The iPhone 15 Wi-Fi 6E upgrade might just be for the Pro models

When the iPhone 15 handsets make an appearance, we're once again expecting there to be several differences between the standard two phones and the two more expensive Pro models – and one of those differences could be in Wi-Fi support.

A leaked document posted by tipster Unknownz21 on Twitter (via MacRumors) makes reference to the antenna architecture for the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Plus, the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

According to the document, the standard iPhone 15 and the Plus model will stick with the same Wi-Fi 6 spec as the current iPhone 14 series. The Pro and the Pro Max, however, will be upgraded to the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard.

A numbers game

We had heard rumblings earlier in the week that Wi-Fi 6E would be coming to the iPhone 15 series in 2023, but at that stage we were thinking the upgrade was intended for all the models. Now that doesn't appear to be the case.

The difference between Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E isn't huge though: it supports an extra 6 GHz frequency band alongside 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, so while the speeds are similar, there's more capacity for more devices. You're also going to need a Wi-Fi 6E router to take advantage of the improved technology.

While it isn't mentioned in this document leak, we're assuming that if the iPhone 15 Ultra is real then it too will have the Wi-Fi 6E upgrade as well. It's not clear yet if the phone will be a separate model or take the place of the Pro Max version of the iPhone.

Analysis: more reasons to upgrade

In recent years Apple has clearly been trying to make the Pro model upgrades as worthwhile for people as possible, most recently with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The standard models almost seem neglected by comparison.

Last year, for example, we saw a speed difference between the two pairs of models for the first time: the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus got the A15 Bionic chipset, while the more expensive pair of phones got the latest A16 Bionic upgrade.

A slight upgrade in Wi-Fi standards might not be the most important spec when it comes to choosing a phone, but it's yet another reason to pick one of the Pro models when they go on sale (which will be in September, if Apple sticks to its usual schedule).

The danger is that the cheaper iPhones get ignored by buyers (and the Plus version is rumored to be not selling well at all) – but with the Pro models retailing for more money, it seems like a trade-off that Apple is happy to make.

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Another flurry of Samsung Galaxy S23 price leaks have turned up

We've already seen several price leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S23, but they're not stopping ahead of the expected launch of the phones on February 1. We now have information on pricing in Turkey, Germany and India.

Even if you don't live in those countries, these are important markers of how the handsets are going to be priced globally. In Turkey for example (from Roland Quandt via Notebookcheck), the Galaxy S23 phones are set to cost substantially more than their Galaxy S22 predecessors.

The starting price for the least expensive Galaxy S23 model is apparently going to be 50,000 Turkish lira – that works out as about $2,660 / £2,145 / AU$3,740, which is a small fortune. The main reason is high taxes on imported electronic goods.

Germany and India

Elsewhere in the world, rumored German pricing for the Galaxy S23 phones has appeared on WinFuture (via GSMArena). At starting prices of €949 (S23), €1,199 (S23 Plus) and €1,399 (S23 Ultra), a jump of around €100 in each case over the 2022 predecessors.

Finally there's pricing for India, which according to MySmartPrice (via Notebookcheck) is also going to be higher than the pricing we saw for the Galaxy S22. Here the S23 series is reportedly going to start at 79,999 Indian Rupees.

All of these leaks suggest that you'll be paying more for a Galaxy S23 phone than you would have done for a Galaxy S22 phone, although they're yet to be confirmed – though Samsung is already offering a number of Galaxy S23 deals.

Analysis: price matters

Galaxy S23 pricing rumors haven't been particularly consistent so far, although it does seem that Samsung might be able to match the Galaxy S22 pricing in the US at least. Elsewhere, as you can see above, it's looking like a different story.

Price leaks for both Australia and South Korea suggest that the 2023 phones are going to cost slightly more than their 2022 equivalents. That matches up with the leaks from Germany and India, while Turkey is a bit of an outlier.

All kinds of factors affect pricing of course, including taxes and manufacturing costs, and they're not all within Samsung's control. However, the company knows that it needs to put out an appealingly priced phone in order to attract buyers.

When you consider that the Google Pixel 7, for example, is available for a starting price of $599 / £599 / AU$999 (matching the Pixel 6), Samsung is going to have to bring out a really special smartphone to justify the extra money it's going to cost.

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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 spec sheet reveals all the key details

This time next week, the Samsung Galaxy S23 phones will have been officially unveiled, which means we won't have any more leaks around the handsets to report on – such as the full specs sheet that just appeared on the web, for example.

Posted by reliable tipster Roland Quandt, the specs sheet covers all three phones – the standard S23, the S23 Plus, and the S23 Ultra – and gives us a rundown of everything from the battery capacities to the camera modules.

In other words, don't read any further if you're avoiding spoilers for next week's Samsung Unpacked launch event on February 1. We'll be covering the event live of course, and anyone who wants to will also be able to watch everything live online.

