Pocketnow Daily: NEW Galaxy S21 Teaser & Exynos Updates: YES and NO! (video)

Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones are on sale today

Apple’s latest M1 13-inch MacBook Pro, Razer Blade 15 and more laptops are on sale today

Headphones from Sony, Samsung, Apple and more are also on sale today

You already know, the official news today begin with deals, and again there’s no better time to buy Samsung products both old and new. You can still reserve a Galaxy S21 model and get up to $700 in trade-in and up to $60 in credit for accessories once you do, so make sure you check the first link in the description if you want a Galaxy S21. Sticking to Samsung and trade-in deals, the Z Flip is still a crazy $100, yes $100. The Z Fold 2 is still $1000 and you can get the Galaxy S20 Ultra for $600. We also have deals on the Note but again, you need an eligible device for trade-in. If you don’t have a device to trade-in we also have discounts for all of these on Amazon if you’re still looking for a great deal. Moving on, you can get a Google Pixel 4 for $295 off its original price tag, leaving it at $504 shipped. The M1 MacBook Pro is still $60 off, leaving the 256GB of SSD model for $1239. The Razer Blade 15 is also $300 off, this is the Intel Core i7, RTX 2060 model, leaving it at $1500. We have a ton of more deals on other laptops, AirPods, Sony Earbuds and headphones and more, in the links in the description.


Intel announces 11th Gen Core H-series mobile processors for gaming laptops

Qualcomm’s second-gen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is bigger and 50% faster

Fossil Gen 5 LTE costs $349 and let will let you take calls directly on the smartwatch

Jabra Elite 85t gets four new color options at CES 2021

Yes, CES is still happening but before we get into more specific launches, let’s talk about some of our favorite single out announcements. Beginning with Qualcomm as the company just launched the second generation to their ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This new sensor is 77% larger than its predecessor and it works 50% faster, this improved sensor will reportedly debut with the S21, if history repeats itself. Intel just announced their 11th Gen Core H Series of mobile chips which power gaming laptops based on a 10nm process, supporting up to 5GHz clock speeds, PCIe Gen 4, Thunderbolt 4 and more features. But, 10nm huh Intel? The Jabra Elite 85Ts which are some of my favorite earbuds just got 4 new colorways, including Gold, Copper, Black and Grey in case you were waiting for some variety. Fossil just announced the Gen 5 LTE which brings a 45mm sleek design and it now allows you to take calls directly on the smartwatch which is pretty nice for $349. And guys, there’s so much more CES 2021 coverage on Pocketnow.com but, we have specific articles for each of these products and their details, in the links in the description.

AMD unleashes Zen 3-based Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors

NVIDIA unveils RTX 30 series laptop GPUs and GeForce RTX 3060 desktop graphics

Let’s keep talking about CES, we know that a lot of you guys like when we cover PC parts and well Nvidia and AMD are back at it again. Starting with AMD, they just unveiled their Ryzen 5000 Series of mobile processors, these are divided into 2 families, the H and the U Series. The H Series is targeted at gaming enthusiasts in both 6 and 8 core variants with peak clock speeds of 4.8GHz, interesting considering Intel is pushing 5GHz. When it comes to the U Series, these are aimed at ultra-books and the rest of mass market laptops, these range from 4 to 8 cores, with pretty much the same base specs as some of the H Series but only pushing up to 4.4GHz. AMD is looking at 23% higher single threaded performances and up to a 17% increase in multi-threaded performances. Moving on to Nvidia, the company just revealed the RTX 30 Series laptop GPUs and a RTX 3060 desktop GPU. These are based on their 3rd Gen Max Q technology, offering up to 2x ray tracing output, and the new tensor cores are claimed to be 2x more capable. Overall Nvidia is aiming at higher efficiency, better performance and refined acoustics here. Over 70 laptops with the RTX 30 Series will debut this month alone, so you can check out all of the specifics in the links below. For a minute there I was like – are we sure about that number or is it 7? But nope, 70 laptops.

