforms to push.

The WhatsApp-style Allo, however, launched alongside Duo earlier this year, isn't being included in the core package of apps - apparently Google thinks video calling is more of a priority at the moment. Or perhaps it thinks Allo isn't polished enough yet.

The changes come into effect at the start of December so all of the shiny Android phones launched in 2017 will come with Duo on board.

Here's our Pixel XL hands-on review:

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Updated: You can now replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement at all major US carriers

Updated: You can now replace your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement at all major US carriers

Updated: Verizon and T-Mobile have also disclosed their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement plans with TechRadar.

It's been over two months of trouble first started with Samsung's explosive Galaxy Note 7 followed by equally smoky replacement phones. Now AT&T and Sprint are finally stepping up as the first carriers allowing users a chance to replace their faulty handsets.

AT&T just announced a new program allowing owners of Samsung's replacement handsets with a completely different handset. Just the day before, Recode reported that Sprint began an even more lenient plan, permitting all its users to return all Galaxy Note 7 handsets – both original handsets and 'safe' replacements – for a device from a different manufacturer.

Similarly, a T-Mobile spokesperson explained to TechRadar that customers can get a replacement for the original Note 7 or return it for a full refund to purchase any device the carrier offers. Furthermore, those purchasing a replacement Note 7 or a new Note 7 from T-Mobile since sales resumed on Wednesday, October 5 can get a full refund within 14 days and get any other device the company carries.

A Verizon spokesperson also confirmed that any of its customer concerned about the safety of their replacement Note7 smartphone will be able to exchange it at the original point of purchase for another smartphone beginning on October 8th. Verizon online customers may also exchange their replacement Note7 smartphones at Verizon stores beginning Saturday, October 8.

This smart move from carriers comes after several long months of trouble with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's faulty battery overheating and exploding. Recently sales for the handset resumed with replacement models from Samsung, however one of these newer models began smoking on a Southwestern airplane.

This latest event sparked a new investigation by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission investigation to discover any issues with the replacement devices it had previously approved.

Via The Verge

Google’s new store lets you try Pixel first

Google's new store lets you try Pixel first

While the phrase "Apple Store" invokes a vivid image in our minds - one that either excites or frustrates you based on the reasons for your visit - we can't say we have as clear a picture when we think of a brick-and-mortar Google Store.

That may change, however, as Google is testing the waters of a physical retail store, teasing that its opening a pop-up location in New York City.

Planned to open its doors October 20 - the same day Google's new flagship Pixel and Pixel XL phones hits stores - the pop-up will more than likely serve as a way for potential customers to get hands on with the new handset, as well as buy it directly from Google.

It's little more than wishful thinking at this point, but we wouldn't be shocked if the other devices announced during Google's October 4 keynote also show up for demonstration, such as Google Wifi, Daydream View, Chromecast Ultra, and its Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home.

We reached out to Google to find out exactly what will be on display at the New York location, as well as if more cities outside of The Big Apple will get a pop-up of their own. We will update this story as more details develop.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could get recalled…again

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could get recalled...again

Samsung is still in the process of replacing all 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets sold across the world, but there's now a suggestion that a second recall could happen - with the supposedly safe version of the phone potentially also being prone to catching fire.

This stems from the fact that a Note 7 handset started smoking in its owner's pocket aboard an aircraft and had to be put out with a fire extinguisher - and the owner claims that it was a replacement handset.

Investigators are currently looking into whether that is indeed the case and the exact reason for the almost-fire, but if it was a replacement handset then another recall could be on the cards.

Should have just released the Note 6

Speaking to Bloomberg, Pamela Gilbert, a former executive director of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said: "If it's the fixed phone and it started to smoke in his pocket, I'm going to guess there'll be another recall."

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's not yet been confirmed that this was a fixed phone, and even if it was it could have been an isolated incident – after all, Samsung did seem confident that it had fixed the problem, and it's not as if overheating handsets are a new phenomenon.

But this isn't the only report of a new Note 7 handset overheating, and even the possibility of another recall could shake consumer confidence in the brand. We should know more soon, with an assessment potentially being made as soon as next week.

  • Hopefully Samsung will have more luck with the Galaxy S8

Prisma for iPhone now lets you make arty videos, coming soon to Android

Prisma for iPhone now lets you make arty videos, coming soon to Android

Prisma now allows you to put its crazy, inventive filters over the top of moving images, rather than just your selfies and photos of food.