See more

Specs appeal

We're looking at the 120Hz screens for the phones this year, with the Galaxy S23 offering a 6.1-inch display, the Galaxy S23 Plus upping that to a 6.6-inch display, and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra bringing with it a 6.8-inch display (and a stylus).

Under the hood we've got 8GB of RAM on the S23 and the S23 Plus, and 8GB or 12GB of RAM on the Ultra. The storage options are 128GB / 256GB / 512GB for the base model, 256GB / 512GB for the Plus, and 256GB/512GB/1TB for the Ultra. It's not listed on this sheet, but the internal processor will be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

The Ultra gets a triple-lens 200MP+12MP+10MP rear camera, but the selfie camera is just 12MP (it was 40MP on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra), as it is on the S23 and S23 Plus, which both swap the 200MP main camera for a 50MP model on the back.

Analysis: some well-chosen upgrades

We're now well used to incremental year-on-year upgrades for smartphones, and that's again promised by the Galaxy S23. The screen sizes all match last year's models, although the standard S23 gets a boost to 1,750 nits of peak brightness (up from 1,300 nits) to match the screens on the other two handsets.

When it comes to the cameras, the only difference in terms of megapixels is that the main camera on the back of the Ultra model goes up from 108MP to 200MP – however, it remains to be seen what sort of other upgrades and optimizations Samsung has managed to build into the 2023 tech.

Battery capacities get a slight bump on the S23 and S23 Plus models – from 3,700mAh to 3,900mAh and from 4,500mAh to 4,700mAh respectively. The Galaxy S23 Ultra model, meanwhile, sticks with the same 5,000mAh capacity, though bear in mind that battery capacity is just one of several factors affecting battery life.

Performance should certainly be the best you can get in an Android smartphone in 2023, what with that Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 from Qualcomm running everything. We've only got to wait until Wednesday for all of these specs to be made official, but we're excited about what's coming down the line.

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 could be the toughest mainstream phone yet

High-end smartphones are both expensive and – typically – fragile, which isn’t a great combination. But the Samsung Galaxy S23 series looks set to take steps to solve that, as these phones will be the first to use Gorilla Glass Victus 2.

This is Corning’s latest super-strong cover glass, and while the tech itself was revealed late last year, the company has now confirmed that “Samsung’s next Galaxy flagship smartphones” will be the first to use it. While the Samsung Galaxy S23 series isn’t mentioned by name, the phones are set to land on February 1 – so Corning can’t really be talking about anything else.

The wording also suggests – but doesn’t outright confirm – that all three upcoming models will use Gorilla Glass Victus 2, so you can likely expect it on the S23, the Galaxy S23 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. A leak also pointed to Gorilla Glass Victus 2 being used by all three phones, so that’s looking very likely.

This new generation of Gorilla Glass is designed to offer improved drop protection on rough surfaces like concrete while having just as much scratch resistance as the original Gorilla Glass Victus.

Interestingly, there’s no comparison given here to Gorilla Glass Victus Plus, which is used in the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, but presumably Victus 2 is also an upgrade on that.

Gorilla Glass Victus 2 is also designed with sustainability in mind, as it contains an average of 22% pre-consumer recycled content, which is nice to know. But the most reassuring thing about Victus 2 is simply that it’s more likely to survive a drop onto concrete – which according to Corning is the world’s most abundant engineered material.

A Sony Xperia 1 IV from the front with the screen on

The successor to the Sony Xperia 1 IV might well use Victus 2 (Image credit: Future)

Analysis: the first of many Victus 2 phones

You won’t have to wait long to get a phone with Gorilla Glass Victus 2, since the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is being announced on February 1 and reportedly shipping on February 17. But these will probably just be the first of many phones to use Victus 2.

Other than iPhones, which use Ceramic Shield technology (also made by Corning), almost every high-end phone includes Gorilla Glass of some kind.

So with Gorilla Glass Victus 2 now being available we’d expect that it'll be the cover glass of choice for most high-end handsets this year. Going by past form, that’s likely to include the Sony Xperia 1 V, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, and others.

The OnePlus 11 and Xiaomi 13 presumably don’t use it since they’re already out in China, so Samsung wouldn’t be the first if they did, but their successors and the Xiaomi 13 Ultra might well.

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Apple just slashed its iPhone trade-in prices – sell your phone here instead

If you're looking to swap your old iPhone for a spanking new model like the iPhone 14, Apple's official Trade In program is one of the simplest ways to do it. But thanks to some recent downgrades to its trade-in values, it's also now one of the worst value trade-in services out there.

As spotted by MacRumors, some models of iPhone are now worth significantly less on trade-ins than they were last week. The worst hit, the iPhone 13 Pro series, saw its trade-in price drop by $80 in the US and Apple is offering similar prices in the UK. The iPhone 13's trade-in value also went down by $50.