HONOR announces MagicBook Pro, HONOR Band 6

Sticking to CES, let’s move on to Honor as, we know that the company went independent form Huawei a couple of months ago and they just announced their upcoming flagship products. First off we got the Honor MagicBook Pro which brings a 16.1in display with a 90% screen-to-body ratio. It’s powered by a 10th Gen Intel processor, along with 16GB of dual channel DDR4 RAM, and 512GB of PCIe NVMe SSD, when it comes to cooling it brings dual fans and dual heat pipes. It includes Bluetooth 5.0, an HDMI port, 3 USB A ports and a USB C port, as well as a headphone jack and a fingerprint sensor. It apparently charges up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Now, moving on to wearables we also got the Honor Band 6 which features a 1.47in AMOLED Display, supporting 10 workout modes and 14 days of battery life. It brings 5 ATM water resistance and it brings a heart rate monitor, oxygen monitor, sleep and stress monitor and even a female cycle tracker. It comes in three color variants including Meteorite Black, Sandstone Grey and Coral Pink. Sadly we didn’t get word on price tags yet but it should be on global markets very soon.

Is this the new design of the 2021 iPad Pro refresh?

Now let’s talk about Apple and particularly iPads as it does seem that Cupertino is planning an aggressive push here. Lately there’s been a ton of rumors on the upcoming iPads as, we’re expecting a refresh to the regular iPad and we’re supposed to get mini-LED displays on the Pros very soon. Now, we have some new CAD renders of both iPad Pro models coming from 91Mobiles and MySmartPrice. Starting with the bigger model, it looks like it’s bringing pretty much the same design language as the current model with the boxy design and the single USB-C port as well as the smart connector for the keyboard. The camera is still a dual module along with the LiDAR sensor. When it comes to the 11in version, it also looks like its predecessor which we got back in 2020 but, apparently it’s going to be a couple of millimeters thinner and shorter. The CAD renders also show that we might be getting a Touch ID sensor similar to the one on the iPad Air, and you can also notice it on the renders for the 12.9in iPad. We’re expecting these iPads some time this year, running on a variant of the A13 or A14 Bionic, along with a mini-LED display. It clearly seems that iPad sales are up given the pandemic if Apple plans to make a broader push and even bring a more aggressive price tag.

Story of the day:

Samsung Galaxy S21 retail box leak confirms the absence of a charger

Samsung unveils the 5nm-based Exynos 2100 flagship SoC that will power the Galaxy S21

And finally for the hottest news today, you guessed it. We’re literally a couple of days away from Samsung’s Unpacked but, there’s still a ton of leaks and information to Unpack here.. Let’s start with something official as Samsung just posted the full teaser for the S21 Series which is captioned “Welcome to the Everyday Epic”. It teases a lot of camera capabilities, mainly video, low light and zoom. It shows the silhouette of the device and some software tricks as well. Sticking to what’s official, the company just announced the Exynos 2100 which will power the S21 depending on your region. It is a 5G-ready chip based on a 5nm process and a tri-cluster core design allowing for a 30% increase in multi-core performance and 40% boost in graphics performance. It allows some crazy tricks like handling 6 cameras and 200MP resolution output, as well as handling 4K panels at up to 120Hz, or QHD+ at 144Hz but, we won’t bore you with specifics, we’ll have a specific link for this in the description. Back to the S21, we have some new posters showing off the design yet again, as well as teasing the 5G capabilities, the storage tiers and the camera. Now, the poster getting the most headlines is the one showing off the box and as you can see, it’s very thin. Meaning it’s pretty much official that we won’t be getting a charger or headphones this year. Go Green! And remember, you can already register for the S21 and get some perks, in the first link in the description. So yeah, with that teaser and all of the other posters, seriously what’s left?


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NVIDIA unveils RTX 30 series laptop GPUs and GeForce RTX 3060 desktop graphics

NVIDIA has had a busy day at CES 2021 today. The company has just announced the RTX 30 series GPUs for laptops based on the Ampere architecture. The new mobile GPUs announced by NVIDIA include the GeForce RTX 3080, GeForce RTX 3070, and the GeForce RTX 3060. The first wave of laptops powered by the GeForce RTX 3080 and 3070 will hit the shelves starting January 26, while machines rocking the GeForce RTX 3060 GPU will make their way to the market next month. 

Higher efficiency, better performance and refined acoustics

Based on the 3rd Gen Max-Q technology, the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs for laptops are claimed to offer up to 2x ray-tracing throughput, thanks to the second-gen ray-tracing cores. Additionally, the 3rd gen tensor cores are also claimed to be 2x more capable compared to last-gen GPUs based on the Turing architecture. And thanks to support for the proprietary NVIDIA Reflex technology, the new laptop GPUs are said to further reduce latency and boost responsiveness. 

