Choice! Vodafone waives its $5 a day roaming fee in New Zealand

Choice! Vodafone waives its $5 a day roaming fee in New Zealand

Did you know that New Zealand is the number one international destination for Australians traveling overseas? Me either. But apparently it's true, and Vodafone is using that statistic to entice customers with a pair of announcements today.

The more interesting bit of news is the fact that Vodafone is running a 12 month trial, starting today, which will see Vodafone waive the $5 a day roaming fee for post-paid customers traveling to New Zealand.

That means that any Australian Vodafone customer heading to the Shaky Isles will be able to use their phone exactly like they do at home, without fearing exorbitant roaming charges, and without having to pay a cent more than usual.

When they arrive, they'll be able to enjoy Vodafone New Zealand's 4G network, while using their own data allowance and phone inclusions, including unlimited calls.

Since 2013, Vodafone customers on Vodafone Red plans have been able to enjoy their phone inclusions for $5 a day while overseas. While customers will still have to pay the $5 daily fee in any of the other supported countries, the move to waive the fee for New Zealand visitors is going to benefit a huge number of international travelers.

Would you like points with that?

The second announcement Vodafone made today is a strategic partnership with Qantas, that will see new (or renewing) customers given the option of claiming up to 15,000 Frequent Flyer points by signing up to an eligible post-paid plan.

You need to sign on to a $80 phone plan or a $45 SIM-only plan or higher in order to receive the points, which are delivered as a lump sum up front.

The $80 plan (or $45 SIM-only plan) nets 4,000 Qantas points, the $100 plan ($60 SIM-only) will give 5,000 points and the $130 plan ($85 SIM-only) gives 7,500 points.

However, if you sign up online Vodafone will double the points to 8,000, 10,000 and 15,000 respectively.

IDC Says Smartphone Sales Rose to Leading

The IDC has said smartphone sales continued to increase to record levels through 2015, showing the market appears to be unwilling to slow down. The smartphone market is now the most competitive it has ever been, saturated? We don't think so as this competition means some of the giant names are not having things all their own way these days ... just ask Samsung now, and ask Apple in a few months.
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Huawei opens up shop for the Honor 5X in the US

Feeling brave today? Huawei-subsidiary Honor is hoping you are. It’s launching US store today with one phone and one wearable. If you’ve kept your attention past CES this year, you may recall that Honor launched a $200 all-metal phone. So, if a champ build for chump change is what’s getting your motor going, hit up our source ...

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LG G3 Widget Security Flaw Patched

We have never been big fans of the LG Smart Notice, a widget that has been included on most of the company's devices over the last few years. The widget offers updates and notifications regarding numerous services and on board functions, but it has never really worked as well as LG would want it to. If you own an LG G3, the Smart Notice is much more problematic than not working well, however.
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Launching Feb. 21

Aside from official confirmation, most details regarding the Samsung Galaxy S7 are known, from design to specs. One of the most consistent rumors has been the one that the flagship will launch at MWC 2016 in Barcelona at the end of the month. That rumor now seems to have been confirmed by tipster Evan Blass, who has posted an image of the upcoming invite for the launch event.
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Apple, Investors, Sales, and Records Breaking

Apple is in the position of celebrating the huge news that it just recorded the most profitable quarter in history ... not in the history of the company, or the history of mobile companies, but just plain old business history. Apple has achieved what no one else has (leave your Fannie Mae ramblings elsewhere). However, the celebrations must be muted because looking to the future there is an increasing realization that the only way is down.
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Should BlackBerry kill BB10 now?

BlackBerry is a confusing company these days, which makes it a natural subject for the Weekend Debate. BlackBerry has gone through a few iterations while reinventing itself. We have seen BB10, physical keyboards, and most recently, a jump to Android. It’s this last point that I want to take a look at as we look into 2016 and try to determine just what BlackBerry has up its sleeve for this. Specifically, is it time to kill off BB10 and go all in with Android?NaturallyRight off the bat this seems like an easy answer. Of course it should. But when you look more closely, the waters get ...

