Samsung Galaxy S21 storage, colors, and stylus support confirmed

More leaks of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series have emerged. We have already seen the three devices leaked in some promo videos that show the similarities between the more affordable variants. Still, the latest rumor reveals Galaxy S21’s storage options and color variants, as well as an extra feature for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The guys over at claim that several German retailers are already revealing the storage capacity for the Galaxy S21 series and its possible color options. First, the vanilla Samsung Galaxy S21 would arrive with two storage options, which would be 128GB for the entry-level variant, and 256GB in the maxed-out version. Users would also be able to choose between four different color options, which include gray, white, pink, and purple.

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ would arrive with the same storage options as the Galaxy S21, which means 128GB and 256GB. Unfortunately, leaks suggest that it will only be available in three color options, which include black, silver, and purple.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, on the other hand, would feature three storage options that include 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. However, users would only get two color options to choose from, as it would only be available in black and silver. Now, what’s more interesting about this leak is that it also confirms that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will also support S Pen input. Just don’t expect the stylus to be placed inside the phone, as we see in the Samsung Galaxy Note series, as it is expected to be stored in a special Clear View and Silicone Cover case. These cases would come bundled with the S Pen, so it would be a perfect way to keep your device safe, at the same time that you would make your new phone a better productivity tool.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra might offer S Pen support, but no docking slot

It has long been argued that the biggest differentiator between Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line is the S Pen stylus. And we kinda agree with the notion. After all, the Galaxy Note series flagships are essentially top-end Android devices with some nifty stylus tricks added to it. The difference created by the S Pen is what has allowed Samsung to sell two flagship lines simultaneously for almost a decade, but the gap will allegedly get blurred next year. To put it in clear and comprehensible words, the Galaxy S21 series might get stylus support in 2021.

Tipster Ice Universe has claimed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will support the S Pen. However, it is unclear if the rest of the Galaxy S21 series devices will also support stylus input. Now, this is both good and bad news. If you are paying top dollars for an Android flagship, having a stylus with a few tricks up its sleeves is definitely a welcome move. On the flip side, the Galaxy Note series will definitely lose some of its exclusive appeal and bragging rights that it gained courtesy of the S Pen.

But there is some not so good news too. Unlike the Galaxy Note series which has a dedicated slot to house the S Pen, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will not have a docking station. Tipster Max J. quote tweeted the leak and mentioned that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will instead rely on a case (unclear if he’s talking about a separate protective case or a rear panel with a depressed surface) that will have a dedicated space to keep the S Pen, somewhat like the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet.

It is quite likely that the S Pen will not be a part of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s retail package, but Samsung might pull a surprise here. However, selling it separately makes more sense, as many buyers aren’t too keen on paying for a stylus that they hardly want to use. On the other hand, many potential Galaxy S21 Ultra buyers might actually appreciate S Pen support to make the most out of the phone’s large screen real estate, and might shell out extra cash on the stylus.

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Is this the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the Galaxy Note 21?

We have been getting tons of Samsung leaks in the last couple of days. Most of these leaks and rumors usually mention the new Samsung Galaxy S21, with its possible launch in January. However, the latest leak is about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Said leak makes us believe that Samsung has already figured out a way to give stylus support to its next foldable device. It also shows us a new design feature that we usually find in the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

It seems that Samsung has taken one more step towards creating the ultimate multitasking mobile device. The company could’ve already decided on the design of the next Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, or that’s what we can assume after seeing the latest smartphone/tablet patent filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization, as the new foldable could finally arrive with an S Pen.

The leaks show us where Samsung is planning on placing the S Pen in the Z Fold 3, and yes, this is exactly where you would find the stylus in a Samsung Galaxy Note. Unfortunately, we can’t see the placement of the buttons or other details in the device, including the punch hole placement for the selfie camera.

However, rumors claim that we could also see an under-display selfie camera in this device. Reports also claim that Samsung would change to Active Electrostatic Solution technology for the upcoming foldable, meaning that the screen won’t require a digitizer to work, which could also mean that we may get more features in the next S Pen.

These changes will also be more expensive than the Electromagnetic Resonance technology that’s currently found in the Galaxy Note, but we may not have to worry that much about that since rumors also suggest that Samsung is planning on keeping the same price tags on its upcoming devices. This patent was filed back in April, and it got approved this week, which means that Samsung has been working on giving us an S Pen in its foldable devices for quite a while. It may finally arrive with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is expected to arrive sometime in the second half of 2021.

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