Check out these great tech and software deals

One of the most satisfying things you can do is find the perfect solution to a problem, even a problem you didn’t realize you had until you found something could solve it. With so many amazing tech products, both physical and digital, it’s hard to find the perfect one that fits your needs, like finding that perfect computer that runs everything just right. Here are some exciting products that can solve little everyday problems, and they’re all on sale too!

QUAD TRAY Wireless Charging Station

This top-rated charging station will let you wirelessly charge 3 devices at once. This aesthetically designed tray has a built-in Apple Watch charger and an integrated Lightning connector that can charge an Apple device while you use it. There’s even a spot to set your wallet, keys, or anything else you need readily available. You can get the QUAD TRAY Wireless Charging Station for $191. 

Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App: 1-Yr Subscription

This app provides relief from some of the debilitating effects that can come from panic attacks and anxiety. Users will have access to a deep breathing tool, body scan resources, guided visualizations, soothing nature sounds, and lessons that can educate users about panic attack and anxiety and how to make long and short-term changes. Enjoy the security that you have support by getting Rootd Anxiety & Meditation App: 1-Yr Subscription for $25.00 while it’s on sale for 56% off. Bulk Email Verifier: Lifetime Subscription

This subscription is perfect for anyone who has a lot of emails to send because it checks if an email is old, fake, or abandoned for you. automatically removes duplicate emails from your mailing lists, checks the status of domains, and eliminates potentially harmful emails in real-time. Start controlling every aspect of your email experience with Bulk Email Verifier: Lifetime Subscription, now only $49 after a 95% price reduction.

LightyearVPN: Fast & Safe Internet

VPNs are great tools for improving the quality of your browsing experience, and this one is fantastic. Lightyear will let you bypass censorship and bounce between servers around the globe to defeat content restrictions. The Network Accelerator can even speed up your internet for the best possible experience. Start controlling your time online with LightyearVPN: Fast & Safe Internet, now only $49.99 after a 58% price reduction.

Photo Backup Stick® Universal

This photo backup tool can preserve your best memories from all your devices in one convenient location. Back up your Windows or Mac devices by simply plugging the stick in and opening the app. No monthly cloud storage fees, and you can rest assured that your memories are safe where nothing can change them. Make the pictures of your memories last as long as the emotions associated with them by getting Photo Backup Stick® Universal on sale for $53.99.

DIY Coding Kit for Ages 9 to 12

Coding is one of those skills that gets more valuable every year, and now you can set your children up with a fascinating hobby that could lead to a promising career. This kit is suitable for kids aged 9-13 and hardware and software that can teach kids the fundamentals of computer programming. You can get the DIY Coding Kit for Ages 9 to 12 for $65.99 while it’s on sale for 33% off.

AirBuddy: Connect AirPods to Your Mac

This Mac app allows you to connect your AirPods directly to your computer. Easily connect to your computer, get battery usage stats about your headphones, and even get an overview of all your nearby devices with this awesome app that’s available for macOS 10.14.6 or later. You can get the AirBuddy: Connect AirPods to Your Mac for only $8.99–a price reduction of 10%.

MyDraw Advanced Diagramming Software: Lifetime License

This power and intuitive program will help you visualize data easily and clearly. Get access to a huge set of tools that will let you draw, generate flowcharts defined in Excel spreadsheets, and get many templates for charts and diagrams. This is the perfect, user friendly tool for when you want your data to look beautiful without being subjected to clunky charting software. You can get MyDraw Advanced Diagramming Software: Lifetime License for $69, a discount of 71% which is some off-the-chart savings.

Streamr Multilingual Video Translator

Live streaming is growing fast, both as a hobby and as a profession. With Streamr, you can improve your experience streaming with automatic transcribing and translation, programmable voice overs using 270+ voices, and so much more. Make your content appealing and understandable to a global audience with Streamr Multilingual Video Translator, now only $49.99 after a price reduction of 74%.

4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

This Qi-enabled charger can support up to 4 devices at once. Fast charging that’s eco-friendly and safe makes this modern, sleek multi-charger an essential addition to any nightstand or bedside. Charge everything you have without the trouble of cables and cords. You can get the 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station now for $42. 

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Learn to build apps for iOS and Android with this bundle

In a few short years, apps went from a novelty to a necessity. With that change came a surge of growth in app design and development jobs. Now, learning to build highly effective, fun, and useful apps is a cornerstone of programming. You can learn how to get started designing apps for Android and iOS with The Complete Mobile & App Development Bundle, and it’s on sale now for $44.99, discounted by 97% from $1791.

This App Development Bundle comes packed with 71 hours of content that will teach you to use the tools shared by every App designer. You’ll learn Java, React Native, Git & Github, Expo, and more! By the end of this bundle, you’ll have the skills you need to design apps that can be used for Android and Apple devices.

Courses like “Android Development Course: Learn Android 11 from Scratch” will teach you the fundamentals and best practices of designing apps for Android devices. Android is the most used operating system on the planet, so learning to make apps for Android devices is a sure step into a massive market. This course, like most of the courses included in this bundle, is taught by Oak Academy. Oak Academy is a group of tech experts that specializes in cybersecurity, coding, IT, game development, app monetization, and mobile design, and they’ve been in the game for many years.

In this bundle, you’ll also learn how to build apps for the next-biggest operating system: iOS. Over 200 of the included lessons are geared toward skills that will make you a keen designer for Apple programs with courses like “iOS 14 & Swift 5: The Complete iOS App Development Course” leading the way.

Lifetime access to all course materials will allow you to learn at a pace that works for you. The knowledge contained in this bundle is as useful as it is foundational, and it’s not likely the foundation for how all apps are designed will change while you give yourself a break from the game or take your time studying. You can get The Complete Mobile & App Development Bundle now for $44.99, on sale for 97% off from $1791. 

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