Optus has confirmed it’s shutting down Virgin Mobile

Optus has officially confirmed its intent to sacrifice Virgin Mobile, confirming rumours that first surfaced last month. Australia’s second-largest telco will be phasing out the Virgin Mobile Australia subsidiary over the next two years, ending 18 years of co-ownership.

The move will see Optus closing 36 Virgin Mobile stores and cutting 200 jobs associated with the Virgin brand. It is as yet unclear whether the staff will be reassigned to Optus stores.

Customers currently with Virgin Mobile will be moved over to Optus, but for those who don’t want to be an Optus customer, now's probably a good time to start looking for a new mobile provider — and there's now far more choice when it comes to mobile services in Australia than when Virgin first launched Down Under.

"Virgin Mobile customers can continue to use their service in the same way they always have. We will be contacting them in the coming days to let them know more about the changes and their future options," Optus said in a statement.

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New iPhone 2018’s A12 chip reportedly smaller, faster and in-production

Apple's A12 chip, expected to be at the heart of the new iPhone XI and iPhone 9 for 2018, is now in mass production, according to a new report today.

The A12 chipset is said to be faster, yet smaller than previous generation chips, with a 7-nanometer design from Taiwanese supplier TSMC, reports Bloomberg.

Its the smaller package that will allow this chip to be more energy efficient versus the 10nm A11 Bionic chip found in the current iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

We saw a similar jump in speed and efficiency when moving from phones with 12nm to 10nm chips a little over a year ago. 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were the first to 10nm, and, that said, you should expect other chip makers to follow the 7nm trend, including Samsung and Qualcomm. The Note 9 or Galaxy S10 may be the first with it. Apple won't be alone.

Another benefit: Apple can make more use of the extra space. Every inch and even nanometer counts in a smartphone – just ask the 3.5mm headphone jack.

What it says about the iPhone 2018 release date

You shouldn't expect the next iPhone any sooner than September – the iPhone X's A11 Bionic chipset also went into production in May of last year, notes 9to5mac.

It's right on time, if you're judging from this believable production line leak. That should put us on track for an early September Apple iPhone launch event, along with the final version of iOS 12.

What should you expect? The latest rumors point to an iPhone XI Plus, an iPhone XI and an LCD-equipped cheaper iPhone X-equivalent, what we're calling an iPhone 9. A new iPhone SE 2 may fit into the lineup, too.

We're finding new iPhone 2018 names unpredictable following the iPhone X name that was a real wildcard. They're completely up to the Apple team's imagination. 

On the other hand, the flow of leaks from production sources? Well, that's staying decidedly predictable and out of Apple's control, despite its best leak-thwarting efforts. We're bound to have more.

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Boost Mobile founder wants to take it back from Sprint and T-Mobile

He sees the merger as a crisis and an opportunity to protect the prepaid wireless market from data price gouging and reduction of choice.

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WWDC 2018 takes top priority for Apple as press invitations are sent out

The homepage of its website has been completely plastered with WWDC. But there are only so many subtle hints we can get about what's coming up.

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The best Android screen recorder for 2018

So you want to record some of the action on your Android smartphone or tablet? Well, we've got the best screen recorders for you, picked from the wide selection of options out there. These are the most reliable and most feature-packed offerings we've found.

Any of these tools will do the job of screen recording on Android with aplomb, so you can focus on whatever it is you're trying to capture – whether that's a walkthrough for the latest mobile gaming hit or a troubleshooting guide for your parents.

AZ Screen Recorder

Feature-packed but simple to use, AZ Screen Recorder easily earns its place at the top-end of the Android screen recorder rankings. Through a simple pop-up bubble that appears on screen, you can snap a screenshot, record a video, and even launch a livestream, and the controls are straightforward enough for anyone to master (there's even a short tutorial).

Dive into the app menus and you've got a host of ways to customize the screen recording. You can switch between resolutions, and frame rates, and bit rates, and even add a timelapse effect. You can drop a logo and text on top of the video as a watermark, start your video with a countdown timer, record audio (externally), and plenty more besides.

Stump up a little cash for the Pro edition of the software to access extra features such as embedded video from the front camera, an invisible button for starting and stopping recordings, and some extra goodies – as well as being able to remove all the app adverts. If you've got a screen recording job to do, AZ Screen Recorder will be able to do it for you.

DU Recorder

It's difficult to think of any screen recording feature that DU Recorder is missing, and considering you get everything inside this app for free, you're getting a lot of functionality here without paying anything. You can pick from a wide variety of video formats for your recordings, giving you whatever balance you need between video quality and video size.

As well as the basic functions of video recording, taking screenshots, and broadcasting livestreams, DU Recorder comes with a bunch of extras as well. Footage from the front camera can be embedded for those candid reaction shots, you can easily create GIFs from your clips, and there are options to add annotations and watermarks on top of clips too.

It's pretty much the complete package, especially when you consider there are some very handy video editing features here too – you can get everything done on your phone without switching to a computer. The interface remains intuitive and straightforward throughout, which has to be a bonus no matter what type of app you're dealing with.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube's gaming app comes with a dedicated screen recording tool intended to help you capture the best moments of your playing sessions – it works really well for games, and at a push can be used to record other apps as well. If you spend a lot of time inside the YouTube ecosystem anyway, this could be your best option for a screen recorder.