Tap to see full sized image in a new tab (Image: NVIDIA)

The third-gen Max-Q design is claimed to offer general improvements in areas such as efficiency, performance,  battery, and even acoustics. With the RTX 30 series laptop graphics, NVIDIA is also introducing the Dynamic Boost 2.0 technology that relies on AI to adjust power uptake by the CPU, GPU, and GPU on a per-frame basis. This tech will be enabled by default on all laptops powered by the new NVIDIA mobile GPUs. 

Over 70 laptops with GeForce RTX 30 series GPU will debut this month

Another new tech debuting with the RTX 30 series GPUs for laptops is Whisper Mode 2.0 that is baked at the system level and dynamically adjusts settings (CPU, GPU, and game presets) as well as fan speed to offer the best audio output. Additionally, the Resizable BAR technology allows a laptop’s CPU to access the entire graphics memory of a GPU to boost performance (read: higher frame rates) while gaming. This feature will be available via driver updates. 

As for the laptops powered by NVIDIA’s new RTX 30 series mobile GPUs, some have already been announced such as the Razer Blade 15 Advanced, Alienware m15 R4 and m17 R4, Asus TUF Gaming Dash F15, MSI GS66, and the Lenovo Legion 7 among others. 

GeForce RTX 3060 – An entry-level RTX 30 series desktop GPU


In addition to RTX 30 series Max-Q graphics, NVIDIA has also unveiled the cheapest Ampere-based desktop GPU today – the GeForce RTX 3060. Priced at $329, it will be up for grabs next month and is being marketed as the entry-point into NVIDIA’s updated family of desktop graphics in the RTX 30 series. It is claimed to offer 2x boost at rester performance and 10x improvement in ray-tracing performance vis-a-vis the aging GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, one of the company’s most popular graphics cards. 

GeForce RTX 3060 desktop GPU will hit the shelves in February

It packs 12GB of GDDR6 memory, and comes with the usual set of enhancements such as Resizeable BAR, second-gen ray-tracing cores, 3rd-gen Tensor cores to make the most its DLSS technology, NVIDIA Reflex, and NVIDIA Broadcast to name a few. Following is a graphical representation of the performance boost offered by the new NVIDIA desktop-class GPU:

Tap to see full sized image in a new tab (Image: NVIDIA)

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Pocketnow Daily: Samsung Galaxy S21 Is Getting CHEAPER? (video)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 starting at $450, Apple deals event and more available today

And guess what? We’re beginning the month of December with deals, don’t act like you didn’t see it coming. Let’s start this off with the deals that are just too good to be true from Samsung. those Samsung deals we’ve been covering, they’re still live. So again, these are all trade-in deals but you can currently get the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for $1000, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for a crazy $599 and other cool products like the Z Flip 5G for just $300. And yeah, the Galaxy S line is also available, starting at $140 for the S20 FE and all the way up to $740 for the S20 Ultra so, yeah get the Note. Again, these are all trade-in deals, but the $100 credit is no longer available, so just keep that in mind. Now let’s talk iPhone 12 Pro Max on a similar approach as Verizon currently has a BOGO deal where of course, you have to get an installment plan but then you get the second one for free. Moving on, B&H has a huge Apple sale going on and the latest 12.9in iPad Pro is currently $300 off, leaving the entry level LTE model for $849. The 16in MacBook Pro is $300 off, that means that it starts at $2499. And guys, those Samsung deals where just some, we’ve got more in addition to Apple deals in the description and over at Pocketnow.com.

NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU offers more power than the RTX 2080 Super for $399

Now let’s switch to to official news as Nvidia seriously keeps just showing off with their recent GPU launches. The company just announced a new GPU in their RTX 3000 family. So far the company already provided us with some crazy powerful GPU’s this year, but now it looks like they’re adding to the affordable side. This new GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is priced at $399 and it reportedly offers more power than the RTX 2080 Super which costs $699. They are advertising it as an affordable, latest-gen entry into the world of ray-traced gaming and it’s a decent option for 1440p gaming, kind of like the Xbox Series S. When it comes to specs, this thing brings enhanced ray-tracing cores and AI-processing Tensor cores that offer a 2x throughput. It has a base clock speed of 1.41GHz and it boosts up to 1.67GHz with 8GB of GDDR6 memory. It will be available for grabs tomorrow at again, $399. Why do I feel that someone I know added this to the script intentionally?