While Apple hasn't cut its valuations for every iPhone, its full list of trade-in prices underlines that there is a cost to the convenience of offloading your old phone directly through the manufacturer. Apple's trade-ins aren't necessarily recycled – it says that if your phone is "in good shape", it'll "help it go to a new owner". And the price of doing that is factored into the prices it offers for old iPhones.

So what exactly are your alternatives? While the best choice depends on which iPhone you're looking to get, the table below shows there are some financial benefits in shopping around for trade-in offers.

The good news is that, compared to Android phones, iPhones generally hold their value better – a US trade-in comparison site said that a used iPhone lost 68.8% of its value last year, compared to 84.2% for Samsung and 89.5% for Google.

If you have a particularly old iPhone that's no longer working properly, you may still prefer to trade it in through Apple safe in the knowledge that it'll go to one of the manufacturer's approved recycling partners. But if you're looking to get a solid discount off your next phone, or perhaps even a free Apple Watch, these are the places to consider.

1. Check your phone carrier

If you bought your current iPhone through a network operator and are looking to stay with them, there are some impressive trade-in offers available that may well trump going through a reseller or selling privately.

These typically give you account credit or a promotion card to put towards a new one, or offer free recycling. Here are some links to the major ones in the US and UK.

US network trade-in schemes

UK network phone trade-in schemes

Not everyone will be on a pricey unlimited plan and be looking to buy a brand-new iPhone 14, but if you are there are some impressive trade-in deals like the one below.

Impressively, Verizon is offering a free Apple Watch 7 and an extra $200 off an iPad when you trade an iPhone in, on top of the usual rebate. For more deals like that one, check out our guide to the best iPhone deals.

Apple iPhone 14: up to $800 off with trade, plus free Apple Watch at Verizon
Verizon's iPhone deals offer the usual trade-in rebate of up to $800 off on the iPhone 14 this week - a great promotion, but nothing too special. What's really sweetening the deal this week is that the carrier is also offering a free Apple Watch 7 and an additional $200 off an iPad as a bonus promotion to the trade-in, which is absolutely awesome value. While you'll still need that pricey unlimited plan to take part here, grabbing some freebies on top of the usual device saving is a great option. View Deal

2. Use trade-in comparison sites

If you don't have time to trawl through every mobile reseller, trade-in comparison sites can give you a quick temperature check on what your iPhone could fetch at the many reselling rivals to Apple's program.

A laptop screen showing the Sell My Mobile website

(Image credit: Future)

In the US, Flipsy is a handy place to see how much your phone is worth and offers free shipping, while in the UK some of the best options are Sell My Mobile and Compare and Recycle.

You might be able to find a better price for your iPhone by going directly to the resellers rather than via a comparison site, but they're a good way to quickly check how much more your iPhone might be able to fetch elsewhere. 

3. Go direct to trade-in and recycling services

Another bonus of being an iPhone owner who's for a trade-in deal is that most of the major third party sites have a strong focus on Apple, alongside Samsung. So where should you get your online quotes?

In the US, ItsWorthMore is a reliable and long-standing place to sell your iPhone (along with tablets and laptops). EcoATM (formerly known as Gazelle) is also a simple option, while USell will happily quote you for a broken or damaged iPhone that may not qualify for other trade-in programs.

A laptop screen showing an iPhone 13 valuation on the It's Worth More site

(Image credit: Future)

If you're in the UK, Carphone Warehouse offers competitive trade-in prices (as you can see in the table above), while CeX will give you valuations for credit in its physical stores. 

For recycling options, check out EcoATM and Best Buy (in the US) or Fonebank (in the UK). Some networks in the UK have also set up schemes for you to donate your old iPhone to someone in need – see Three's Reconnected and Vodafone's Great British Tech Appeal for good examples of those.

4. Sell privately

Naturally, selling an old iPhone yourself brings a higher potential price ceiling, but also the most hassle. Avoiding the latter is a big part of the appeal of trade-in services like the ones above.

Still, if you're happy to field dozens of potential questions from interested buyers in order to squeeze the most value from that phone, selling privately remains a profitable alternative to Apple's Trade In program.

A laptop screen showing an iPhone 13 Pro listing on eBay

(Image credit: Future)

The two big guns remain eBay and FaceBook Marketplace, due to their vast audiences and secure payment setups. When should you sell? While it can leave you with a tricky period between having your old phone and getting a new one, the best times to flog an old iPhone are typically August (which is at least a month before Apple usually announces new models), with the worst being late September.

Whichever way you decide to go, make sure you read our excellent tips on how to sell or trade in your old smartphone, which we gathered after an insightful chat with the experts at Backmarket. 

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The iPhone 15 Ultra could have better cameras and more power than the Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro Max isn’t much better than the iPhone 14 Pro, with the main differences just being the size of the screen and capacity of the battery, but Apple could be looking to differentiate the top two entries in the expected iPhone 15 line later this year, based on new revelations from iOS 17.