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Official Renders of Samsung Galaxy S7

Last year's Galaxy S6 was Samsung overhauling its flagship range. It was a ground up build that aimed to change the company's direction, something it succeeded in doing with its premium metal and glass construction. With that in mind, it was unlikely that Sammy would embark on a radical design shift again for the follow up Galaxy S7, and so it proves as these reportedly official renders prove.
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Blackberry sounds ready to embrace an Android future

Blackberry sounds ready to embrace an Android future

BlackBerry's slide from leader of the smartphone pack to near obscurity has not been easy to watch, and it sounds like the company has decided that embracing Android is the way to get its phone business back on track.

The launch of the BlackBerry Priv was a big clue: a flagship handset running the latest version of Google's mobile operating system rather than the BlackBerry's own BB10 software.

"The Priv device is essentially our transition to Android ecosystem," BlackBerry director Damian Tay told The Economic Times. "As we secure Android, over a period of time, we would not have two platforms, and may have only Android as a [smartphone] platform.

The future is Android

Tay said that Android and BB10 would co-exist for the time being but it sounds like the writing's on the wall. In fact, rumours that the company would switch OSes have been swirling since last summer.

"The future is really Android," added Tay. "We went for Android essentially for its app ecosystem. In addition, all the enterprise solutions that we have been doing have been cross-platform for a long time now. So it's a natural progression towards Android."

A few enterprise users and BB10 loyalists may shed a tear at the software's passing, but focusing on Android makes more sense for BlackBerry if it wants to keep selling smartphones in the future.

Blass leaks Samsung Galaxy S7 event for February 21

Update: Samsung has mailed invites for the press to attend its Unpacked 2016 event in Barcelona, confirming the February 21 date. It’s the same date and general location as LG’s planned “Play” event.Courtesy: Android CentralWhen you have nothing to do on a Saturday night ...

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January 31 marks end of OneDrive and BLU promos, Songza

We’re close to, but have not quite reached January 31st, 2016. And that date, while it marks the last day of the first month for the year, also signals that the end is imminent. The end is by us for some major benies from the old guard, a fresh face and the termination of a startup gone Google.We start with Microsoft’s OneDrive — and like most cloud storage clients, it offers some free space for new users before charging them for more storage. OneDrive has been offering 15GB of base storage with an extra 15GB for those who activate the Camera Roll feature for backing up ...

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TechRadar Deals: Save £100 on the iPhone 6S 64GB with this fantastic voucher code deal

TechRadar Deals: Save £100 on the iPhone 6S 64GB with this fantastic voucher code deal

Sound the mobile phone deals klaxon - a new stellar iPhone 6S deal has landed to defeat all others!

EE has teamed up with Carphone Warehouse's new budget brand to offer you the chance to save £100 on the upfront cost of the iPhone 6S 64GB.

When you apply the voucher code E2TECH6S at the checkout you're left with what looks like the best iPhone 6S deal in the UK right now, cheaper even than all of the equivalent deals on the inferior 16GB version of the phone.

iphone 6s deals mobile phone deals

The EE iPhone 6S deal in full:

ee deal

iPhone 6S 64GB | EE 4G | £200 £100 up front | 1000 mins | Unlimited texts | 2GB data | £29.99pm
Using the voucher code E2TECH6S at the checkout you can save £100 on the upfront cost of the superior 64GB version of the iPhone 6S and thus pay £100 instead of £200. Then you'll be with the UK's most popular network - EE - and get a decent allowance of 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB data for less than £30 per month. We think this is the best iPhone 6S deal out there right now and that's why we're shouting about it!

View this deal: Space Grey | Silver | Rose Gold | Gold

Remember to use the voucher code: E2TECH6S

iphone 6s deals mobile phone deals

We had a look around and found basically the exact same deal over at Carphone Warehouse but there's a catch with that one: you'd get the 16GB iPhone 6S instead of the 64GB version and you'd be on Vodafone instead of EE.

So yeah, this deal is as good as it gets right now and ticks all the boxes in terms of it being the best version of the world's most popular phone on the UK's most popular network. It's also available in all colours, too.