Samsung’s next earbuds are called Galaxy Buds Pro as per US FCC documents

Now let’s move on to Samsung as, if you think about it, the company has been launching true wireless earbuds along with each flagship announcement. Yes, not in the box, but with prices that make it just aggressive enough to feel that way. They’ve been doing for the past couple of years, starting with the Gear Icon X. Well, with the S21 season approaching, we have some new reports on what we should expect. According to SamMobile, Samsung will launch a successor to the Galaxy Buds+. These will bring two major improvements which are, Active Noise Cancellation and an Improved Ambient Move. They’re expected to bring the same type of in-ear design but off course, with ANC this time around. However, this was a report over the weekend, now we have a new report from MySmartPrice with new information. Apparently these were just certified by the FCC and they will be called the Galaxy Buds Pro. The name makes sense as we’re expecting the same design with ANC which is considered a Pro feature and they will now bring a squared case, kind of like the regular AirPods case. So yeah, we’ll keep you posted when more leaks come in as we’re getting close to January.

A new issue is now affecting iPhone 12’s LTE and 5G connectivity

Apple launched the iPhone 12 line a little over a month ago and keep in mind, this is Apple’s first 5G smartphone and it looks like the ride isn’t going too smooth. Over 500 users are claiming that they have some issues with their iPhone 12 dropping coverage unexpectedly. The main user who posted the claim says that he activated his phone on Saturday and on Sunday after a short drive, his phone had no reception and the No Service label to the point where the iPhone indicated that it was not activated. He then went to say that the only way to get the connection back was to toggle AirPlane Mode on and off. Just for some context he had the phone in 5G Auto on AT&T and once he switched to LTE the same thing happened, even after he reset the network settings. Apparently he even talked to Apple support and even with them installing two profiles on it, the issue kept happening. He posted this on Reddit where a ton of other users are having the same problem. And guys, me and Diego have actually been having this issue, not to the point where it says it’s not activated because their unlocked, but we do lose service completely until we restart our device. In all fairness, though, it’s only happened once to each of us, so we’ll keep you posted in case Apple posts a response.

Story of the day:

Samsung to lower the price barrier for Galaxy Series S21 series as the Note sunsets

And finally for the hottest news today, let’s bring back Samsung since all eyes on what the company is doing next with all the rumored dramatic changes. If you tuned into yesterday’s Pocketnow Daily, one of the things we talked about is how Samsung wants to replace the Note with the Z Fold, but doesn’t want to lower the price tag, but now this makes a little more sense. According to a new SamMobile report, Sammy will be lowering the Galaxy S21‘s price tag due to the Galaxy Note’s death. The report mentions that Samsung will drop the price of the Series by around $100 or more. This would mean that the regular S20 would start at either $899 or $849, the S21+ at $1099 or $1049 and the S21 Ultra dropping by the same margin. This would be a pretty big deal for Samsung as, the S20 Series didn’t sell too well thanks to that price tag. Going back a little bit on the Note, a new Reuters report further confirms that Samsung is not planning to debut a Galaxy Note this year and they will be shifting those resources to develop their foldables. It also mentions that the top model in the S Series, will bring a stylus, as well as the next Z Fold. This means you’ll be getting a cheaper Galaxy S21 Ultra with S-Pen support, and that actually sounds pretty sweet.


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NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU offers more power than the RTX 2080 Super for $399

NVIDIA has today launched a new GPU in the RTX 3000 family and is calling it the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. Notably, NVIDIA claims that it offers more power than the GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER (which costs $699) despite being priced significantly lower at $399. The card is primarily projected as an affordable, latest-gen entry point into the world of ray-traced games and appears to be a great option for 1440p gaming, somewhat like the Xbox Series S. It will be up for grabs starting tomorrow, December 2. NVIDIA is also offering a free one-year subscription of its cloud-based game streaming service, NVIDIA GeForce Now, with the purchase of its new card in select markets.

The GeForce 3060 Ti is based on the Ampere architecture that comes with enhanced ray-tracing cores and the AI-processing Tensor cores. NVIDIA says the new RT cores and the 3rd-generation tensor cores both offer a 2x throughput. Talking in numbers, the new GPU offers 4,864 CUDA cores with a base clock speed of 1.41GHz, while boost frequency goes up to 1.67GHz.  There is 8GB of GDDR6 memory, support for DLSS and Direct X12 Ultimate. 

Armed with support for the in-house Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSSS) tech, the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is claimed to deliver higher frame rates and paves the doors for more refined visuals. It also brings the proprietary Reflex tech to the table that boosts the responsiveness of games by minimizing input lag, while the NVIDIA Broadcast tech allows users to take advantage of virtual backgrounds, motion capture, and noise removal during video calls. 