The new feature supports 15 second video clips taken within the app or uploaded from the camera roll. Once uploaded you can play around with nine of Prisma's original 30 filters.

It's still in the beta stage at the moment and Prisma has said it plans to update the video quality of filters in the near future.

Most video editing is estimated to take around a minute on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S, while that time should be halved if you're on an iPhone 7. The next step for Prisma on iPhone is to bring support for GIFs too.


Those with an Android phone are going to have to wait a while longer for the video editing feature.

The Android version is still waiting for offline photo processing, and that's expected within the next week or so, according to the apps co-founder Aram Airapetyan.

You may see offline processing appear in the Android app soon as five percent of its users will be testing it from today.

Want to see Prisma for video in action before you update it? Check out the music video below created using the new feature and a variety of Prisma's filters.

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LG V20 price: how much does it cost?

LG V20 price: how much does it cost?

LG announced its V20 smartphone a month ago and now we finally know when the phone is arriving in the United States. Unfortunately, pricing and availability hasn't been announced for the UK or Australia just yet. We'll update this story with more details as we have it.

According to a T-Mobile press release, the LG V20 will hit stores on October 28. And for a limited time, the carrier will be bundling a pair of BeoPlay H3 headphones (worth $149, or according to T-Mobile, 33 pumpkin spice lattes) for free. T-Mobile didn't specify how long this promotion would last.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile didn't provide any pricing information about the V20. A T-Mobile spokesperson speaking with TechRadar said the carrier will release pricing information closer to launch.

If you're on AT&T, the LG V20 pricing has been announced but not a launch date, though we expect to see it available near the end of October like T-Mobile. Thankfully, you can make payments on the phone at $27.67 per month for 30 months or $34.59 per month for 24 months. If you do the math, both plans indicate that the LG V20 will cost around $830 unlocked, though no full retail price was provided. Preorders for the phone start tomorrow, October 7.

While $830 is undoubtedly a lot of money, the pricing of the LG V20 falls in line with other big-screen phones like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Whether or not you're willing to pay $800 for a phone with a 5.7-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 820 processor and Android 7.0 Nougat is another story.

Verizon and Sprint announced that they will carry the LG V20 but have not released any official launch date or pricing.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge crowned phone of the year at the Mobile Choice Awards

Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge crowned phone of the year at the Mobile Choice Awards

The Mobile Choice Consumer Awards are the tech awards that give members of the public the chance to vote for the phones, tablets, and networks they've been most impressed by this year.

The awards returned for their 16th year, and it was a good one for Samsung – not only did the smartphone manufacturer pick up the award for the best phone of the year with its Galaxy S7 Edge, it won the award for manufacturer of the year as well, beating out tough competition from Apple and Motorola.

Other big winners of the night included the Huawei P9 for best camer hone, with Mobile Choice readers impressed by the images its dual-lens is able to capture. Apple's iPad Pro 12.9 walked away with Best Tablet of the year and HTC Vive was crowned king of the virtual reality headsets – a category in which the Oculus Rift didn't feature at all.

The best of the best

Mobile Choice readers decided Lenovo's Moto Z deserved to win the award for Most Innovative Device thanks to its interesting and effective snap-on modular accessories as well as its super thin design.

EE took home the award for Best Network, beating out other big players Three and Vodafone but didn't win the award for Best Value Network which went to Virgin Media instead.

Updated: The UK’s best iPhone 6S deals: Free upfront and 3GB data for £28.50 per month

Updated: The UK's best iPhone 6S deals: Free upfront and 3GB data for £28.50 per month

If you're looking at those iPhone 7 deals and weeping at the steep prices, you're not alone. The new iPhone is expensive – even more so than the 6S was last year.

So if you're on an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 6 or even an old Android/Windows phone and want to switch to a great iPhone – how about opting for last year's iPhone 6S instead?

TechRadar has teamed up with and to put together some superb iPhone 6S deals just for TR readers. Using the below voucher codes you'll be able to save significant amounts of money on upfront fees, making these the best value iPhone 6S deals currently available in the UK. If they weren't the best, we wouldn't recommend them to you!

We've put them together specifically to beat all of the other deals out there.

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