That’s according to information from LeaksApplePro, posting on HowToiSolve. They claim to have seen iOS 17 code, and it reveals that the iPhone 15 Ultra – which is likely to be what Apple launches instead of an iPhone 15 Pro Max – will apparently have more advanced image processing software than the iPhone 15 Pro, as well as the rest of the iPhone 15 series.

So even if the camera hardware is the same across the 15 Ultra and Pro, the iPhone 15 Ultra sounds as though it'll have an edge in the photography department.

It might be able to get more out of its chipset too, with the source adding that the Ultra's performance won’t be as limited by software as on the Pro model. Those performance limits are in place to stop the phones overheating, so if this is true then the iPhone 15 Ultra will presumably must have a better cooling system too.

There are also details that we’ve heard before, including that the entire iPhone 15 line will apparently have a Dynamic Island rather than a notch, and that while they’ll all apparently use USB-C, the top two models will offer higher data transfer speeds (similar to USB 3.2 technology).

As for iOS 17 itself, there’s not actually much about that here, despite this information apparently coming from iOS 17 code, but the gist is that there will apparently be few visual changes, with the focus instead being on stability and efficiency.

A number of apps will apparently be getting small tweaks though, and the Home app is supposedly in for major changes.

In other iPhone 15 news, some or all models will apparently support Wi-Fi 6E, according to a research note from Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Tom O'Malley, seen by MacRumors. This would add support for 6GHz Wi-Fi, which is faster – but only when connected to a router that also supports it.

Analysis: the Ultra sounds like the phone to go for

With the iPhone 14 line, it was the Pro and the Pro Max that stood out as the phones to buy – if you could afford them.

The iPhone 14 itself was barely an upgrade on the iPhone 13, and while the iPhone 14 Plus offered a screen size upgrade without shelling out for a pricey Pro Max, it was otherwise a slightly dated-feeling handset, with a notch and a year-old chipset.

That division looks set to somewhat continue with 2023's lineup, but with the iPhone 15 Ultra standing out above even the iPhone 15 Pro.

At least this time the cheapest two models might get a Dynamic Island and USB-C, which is nice, although leaks suggest they’ll still be stuck with a dated chipset.

The Ultra meanwhile might have things like a titanium frame and a dual-lens selfie camera, on top of the developments from this latest leak; none of which might be offered by the iPhone 15 Pro. So while this is sure to be a very expensive phone, it will also probably be one of the very best phones – and undoubtedly the best iPhone.

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This official Samsung Galaxy S23 pre-order deal makes the phones more affordable

The Samsung Galaxy S23 and its siblings are sure to be expensive phones – especially in the UK, where leaks suggest there might be a price hike. But if you pre-order, then you can take a bit of the sting out of the price.

That’s because Samsung has officially confirmed that you can get a free storage upgrade with your purchase. So if you pre-order a 256GB Samsung Galaxy S23 then you’ll only pay the price of a 128GB model. Similarly if you pre-order a 512GB Galaxy S23 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra then you’ll pay for the 256GB capacity.

Interestingly there’s no mention of this scheme working for a 1TB version of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, even though that’s rumored to exist.

This deal was oddly – and likely accidentally – confirmed in the small print of the Samsung Galaxy A23’s page on the Samsung Business UK website (via Phone Arena). At the time of writing the text is still visible too.

Small print showing pre-order deals for the Samsung Galaxy S23

The sixth point in this small print is the deal in question (Image credit: Samsung)

There’s a bit to unpack here – first, while this was a business website, the wording specifically refers to orders from (not the business site), so you presumably don’t have to be a business customer to get this incentive. However, there’s no guarantee it will be available from third-party stores or in other countries.

The US is running its own scheme though, allowing you to reserve a Samsung Galaxy S23 and get $50 off when it comes time to purchase, so even if this storage upgrade isn’t offered there, you can still save some money.

The text on Samsung’s UK site confirms a few other things too though, such as the fact that there is indeed a Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus and Ultra alongside the standard model, not that this comes as much of a surprise.

More interestingly, this incentive runs until February 16, suggesting that the phones ship on February 17, as had previously been rumored. As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is being announced on February 1, so there’s not long to wait for an official look at them.

Analysis: how much money will this scheme save you?

UK pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series remains unclear so we can’t say exactly how much money you could save with these storage upgrades, but for what it’s worth, it cost £50 to move up a storage size with the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus, while with the Ultra you were looking at £80 to go from 256GB to 512GB. So we might see similar differences this year, even if the pricing does differ.

If this same deal is offered in the US, then the saving could come in at around $50 for the Galaxy S23 or S23 Plus, and $100 for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. While in Australia we might be looking at a saving of AU$100 to move up a storage size on the Samsung Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23 Plus, and a discount of $150 on the S23 Ultra.

All in all, it might not be a massive saving, but it makes what’s sure to be some of the best Samsung phones a little more affordable.

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Got an old iPhone or iPad? You need to install this security update now

If you own an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you're probably no longer in the habit of giving it software updates – but a new security update from Apple is an essential install if you want to keep your device secure.