With the arrival of its new GPU, the GeForce Experience tool has also received a few tweaks, as it now automatically creates overclocking profiles for an advanced GPU Tuning experience, while the updated in-game overlay now shows performance stats, temperatures, and latency metrics. The GeForce RTX 3060 Ti will be available in Founders Edition flavor from NVIDIA as well as custom boards provided by third-party partners such as Zotac, Asus, and MSI among others. 

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It’s happening: NVIDIA to acquire Arm for $40 billion

NVIDIA and SoftBank Group Corp. (SBG) have announced a definitive agreement under which NVIDIA will acquire Arm Limited from SoftBank for $40 billion. As part of NVIDIA, Arm will continue to operate its open-licensing model. It will operate as a division of NVIDIA and will remain headquartered in the UK. It will “continue to operate its open-licensing model while maintaining its global customer neutrality,” the company said. NVIDIA intends to retain the name and strong brand identity of Arm and expand its base in Cambridge. Arm’s intellectual property will remain registered in the U.K. 

To recall, SoftBank bought Arm for $31 billion four years ago. The undertakings are scheduled to complete in September 2021. Arm’s tech powers mobile device processors for several companies including Samsung, Apple, and Qualcomm. Moreover, Apple recently announced its switch to Arm-based chips for future Macs. On the other hand, Microsoft is making an Arm-based Surface and a version of Windows for Arm. Hence, the British company will likely only increase in value, as it has since SoftBank acquisition.

For reference, NVIDIA doesn’t do much in mobile hardware. However, it is the leading maker of GPUs, and manufactures Tegra line of mobile chipsets used in devices like the Nintendo Switch. The company is positioning the acquisition as setting up the next stage of AI computing.

Bloomberg reports that “Huang said Nvidia is spending a lot of money for the acquisition and has no incentive to do anything that would cause clients to walk away.” The proposed transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including the receipt of regulatory approvals for the U.K., China, the European Union and the United States. Hence, the deal is likely to face intense regulatory scrutiny.

“Arm and NVIDIA share a vision and passion that ubiquitous, energy-efficient computing will help address the world’s most pressing issues from climate change to healthcare, from agriculture to education,” said Simon Segars, CEO of Arm.


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Fortnite gets ray-tracing and NVIDIA DLSS support to boost the visual appeal

Fortnite is currently at the centre of an ugly spat between Epic Games and Apple, which has resulted in the game getting kicked off the App Store. But there is finally some good news for players. Epic Games and NVIDIA have announced that Fortnite is getting support for real-time ray tracing and NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DSLL) technology to boost the game’s visuals.

The hit battle royale game is getting support for ray-traced reflections, shadows, global illumination and ambient occlusion, all four of which collectively enhance the details in a frame and improve the visual experience of playing Fortnite. NVIDIA’s AI-driven DLSS technology will boost the frame rates and also helps enhance the output resolution.

Additionally, Fortnite is also one of the first games to support the new NVIDIA Reflex tech that helps reduce system latency and improves responsiveness. Moreover, a special map called RTX Treasure Run has also been introduced in the Creative mode to highlight the benefits of ray-tracing. All the aforementioned advancements are coming to Fortnite’s Chapter 4 of the second season which is now live for players with a ton of Marvel content.


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NVIDIA announces RTX 30 series GPUs based on Ampere architecture for next-gen gaming

NVIDIA has just launched its RTX 30 series GPUs based on the new Ampere architecture, which succeeds the Turing architecture on which the RTX 20 series was based. The company has introduced three new graphics cards – the beastly RTX 3090 for 8K gaming, the RTX 3080 which is positioned as the flagship for the masses and the RTX 3070 which is for the mainstream segment.

NVIDIA says the GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs pack second-gen ray-tracing cores, third-gen Tensor Cores and more capable multiprocessors that deliver faster frame rates and more detailed visuals in games. The new NVIDIA GPUs are the first to support up to 24GB of graphics memory and to utilize the faster GDDR6X VRAM modules. Other firsts include support for 8K gameplay and 4K gameplay at high refresh rate, HDMI 2.1 interface and support for AV1 codecs.

NVIDIA says the GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs employ dual axial flow through a cooling solution that features two fans, but it runs quieter than traditional dual axial coolers while delivering 2X better thermal output. The new second-gen ray-tracing cores are also claimed to twice more efficient, while the third-gen Tensor cores are also said to 2X more capable when it comes to AI-based workload.

