Pocketnow Daily: New Galaxy S21 Ultra Leaks: EXTRA Camera! (video)

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Apple’s latest iPad Air, several Samsung Galaxy Watches and more are on sale today

Let’s begin today with deals for brand new Apple products. The latest iPad Air is already $40 off, that leaves the Wi-Fi only, 64GB variant for $559. Just remember that it will ship within 2-5 weeks because, it’s barely out. The Apple Watch SE is also $20 off, leaving the 40mm variant for $259 shipped. If you happen to catch this on time, the Moto RAZR 5G is $405 off, leaving it at $995 but that is a today only deal. The Galaxy Watch 3 is $61 off, that leaves the LTE + GPS., 45mm model for $420. We have more deals on other Samsung products, Sony Headphones, Earbuds and more, in the links in the description.

Pixel 4a 5G is now available for pre-order in the US Google Store

Let’s stay on the official news as, it’s been a couple of weeks since Google announced the Pixel 5 and the 4a 5G, we got a video coming soon. Well, the Pixel 5 is officially launching in the US and Canada today while the Google Store is starting with pre-orders for the 4a 5G. Just to jog your memory, the 4a 5G is the bigger brother to both the Pixel 5 and 4a, at least when it comes to size. IT’s powered by the same Snapdragon 765G, it brings a 3885 mAh battery, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and a headphone jack. It packs the same camera array as the Pixel 5 which is, world class of course. It’s available for pre-order for $499 or $599 if you get the Verizon UW unit. Again, videos coming soon.

Amazon and Apple to face antitrust scrutiny in Germany

And, I guess this can become a spin off of the ban section, since it seems that political drama remains a thing in tech these days? Apple and Amazon are both facing scrutiny in Germany for “brand gating”. Basically, this allows the makers of branded products, in this case Apple with the iPhone, to have independent sellers removed from the platform, in this case Amazon, for Amazon to sell them instead… which is kind of what we’ve seen since day one. Amazon responded by saying that they have never removed sales permissions of sellers without sound and specific reasons as, they invest heavily into protection customers from illegal distribution of goods. However, the German agency claims that Apple and Amazon are a clear example of this. Similar claims have been made in the past and in other countries so, we’ll see how both companies thread after this, though I’m seriously hoping this doesn’t mean the end of Apple deals on Amazon.

macOS Big Sur beta references three unreleased Macs ahead of Apple Silicon debut

Now, moving on to something I’m really excited about, let’s talk Apple Silicon Macs. The company is reportedly having an event on November 17th focused on these Macs, and the latest update of the macOS Big Sur beta gives us more information. The files were discovered by a user on Twitter, where we get to see three different, unreleased Mac models. The models ending with f, g and h are all new, with one of them added back in beta 10 and 2 with the latest beta 11. If you go up in the list, the model ending with 2019 f, belongs to the 16in MacBook Pro I’m rocking, so 2020 f will most likely belong to the 2020 model which was leaked yesterday in the Boot Camp update. The other files most likely belong to a new iMac, and a MacBook Air. We don’t have much other information as of right now but, things should start ramping up very soon as we get closer to the event. I’m not gonna regret buying a MacBook Pro right now, I promise.. I’m trying.. Ugh, like seriously Apple?

The iPhone 12 mini was recently caught on video

Now, let’s keep talking about Apple’s unreleased products, and unreleased is a keyword here. Yes, Apple already announced the iPhone 12 Mini but, it’s not even available to preorder for another week. Well, a Romanian Tech Journalist managed to get his hands on one and went live for 40 minutes with the phone, showing off, well everything. He compares the size to the iPhone 12 and the 11 Pro Max and, man this thing looks tiny. He also shows us the camera working, both rear and the selfie shooter. At first we thought it could be a dummy because, even if he has the phone plugged in to show a screen recording, every time he showed us the display he couldn’t move it. However, we went through the whole thing and he did move it a couple of times so, it looks like the real deal. This iPhone 12 Mini brings a 5.4in display with pretty much the same capabilities as the iPhone 12, expect some coverage on it as soon as we are able to get it. I’m not gonna lie, this looks like such an iPhone 5 throwback and I like it.

Story of the day:

The latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra renders show an extra sensor

And finally the hottest news today have to do with Samsung and how it keeps moving things around with the Galaxy S21. Even if we are expecting the Galaxy S21 to launch earlier than expected, apparently Sammy is still tweaking the design… continuously. Last week we got the first renders for the device and I said that they might change over time. Well, OnLeaks is back at it again, this time with a revised version of his renders for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The display and the camera module pretty much look the same but, there’s an extra camera here. The first renders brought a quad camera array but, this new one includes 5. From what we can see, this includes the main sensor, a wide angle, the periscope telephoto, and two extra sensors. One of them might be a ToF sensor, but that still leaves a mysterious one out. The S21 Ultra is expected to bring an updated version of the 108MP sensor we get on Samsung flagships, as well as a 40MP selfie shooter to match the original Ultra. Some other rumors hint to this 5th lens being a second telephoto, but that’s all speculation. And again, we are expecting these to launch either in late January, or early February.


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