A newly discovered vulnerability, which also affects some iPads (the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3), was recently picked up by Google's Threat Analysis Group, potentially allowing attackers to trick affected users into visiting "maliciously crafted web content". 

As a result, Apple has released an iOS 12.5.7 firmware update for those six affected devices, which owners should install now. If you don't have automatic updates enabled, just go to the Settings app then General > Software Update.

Apple says that it's "aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited against versions of iOS released before iOS 15.1", so it's definitely a good idea to install the update.  

Given that the iPhone 5S is now nine years old, it's impressive to see Apple stretching its security updates back that far. Neither the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 nor iPhone 6 Plus can run iOS 13, which is why those phones in particular have been given updates.

Feeling secure

An iPhone on a grey background showing a software update screen

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple has led the way when it comes to providing firmware or security updates to older phones – last year, the seven-year-old iPhone 6S got iOS 15, and the five-year-old iPhone 8 is supported by the latest iOS 16.

But despite having a comparatively poor reputation for firmware support, Android manufacturers have also been boosting their credentials here. Last year, OnePlus said that "select models" of its phones would get four major Android updates and five years of security patches – the same as Samsung's support for the Galaxy S22 and other handsets.

And Google is slowly improving in this regard, with its most recent Pixel phones (including the Pixel 7 series) getting a promised five years of security updates, if only three years of OS updates. Android 14 is also expected to block the installation of apps that target outdated versions of the operating system.

While that news has caused something of an outcry from hardcore Android fans who see it as impinging on Android's open nature, these moves (and in particular, long-term security updates) will definitely be appreciated by most smartphone owners, who'd rather simply stay clear of malware or security threats.

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New Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sample leaks are a mix of impressive and disappointing

If you’re looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, then you’re probably at least in part excited by the potential of its cameras, as this is one of the main ways in which it’s likely to rise above the rest of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Well, we now have more of an idea of what the cameras might be capable of, thanks to some new leaked photos, supposedly taken using them.

These come from Twitter user Edwards Urbina (via Phone Arena) and they aren’t the first Galaxy S23 Ultra camera samples this person has shared. But this time, we see a wider selection of scenes.

Among the most impressive shots are some atmospheric street scenes, shot at night – though it’s unclear how much light was available, so we can’t be certain exactly what the phone had to work with.

See more

Still, the resulting shots are quite detailed and pleasing to the eye – and that’s despite the compression they’ll have gone through by being posted on Twitter.

That compression means you shouldn’t read too much into any of these images, as they’ll look better elsewhere.

But not all of the shots impress quite as much. Urbina also shared an image of the moon, which is... fine, but doesn’t really appear any better than similar moon shots that other high-end phones can take.

See more

That’s a slight disappointment given that Samsung recently hyped moon shots specifically in a teaser.

There are also some shots at 10x and 30x zoom, with the 10x ones looking good, as you’d expect, given that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra probably has a 10x optical zoom lens. The 30x shots will be using a digital zoom, and they’re more of a mixed bag.

There’s one of a tree that looks fairly good, considering it’s digital – it’s not pin-sharp but there’s a reasonable amount of detail there. Then there’s one of a monkey that looks rather worse, with the camera clearly struggling to focus.

Image 1 of 2

A leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sample

A 10x zoom shot (left) and a 30x zoom shot (right) (Image credit: Edwards Urbina)
Image 2 of 2

A leaked Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sample

A 10x zoom shot (left) and a 30x zoom shot (right) (Image credit: Edwards Urbina)

There are other camera samples too – you can check their Twitter feed for more, we’ve just picked out some of the most interesting ones.

Analysis: mixed results

Ultimately, the results are a bit hit and miss but seem broadly promising, and when you factor in Twitter’s compression, potential user error, and the possibility of tweaks to the camera performance by the time the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra launches, there’s every chance it will be one of the very best camera phones.

Currently, we rank the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra as the best, and with a new 200MP sensor almost certainly being included here, we’d expect some improvements. Though, of course, more megapixels doesn’t always mean better performance, so you’ll have to wait for our full Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review to know for sure.

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Ted Lasso star is a good-natured joke in Apple data privacy video

The best way to school people on desperately dull topics is through humor, at least that's the assumption made by Apple in its new four-part Data Privacy video series featuring Ted Lasso's Nick Mohammed.

The video, which was released today as part of a multi-pronged effort to highlight Data Privacy Day (January 28), the week that leads up to it, and all the data privacy tools iPhone users may or may not be using, spotlights four core iPhone data privacy features.

In the video, "A Day in the Life of an Average Person’s Data," Mohammed plays a heightened version of himself, someone overly concerned with his fame and notoriety but also being humbled at every turn. It takes a mostly light touch on explaining tools like Mail Privacy Protections, Intelligent Tracking Prevention, Apple Tracking Transparency, and Wallet & Apple Pay.

The more serious guidance will come courtesy of a new in-person Today at Apple session.

