Get the original Microsoft Surface with Touch Cover for just $279

Though we’re now onto the Surface Pro 3, some of Microsoft’s older offerings may still be worth the buy. As part of its Memorial Day sale, Microsoft is offering up the 64GB original Surface for $249, and tossing in a Get the original Microsoft Surface with Touch Cover for just $279 appeared first on Pocketnow.

Pocketnow Weekly 074: new Google Play devices and Windows Phone rumors galore

Sometimes there’s so much news you need to call in the Reserves just to handle it all, and that’s just what we’ve done this week. Between Google’s surprise announcement of an unlikely pair of additions to the Google Play Store; Microsoft’s rumored offer to pay Samsung to keep making Windows Phones; and a boatload of reviews, we’re in over our heads this week – so we’ve brought in four team members to do the news justice. Sorry, no listener mail this week – but in its place you get a consolation prize: you get to know what curious fate ...

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Top 5 things we love about the Surface 2

The original Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets were promising of a new Microsoft willing to adapt and capable of becoming relevant in the mobile computing space once again. The Surface RT, to be concise, fell short of our expectations. The software and user experience left much to be desired, with lag and a shortage of apps to blame. The Surface Pro, on the other hand, proved to be a much more capable and fitting ...

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ASUS chairman not happy with Windows RT

Windows RT has emerged as the proverbial red-headed stepchild of the tablet ecosystem, cursed by under-performing launch devices, a less than impressive app library, and the ever-present specter of much more capable Windows 8 Pro-based tablets looming over it. We’ve already seen Microsoft take steps to make its own Surface RT more attractive to consumers, but for some other manufacturers, it may already be too late. ASUS chairman Jonney Shih has just been talking about his ...

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Pocketnow Weekly 043: The Post-Galaxy S 4 Tech Podcast You’ve Been Waiting For

At Pocketnow, we have a responsibility to try the new, the fresh, and the weird – and that latter swamp is exactly the one Managing Editor Anton D. Nagy waded into with his recent review of the ASUS Fonepad – the tablet with an earpiece. Or the phone with a tablet screen. Whatever you want to call it, we’ve covered it – and Tony has some thoughts about using a seven-inch smartphone in this edition of one of your favorite tech podcasts. After we clear the giant-phone convo, we’ve ...

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Tablet Market Data Shows Windows Off to a Surprisingly Promising Start

Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT tablets are still newcomers to the scene, and so far it’s felt like they’ve been struggling to find their place. After all, the wildly fluctuating prices we’ve seen are hardly representative of a firmly established product that’s going to keep pulling in predictable sales figures; we don’t see anything like this with iPads, for instance. Are we being too hard on the nascent platform, though? Could it really be off to a better start than it’s ...

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Microsoft Lowers Minimum Resolution for Windows 8 Tablets

Microsoft has been missing out on a portion of the mobile device market, having smartphones and larger tablet, but not really any sort of mid-sized device. Could it be looking to do something about that? We’re asking ourselves just that question upon reading Microsoft’s Windows Certification Newsletter from a little earlier this month, announcing a new minimum resolution for Windows 8 tablets. Instead of the 1366 x 768 which we’ve seen on tablets like the Surface RT, ...

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The World Was Not Ready For Windows 8 RT

On October 26th, 2012, Microsoft sprung Windows 8 on the world. A platform to unite all platforms. You would get the same experience on desktops, laptops, and most importantly tablets. Windows 8 was designed to be touch friendly and therefore tablet friendly. Of course, this rather left desktops and laptops – Microsoft’s bread and butter – in somewhat of a lurch. Sure could use a mouse and keyboard with Windows 8, but it wasn’t really designed for that.  As a compromise, Microsoft included “Desktop view” which took new users back to the warm and fuzzy look of Windows 7 ...

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Surface RT Return Rate Reportedly “Very High”

The Windows 8 Pro version of Microsoft’s Surface tablet may be getting all the attention lately, but we’re still waiting to see if Microsoft has what it takes to make the lower-end Surface RT catch on in any kind of serious way. We just took a look at some figures that suggested Microsoft had shipped around 900,000 of these tablets, but there’s some degree of uncertainty over those numbers, and while Microsoft may have ...

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