Here’s how the three new GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs stack up against each other:

Source: NVIDIA

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NVIDIA teases a mysterious launch for August 31

NVIDIA took to Twitter to post a teaser for something that will be announced on August 31. The tweet posted from NVIDIA GeForce Twitter account simply says “#UltimateCountdown,” accompanied by a video of a star going supernova. Further, the account has updated its header image with another teaser that mentions “21 days. 21 years.”

The graphics card maker is likely to announce something big, as indicated by the supernova tease. Rumors have it that the company might be planning to launch its new Ampere graphics cards on September 9. Before that, it could be launching RTX 3000 Series cards including a GeForce RTX 3080 successor to the RTX 2080.

Moreover, Wccftech speculates that the teaser mention of 21 years might be related to the original GeForce 256 GPU. It’s been almost 21 years since the GeForce 256 launched back in 1999. Moreover, if you multiply 256 by 21 you get 5,376, which is a core count that was leaked recently, as noted by Wccftech.

Via: The Verge

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Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 4a: F I N A L L Y ! (video)


The Google Pixel 4, Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro and more devices are on sale today

Deals. Since it’s Pixel day, let’s start the week off with Pixel deals. The Pixel 4 is currently $45 off, leaving the 64GB variant at $754. However, if you go for the 4 XL, you can catch an $80 discount, leaving that at $820 shipped. B&H also has some deals on iPads, like in the case of the 11-inch variant which is $400, now the price is still kinda steep but you get the 1TB, Wi+Fi + Cellular variant for $1,099. Finally, the Garmin Fenix 5S is $62 off, leaving it at $438 shipped. We have more deals on AirPods, Thunderbolt docks and more.

Confirmed: Microsoft could acquire US arm of TikTok by September 15

We haven’t been covering the whole the US is banning Tik Tok situation because we thought it was way too political but, it has been trending on social media. Now, it looks like Microsoft wants a piece of the pie. On a new statement, Microsoft confirmed that they want to buy the US arm of Tik Tok and, this development comes after Satya Nadella talked to the US President. According to them, they are interested in doing the security review which the president asked for and they will also pursue discussions with Tik Tok’s parent company, ByteDance. These discussions should be completed by the week of September 15th and Microsoft would also allow other investors to pitch in. We’ll keep you posted.

Samsung could be interested in buying a small stake in ARM

Speaking of purchases, on Friday we covered how NVIDIA wants to acquire Arm, and now it looks like Samsung wants a small piece of that pie. According to an industry official, Samsung is considering buying a small stake in Arm, around 3 or 5%. Apparently Samsung’s goal is to reduce their royalty payments for producing chips based on their architecture. The problem is that, we’re not sure if even the NVIDIA deal will actually happen as it might bring some antitrust issues. We know that to some degree, Samsung, NVIDIA and Apple sort of compete in the same business which is why Samsung’s strategy works best. A small share of this assures regulators that there isn’t anti-competitive business going on and, they did a similar thing with ASML back in 2012. NVIDIA is apparently in advanced talks with Softbank so, we’ll see how this evolves.

Here’s your first look at the HUAWEI Mate 40 and its ginormous camera bump

Recently we started getting rumors of the Mate 40 series as we get closer to October. Now, we have some CAD renders from OnLeaks and, they look kinda funny. Now, remember this is not the Pro so no waterfall display, we get a regular curved display with a dual pill-shaped punch hole on the top left. Now, when you turn the phone around we get this huge stove, and I mean huge. It has three camera sensors, with no periscope lens and another sensor that kinda looks like Apple’s LiDAR solution. The leak also mentions that this is a 6.4in display but, we don’t have any more information on the internals just yet.

Check out the new real-life pictures of the Moto RAZR 5G

Last week we got some new pics of the upcoming RAZR from Evan Blass but, now we get some hands on images from Weibo. These aren’t exactly high-res but, we are available to see some new improvements. For starters, the chin is getting smaller and apparently the fingerprint sensor is gone. We’re also able to see the outside and, it looks like we’ll still be getting a single main camera but, according to the rumors this will be upgraded to a 48MP sensor and the selfie camera is also expected to jump up to 20MP. However, we can’t really see if the notch is changing due to the dark wallpaper. Some of the other leaked specs include the Snapdragon 765G, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a 2845 mAh battery with 18W charging.