Neat touches are littered throughout, like the way you get told how much recording time you've got based on the storage space left on your phone. You pick an app or game you want to start in, and you can then jump around into other apps as required. An embedded bubble shows footage from the phone's front camera, a feature which you can't switch off.

The latter might limit the app's appeal to some users, and there's not much in the way of other settings here either – but sharing to YouTube is slick and straightforward, and you can apply some basic edits to your videos along the way. As it's made by Google, you also know the app is going to work fine with Android, with a minimal chance of anything stuttering or freezing.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

One of the best and one of the most popular screen recorders for Android, Mobizen throws in all the features you would expect from a capture app and then some – like the clean recording mode that hides all on-screen controls while you're saving footage. As is often the case, a simple on-screen pop-up takes care of starting and stopping recordings.

We like the way the app guides you through every part of the capture process, so you're never unsure about what to do or where to go next (after a recording has finished, you can start another or watch what you've captured). If you need to make basic edits to your video, there are tools to do that as well, and you can add intros and outros to your clips.

Some of the features of Mobizen require an in-app purchase, but it's still perfectly usable in its free form. While it's a bit less cohesive than some of the other apps we've tried, it's certainly not lacking in features or reliability, and is definitely worth a try if you want a top-notch Android screen recorder (you can test out all the premium features for free for seven days).

Screen Recorder

Screen capturing apps that cram in a wealth of features are fine with us, and we like them a lot, but Screen Recorder provides a good contrast. It sticks to the essential features of a tool like this, making them easy to access and operate, which means you won't get distracted by a long list of options or multiple menus when you just want to record.

That doesn't mean the app is completely bereft of useful features though. There's a basic video editor included here, for example, and the option to doodle on top of your footage, as well as support for pausing videos mid-recording. The app lets you customize various aspects of the recording too, including the resolution, frame rate and sound quality.

Video recordings can be stopped by tapping on the notification bar, or by turning the screen off, or by shaking your device: that gives you some idea of the handy features available in Screen Recorder, even as it tries to stay as lightweight as possible. There's a night mode included that's designed to reduce the amount of strain on your eyes, too.

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Surprise: You’ll be able to watch Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote live stream on Chrome or FireFox

Apple's WWDC 2018 keynote could be its most watched developer conference in several years, with the Cupertino company confirming robust browser support for its forthcoming live stream video.

Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox will be able to access the stream under the right circumstances, according the fine print on Apple's newly erected live stream page.

Specifically, it says: "Other platforms may also be able to access the stream using recent versions of Chrome or Firefox (MSE, H.264, and AAC required)."

That's unusual. Apple typically insists users switch to its Safari browser or, recently, Microsoft Edge if you're using a Windows 10 PC, if they want to tune into the Tim Cook-helmed keynote.

Developers, Developers, Developers!

We can't confirm what's behind Apple's sudden outreach to users on rival browsers, but it likely comes down to expanding its base of developers as much as possible.

This is a developer-focused conference, after all, and the more people who making apps and walk away inspired to learn the Switch programming language, the better of Apple's software ecosystem will be.

Of course, Apple begins that fine print suggesting: "This stream is best experienced on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using Safari on iOS 10 or later; a Mac using Safari on macOS Sierra 10.12 or later; or a PC using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay requires an Apple TV (2nd generation or later) with the latest Apple TV software or tvOS."

But the fine print below that about the inclusion of Chrome and FireFox suggests that Apple wants more eyes than ever on its conference.

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Instagram’s new mute button lets you hide annoying accounts

Follow any Instagram accounts that are just plain... annoying? You know, the ones that post a little too often, usually of the same thing, and are always in your feed every time you scroll through?

Rather than cutting ties by unfollowing these accounts comletely, Instagram is rolling out a mute button, which lets you hide posts from an account for as long as you like. The mute feature had been spotted in testing a few weeks ago.

Now that it's official, we have more details on how it works. 

For starters, you'll still be able to see posts on a muted account's profile page, and you'll get alerts when you've been @'d in a post or comment related to the account. 

Insta silence is golden

The muted account won't know you've banished their posts from your feed, either, which is fairly standard practice across social networks. 

If you're itching to get muting, start by tapping the '...' on a post. You'll see a 'Mute' option, and then you can drill down to either 'Mute Posts,' 'Mute Story,' or both.  

You can also mute both posts and stories by pressing and holding down on a Story.

To unmute an account, head back to their profile page and select 'Unmute posts,' or tap the three dots again and make your selection from there. 

The new mute button is part of an effort by Facebook-owned Instagram to give you more control over your feed. It's a feature many will likely welcome as it gives more flexibility to who you follow and how.

Another feature spotted by TechCrunch that's in testing is a "you're all caught up" notification, an alert users will see when they've laid their eyes on every new post in the past 48 hour period. 

Insta confirmed it's testing the feature, so we'll keep an eye on our feeds for when it becomes official.

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