Starting on January 28, Apple will launch its first Today at Apple session solely devoted to data privacy: "Taking Charge of Your Privacy on iPhone." You can register for the free sessions, which will be conducted at Apple retail locations around the world, starting today (January 24) through or the Today at Apple page on

For both the video and live sessions there are no new Apple Data Privacy features to tout. All of them are available in iOS 16 right now. Subjects the sessions will cover include:

  • Passwords and pass keys
  • App tracking transparency
  • Safety check
  • Location services
  • Mail privacy protection
  • App privacy report

In other words, you'll learn more about how to keep your mobile information private via Today at Apple than you will from Nick Mohammed.

That four-part (not counting the introduction and ending) video will be featured prominently on, social media, and YouTube. While you may already use features like Intelligent Tracking Prevention, you could probably still get a chuckle out of watching Mohammed repeatedly embarrass himself. It's a far cry from where his character Nathan Shelley is heading in the upcoming Ted Lasso season 3 (which lives on Apple TV Plus, naturally) where he's now squaring off with Lasso as the new manager of a rival team.

Nick Mohammed in Apple's new data privacy video

Nick Mohammed (left) in Apple's new data privacy video. (Image credit: Apple)

While Apple's appropriation of Data Privacy Day (launched in Europe in 2007 and Adopted by the US in 2009) might seem self-serving, Apple's data protection tools have had a significant impact on the way many mobile, tech, and social media businesses operate.

Multiple companies, including Facebook (Meta) and Twitter, have noted the deleterious impact Apple Tracking Transparency has had on their businesses, including possibly costing them billions of dollars in advertising revenues.

Because Apple doesn't sell ads on its consumer devices or share any of the data it houses (and encrypts) for its consumers, Apple can do what, for instance, Google cannot. The latter's business is built almost entirely on user data and advertising.

It makes sense for Apple to lean into and celebrate this week while other tech companies might take a more muted, or even silent, approach.

The real question, though, is how well do you know the privacy tools on any of Apple's best iPhones or even the best smartphones? If you're not happy with how your data is managed, it might be time to trade up.

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iOS 16.3 lets you use a physical security key to secure your iPhone

Apple has released iOS 16.3, which includes a huge security feature that’s set to change how we store our whole lives online.

iCloud is home to some of our most trusted memories, secrets, and more, and the thought of a hacker getting hold of our cloud storage data puts fear into most users with an Apple ID.

To help protect this, iOS 16.3, and the correlating iPadOS 16.3 and macOS 13.2 updates, have brought along support for security keys to further enhance Apple ID protection. 

iOS 16.3 Security Keys

“Security Keys for Apple ID allows users to strengthen the security of their account by requiring a physical security key to sign in," an extract from Apple's release notes reads.

Apple has long offered two-factor authentication (2FA) on its accounts, however this type of protection is still easy for scammers to get around with phishing emails and other types of hacks.

Users looking to take their account protection one step further can now choose to use a physical security key, which only they have access to, in order to prevent prying eyes for gaining unwanted access.

While this may be welcome news to many, it does come with caution for the less tech-savvy customers. That’s because you are now the holder of your encryption key, so if you were to lose it, you’d be locked out for good - Apple won’t hold a backup. 

The latest round of updates has also seen Advanced Data Protection expanded. It’s now able to end-to-end encrypt 23 iCloud categories, including Photos, which Apple says will “[protect] your information even in the case of a data breach in the cloud” for users worldwide after an initial US-only rollout.”

Other updates include bug fixes, an Emergency SOS improvement that should see fewer accidental phone calls, and support for the second-generation HomePod.

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A Samsung Galaxy S23 teaser video highlights epic night and moon shots

One thing a lot of the best phones are surprisingly good at is taking photos of the moon, and there’s a high chance the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be even better than the current crop, going by a new official teaser video.

Samsung has posted a short video to its YouTube channel (via GSMArena) showing a moon coming out of shadow to be lit up clearly, then overlaid with the word “Mooon” with three camera lenses used in place of each 'o'.

This obviously suggests that one or more phones in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will be capable of taking bright, detailed shots of the moon.

The use of three camera lenses in the image of the word ‘moon’ would seem to suggest the teaser is talking about the standard S23 or the Galaxy S23 Plus rather than the Ultra, as that model will almost certainly have four lenses. But it’s also likely to be the best of the bunch for photography, and particularly moon photography, since it’s sure to be able to zoom much further; so perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into the number of lenses depicted.

The video then states that “epic nights are coming”, suggesting that beyond moon shots, night photography in general will be a strong suit of these phones. The fact that the moon comes out of shadow in the video could also be a suggestion that night shots taken with S23 series phones will be impressively bright.

Analysis: not the first hint of impressive night photography

We’ve been hearing for a while that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, in particular, will be capable of taking exceptional night shots, so this teaser doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

One leaker even claimed that the phone essentially has night vision, while recent leaked camera samples showed very bright night-time scenes.