Story of the day:

Google Pixel 4a is finally official and it costs a sweet $349

Google’s Pixel 4a 5G is coming this fall at $499, Pixel 5 will tag along too

Yes, it happened. Can I start saying finally again? The Google Pixel 4a was FINALLY announced. Let’s start by giving you the official specs, this phone brings a 5.81in FHD+ display, it’s powered by the Snapdragon 730G, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It brings a 3140 mAh battery with 18W fast charging and USB PD 2.0 standard. You’re getting a single 12.2MP shooter at the back, with both OIS and EIS stabilization and it supports features like HDR+, Dual Exposure controls, Portrait Mode, and even, Night Sight with astrophotography. Video Capture is kinda limited as it is capped at 1080p with a 30fps frame rate, and the selfie camera is an 8MP shooter at f/2.0 with no autofocus magic. It’s already available for pre-orders and it retails at $349, it will be available for purchase on August 20th. However, Google didn’t stop there, they leaked their own line up for the fall… They revealed that we’ll be getting the Pixel 4a 5G which will start at $499 and it will debut along the Pixel 5 which we still don’t know if that will be a flagship or not. They also gave us a teaser with both of the phones side to side with the text 5G behind them. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/pocketnowsub http://pocketnow.com Follow us: http://flipboard.com/@Pocketnow http://facebook.com/pocketnow http://twitter.com/pocketnow http://google.com/+pocketnow

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Samsung could be interested in buying a small stake in ARM

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It seems that Samsung is also trying to get a piece in a possible sale of the British semiconductor company ARM. The latest rumors suggest that NVIDIA has been in talks to acquire the company from Softbank, but this possible operation has also caused other companies such as Samsung and Apple to show interest.

According to a top anonymous industry official:
“Samsung Electronics is considering acquiring a small stake in Arm, which will be between 3 percent and 5 percent.”
“Arm will be acquired by a consortium led by multiple parties from the semiconductor industry given the complex nature of Arm’s shareholding structure.”
“As seen in Samsung’s previous equity purchasing in ASML, Samsung will likely try to acquire equities in Arm. As Samsung could solidify its partnership with ASML after the equity acquisition, Samsung expects it can reduce its licensing fee expenditure by securing equity in Arm.”

The Korea Times also reports that NVIDIA won’t be able to acquire ARM alone, as Softbank is valuating its semiconductor company for $41 billion. This means that several other companies could also step into this operation. NVIDIA could also be affected by possible concerns of antitrust violations that may end up blocking the deal. The same would happen if Samsung or Apple tried to buy 100 percent of ARM.

“Nvidia won’t become the sole suitor for Arm as the company needs to win approvals from fair trade authorities in countries that are doing business with the British company. I think it will be difficult for Nvidia to gain approval from any of those authorities.”

Source GSM Arena

Via The Korea Times

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Nvidia is reportedly in advanced talks to buy semiconductor giant ARM

Nvidia is reportedly in advanced levels of negotiation to buy semiconductor and software giant ARM in a deal worth more than $32 billion. Talks between the two companies began in the past few months when Nvidia approached SoftBank, the Japanese holding company which purchased the chipmaker back in 2016.

“US chip company Nvidia is in talks to buy the UK chip designer Arm from SoftBank in a cash-and-stock deal that would value the unit at more than $32bn, said two people with direct knowledge of the matter,” reports FincancialTimes. A separate Bloomberg report mentions that the two companies might reach a deal in the next few weeks.

The deal terms reportedly involve a cash and stock purchase that would put the initial sale price at over $32 billion. Nvidia’s current market valuation is close to $260 billion, and purchasing ARM – whose chips can be found inside smartphones, PCs, TV and a wide range of other devices – will further boost the graphics hardware giant’s assets and send ripples across the industry.

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It seems that NVIDIA may be interested in buying ARM Holdings

New rumors claim that NVIDIA has been in talks with SoftBank to buy ARM Holdings, a deal that may bring considerable changes in the computing world. Well, if it does end up happening.

According to a report from Bloomberg, NVIDIA intends to buy ARM Holdings from Japanese tech giant SoftBank. The Japanese company has been selling some of its assets to make up for losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so selling ARM holdings to NVIDIA may not be a bad idea. We have to remember that SoftBank purchased ARM back in 2016, meaning that the operation may lead up to be one of the most significant acquisitions in the chip industry.

NVIDIA’s shares have risen by 76 percent in the last year, so the company may have more than enough funds to complete the investment. However, some may have anti-competitive concerns. If NVIDIA manages to acquire ARM, it will use its assets to design and optimize chips for portable devices, PCs, and servers. Let’s remember that we may also see these chips in the next Nintendo Switch and insider Apple’s future MacBooks.

Source Android Central

Via Bloomberg

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Pocketnow Daily: POCO F2 Pro might NOT be the iPhone SE competitor we need? (video)


Apple’s previous 13-inch MacBook Pro, LG G8 and more, on sale today

Deals. Yesterday we get a new MacBook Pro, so as expected, Amazon has the previous 13in MacBook Pro for $200 off, leaving the 128GB variant for $1094. I know, too little storage, but buyers beware though, you’ll find the 256GB silver variant for $1299, but don’t buy it. The brand new model starts for the same price and that same storage. We’re also waiting on the LG Velvet so the G8 ThinQ is $200 off as well, which means it is currently starting at $400. Finally, if you’re looking for a fitness tracker, the Garmin vivomore HR Hybrid is $56 off, leaving it for $144 shipped. We also have deals on Roku TVs, Samsung tablets and more. Buy 13-inch MacBook Pro Buy LG G8 ThinQ Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 2019 Buy Garmin vivomove HR Buy 65-inch TCL Roku TV

MediaTek announces a its new Helio G85 gaming chipset

MediaTek has announced a total of three gaming focused chips this year. Now we get the MediaTek Helio G85 which is similar to the G80 but it includes a faster GPU. The first phone with this processor was announced last week and it is the Redmi Note 9. The G85 comes with a new 1GHz ARM Mali G52 GPU and a HyperEngine Game Technology enhancements. It also includes two ARM Cortex A75 cores running at 2GHz and 6 Cortex A55 cores running at 1.8GHz, all built on a 12nm process. It also has AI capabilities, better battery life and more features. Expect it on smartphones coming soon, we’ll keep you posted.

Apple’s WWDC 2020 starts on June 22 with an online-only, free-for-all format

We’ve been waiting on Apple to give us the exact way they will be carrying on with WWDC and they finally confirmed it. The Event will start on June 22 and it will last for a week, of course through an online event which according to them will be their biggest one, allowing all of their developer community which includes 23M people to be there in an unpresented way. You can also watch if you want by downloading the Apple’s Developers app.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 GPU details leaked. (Sorry folks, no RTX 20-series here!)

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 recently went through a certification revealing that it will bring an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM and two screen sizes: 13in and 15in. Now we got some new info from Twitter disclosing the GPUs. According to the tipster, the 13in variant will bring an Nvidia GTX 1650 (4GB GDDR5) and the 15in variant will bring an Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti (6GB GDDR5). The 15in is also reportedly bringing Quadro graphics but there’s no more info on those, though regardless it still seems that 15-inch seems quite capable. We’ll keep you posted as these are expected to drop some time this year.

The Google Pixel 4a is already being used by top Google executives

Now let’s talk about the Google Pixel 4a. Today we get a leak from the head man himself, Rick Osterloh.. Sort of.. He just tweeted out a new image of his Earth Badge on Fitbit and the UI clearly shows a space for the punch hole on the top left corner which isn’t present on other Pixel phones. Now, one of the biggest deal breakers of the iPhone SE is the battery is good, but not great, and which we’re hoping the Pixel has a better one but his device is at 80% and it’s barely 10am for him, so either he’s a late riser, or it might not be great at all. We’re about 10 days away from the speculated launch.

Story of the day:

POCO F2 Pro Gearbest product page goes live, features teased

And finally for the hottest news today.. Sort of, let’s talk about Poco. I mean, the orignal PocoPhone was a huge deal back in 2018 due to the impressive specs for a very cheap price tag. If there’s one company that can compete with the iPhone SE, it’s this one. Two months ago the company made their first independent launch with the X2 which wasn’t released globally, now the company just put out teasers and published a new product page live on Gearbest, telling us about the launch of the F2 Pro. The teasers hint to the phone looking like the Redmi K30 Pro but being a totally different device and not just a rebranded variant, bringing the Snapdragon 865, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The Problem, well if you’ve been following other rumors, the price might be starting at €649 in Portugal with the higher tier variant going up to €749. Yeah, it seems Poco is joining OnePlus in not offering the best value proposition they’ve been known for. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/pocketnowsub http://pocketnow.com Follow us: http://flipboard.com/@Pocketnow http://facebook.com/pocketnow http://twitter.com/pocketnow http://google.com/+pocketnow

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More companies will be absent from MWC 2020 because of coronavirus

More companies have announced that they won't be attending the upcoming MWC 2020 because of the threat of the coronavirus outbreak

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Apple and other US companies have been ordered to look for alternatives to China

There is a new chapter in the US - China trade war. Now President Trump has ordered all American companies to move out of China

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