This is likely powered, at least in part, by the new 200MP primary sensor that’s been widely rumored for the phone, replacing the 108MP sensor found on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and its siblings are set to be unveiled on February 1 at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023, so we’ll see just how good they really are soon.

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Motorola Razr 2023: what we want to see and what we know so far

Most years the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip line doesn’t have much competition, but in 2022 that all changed, as the Motorola Razr 2022 became a serious rival to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

This wasn’t Motorola’s first clamshell foldable, but it was the company’s first genuinely great one, and it’s left us with high hopes for the Motorola Razr 2023.

We’re already hearing a little about this upcoming phone too, so below you’ll find all the leaks and rumors we’ve heard so far, and we’ll add to this article once we hear more.

Under that, you’ll also find a list of the things we want from the Motorola Razr 2023, to make it an even better foldable phone than the Razr 2022.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Motorola's next foldable phone
  • When is it out? Probably around August 2023
  • How much will cost? Possibly around £949.99 / AU$1,599 (roughly $1,155)

Motorola Razr 2023: release date and price

We’ll probably be waiting a while for the Motorola Razr 2023, as the Razr 2022 only landed in August 2022, so August 2023 is the most likely release month for the next model.

Motorola hasn’t stuck with August every year, but these phones are always at least announced towards the end of the year, so if anything, August is probably the earliest we’ll see it.

There’s also the question of which countries it will actually be made available in too, because while the 2022 model is available in the UK and Australia, you can’t currently buy it in the US – though previous models did launch there.

There aren’t any price rumors yet, but the Motorola Razr 2022 starts at £949.99 / AU$1,599 (around $1,155), so a similar price for the next model is entirely possible.

The Razr 2022 marked the best price-performance balance Motorola's foldable series had struck to date, and finally rendered them cost competitive against Samsung's equivalent Galaxy Flip. It'd be great for pricing to continue to fall, of course, but that feels like a step too far.

A Motorola Razr 2022 half open in someone's hand

The Razr 2023 could have a similar price to the Razr 2022 (Image credit: Future / Alex Walker-Todd)

Motorola Razr 2023: news and leaks

There aren’t many Motorola Razr 2023 leaks so far, but we have heard a couple of things, including one claim that comes from Evan Blass – a reputable leaker – who tweeted that there will be two new Razr models in 2023. These will apparently be codenamed Juno and Venus, but no additional details were supplied.

Of those, it’s likely that Juno is a successor to the Razr 2022, because an earlier leak on 91Mobiles said the Motorola Razr 2022’s successor was codenamed Juno and would have a 144Hz screen again.

So what about Venus? There’s no news on that. The source above actually also mentioned another phone codenamed Felix, which is apparently the company’s first rollable phone, but that’s probably further out.

Venus then might be a phone more in the mold of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, but that’s just speculation for now.

What we want to see

There are a number of things we’d like to see Motorola work on with the next Razr model, with the following five topping our list.

1. Better cameras

A close-up of the cameras on a Motorola Razr 2022

The Razr 2022 has reasonable but not great cameras (Image credit: Future / Alex Walker-Todd)

The Motorola Razr 2022 has significantly better cameras than the previous models, but there’s still room for improvement on the Razr 2023.

We want to see improvements to the post-processing, a better ultra-wide camera – as the Razr 2022’s disappoints – and ideally even the addition of a telephoto lens; though that last bit might be too much to hope for.

2. Long-term update support

Motorola is only promising two years of Android version updates and three years of security patches with the Razr 2022, which just isn’t enough, especially for such an expensive phone, and all the more so given that Samsung and OnePlus are offering four years of Android updates and five years of security patches with select phones.

So we want to see Motorola commit to much longer software support with the Razr 2023, otherwise it could be hard to recommend.

3. Water resistance

Motorola Razr 2022 review angled back open

The Motorola Razr 2022 doesn't have much water resistance (Image credit: Future / Alex Walker-Todd)

It seems like it would be hard to make a foldable phone water-resistant, but somehow Samsung has managed it with recent handsets, so we’d like to see Motorola do the same with the next Razr.

Technically, you do get some on the Razr 2022, but its IP52 rating falls far short of what Samsung offers.

Decent water resistance is a standard feature on premium phones and with good reason – since the last thing you want is a little rain turning your purchase into an expensive paperweight.

4. Wireless charging

While the Motorola Razr 2022 has reasonable battery life and charges quite quickly, it only supports wired charging, which is a shame in such a pricey handset, especially as its main rival – the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – does offer wireless charging. So we’d like the Motorola Razr 2023 to offer it too.

5. Smoother performance

There’s no shortage of power in the Motorola Razr 2022, yet in our review we found that the actual performance wasn’t always great, with some noticeable jumps and stutters at times.

Given the hardware and the price, that’s not really acceptable, so we’d like to see the Razr 2023 optimized to offer smooth performance, as that will help it rank among the best foldable phones.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera samples highlight impressive night and zoom shots

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was always likely to rank among the best camera phones, and now we’re even more sure of that, as leaked camera samples, reportedly shot on the phone, show impressive photography skills.

Twitter user Edwards Urbina posted a series of shots showing off night and zoom photography (via NotebookCheck), so let’s take a look.

First up, night photography. For this, Urbina posted two photos taken in presumably the normal mode, alongside ones in night mode (or perhaps astrophotography mode).

Image 1 of 4

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked camera sample

(Image credit: Edwards Urbina)
Image 2 of 4

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked camera sample

(Image credit: Edwards Urbina)
Image 3 of 4

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked camera sample

(Image credit: Edwards Urbina)
Image 4 of 4

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaked camera sample

(Image credit: Edwards Urbina)

The normal shots are incredibly dark, giving an indication of how little light there was in the scene, while the night mode shots are impressively bright, and packed with detail.

They’re far from perfect – there’s a bit of noise, some mushy details, unnatural color on the foliage, and they aren’t perfectly focused. But given how little light there seemed to be to work with the results are still strong.

Now we come to the zoom shots, with photos apparently taken at 1x, 3x, 10x, and 30x zoom.

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The Ultra line always excels at zoom shots, so it’s no surprise that these look good – particularly the first three, as the phone can probably optically zoom to those distances. However, the 30x zoom also looks fairly detailed – if not quite as sharp as the others, and given that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s optical zoom probably tops out at 10x, that’s impressive.

Indeed, leaker @UniverseIce claims that this shot looks as good as a 20x zoom shot on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, so even though the optical range might not be any better this year, the overall quality of zoom shots – and particularly digital zoom – could be improved.

Of course, these are just a few photos, we can’t be certain that they’re genuine, and we don’t have side by side comparisons with the Galaxy S22 Ultra or other phones. So don’t read too much into them, but they look promising regardless.

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra expected on February 1, we'll know exactly how good its cameras are soon.

Opinion: zoom looks great, but next year it needs to be much better

From everything we’ve seen and heard so far, it seems likely that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will take the crown as the best camera phone, replacing the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which currently sits in the top spot.

With a new 200MP primary sensor and improvements to both night and zoom photography, there should be a reasonable number of photographic upgrades here – but next year the company should focus even more on zoom improvements.

Samsung is arguably in the lead for zoom photography right now, as rival handsets don’t offer 10x optical zoom, but they might soon catch up. Google is gradually closing in, with 5x optical zoom offered on the Pixel 7 Pro, and Apple will reportedly put a periscope camera on the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Meanwhile, Samsung has done little to push zoom photography forward in the last few years. The software has improved but hardware improvements have been minimal, and there’s been no change to the maximum optical zoom distance on the Ultra phones.

So, if the company wants to maintain its lead then we might need more than 10x optical zoom on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – or some other tricks, like the continuous optical zoom offered by the Sony Xperia 1 IV.

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First Samsung Galaxy S23 hands-on leak shows off the Ultra model

Spare a thought for the team tasked with trying to keep the Samsung Galaxy S23 leaks down to a minimum, because something new is emerging almost every day now, and the latest sneak preview we have to share with you is a hands-on video.

Reposted to Twitter by @sondesix from an Instagram source (via Notebookcheck), it looks as though the video has been shot by a retail store in Nicaragua. We get a good look at the Ultra model in a green color, and a clip of the phone's camera in action.

The hands-on video doesn't really tell us too much we didn't already know about the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but it's interesting to see the handset in the real world – and it matches up with leaked renders we've already seen.

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Choose your color

We also get to see photos of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in black, green, cream and lavender, the same colors that have previously been posted to the web by unofficial sources. In this case the advance information seems to have been largely correct.

The same source has also posted photos of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in cream, which seem to have been obtained from Facebook Marketplace. The phone is clearly making its way to retail stores around the world, hence the latest batch of leaks.

There's been a flood of Galaxy S23 leaks in recent weeks, and Samsung doesn't really have all that much left to reveal. We'll get our first official look at the new handsets, including the Ultra model, at the next Samsung Unpacked event on Wednesday, February 1.

Analysis: a well-leaked smartphone

We're used to reporting on leaks around upcoming handsets, from the Google Pixel 8 to the Apple iPhone 15 – but even by the standards of the phone industry, there has been an awful lot of Galaxy S23 information revealed in advance of the launch.

That may rankle with the executives at Samsung: they no doubt want to keep as much as possible under wraps until the phone gets its official unveiling. All these leaks can dilute the excitement around the big Samsung Galaxy S23 launch in February.

On the other hand, they're certainly a sign of interest in the flagship. Having so many leaks around the phone is probably slightly preferable to having no one talk about it at all – which is the case with plenty of other handsets on the market.

The trouble is that once a device is in production, rather than being developed inside a company, there are a host of third parties involved. That makes keeping a lid on everything very difficult, as Samsung is discovering ahead of the February 1 event.

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